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  1. He's waiting for the Patriots job otherwise he would have taken the Colts job.
  2. I say hire Kirby Smart and draft Jake Fromm and they can be the Atlanta Homers.
  3. He did do a lot but in the end he only won one playoff game in 10 years in three appearances (4 games).
  4. It has gotten too expensive to do anything in the NFL (sign high level FAs and trade up in the draft). Sign a top level CB will cost you a ton of money and possibly a ton of draft pics. If they don't pan out, then the team is on the hook for the money along with cap hit plus lost depth due to trading pics. The Falcons already don't have any cap space due to dead money. With the right scheme and a pass rush Tru should be okay. I'd worry about the D-line and the O-line first.
  5. Yeah lets cut or trade everyone and we'll draft a whole new team and sign free agents and we'll win the SB next year.
  6. Could be worse. It could be zero playoff appearances in 11 years or maybe 1 wild-card game at best.
  7. No one any longer takes a QB in the 1st round and has them hold a clipboard. They start immediately or in 3-6 games. I'd take my chances on MR for a few more years.
  8. Who knows if he will be the future. Look at the number of quarterbacks who are playing that are 35+ yrs old. Most of them have outlasted their "replacement". Finding a franchise QB is very hard. Just look at the Falcons. They didn't have two consecutive winning season until MR and that was for almost 50 years. That's an amazing stat when you think about it.
  9. I hope we get the fird or secird pick as it would be better than the thirst.
  10. Yup, if the Falcons pick them they will be a miss and the next DE drafted in the same draft will be an All-Pro.
  11. Cause they know Ryan only has a few more good years and if they don't do it now no telling when they will find a QB. Look at all the 1st round picks burnt on a QB that are no longer in the league or are backup since the Falcons drafted MR.
  12. Hey while you're at it, I bet Jason Garrett will be available next season lol.
  13. Hand yoga! Yeah we all know what that is.
  14. He should invest in a Scotch company from Scotland. His team drives people to drinking.
  15. They should plow the artificial turf and then it'll be a throw back to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium after the truck and tractor pull had their show and they put the grass "back".