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  1. It's about time ATL isn't the one with the huge collapse.
  2. Getting drilled and Harden wasn't even playing.
  3. They really have different games. Jones a slant and sidelines player. Ridley more deep passes with one on one.
  4. I hope they make an adjustment cause he would just push is way to the rim. I am surprised they didn't do this earlier in the game.
  5. Probably had a 1st round from someone in the NFC but wanted to move him to the AFC.
  6. The NFL won't associate with these leagues as they don't want the liability. The AAFL thought they could be a feeder league to the NFL and the NFL said no thanks. If the USFL can pick the right locations and have deep pockets they could make it work but for how long who knows. Many have tried and all have failed. The cost to put a league together must be crazy expensive. It's not a risk I would want to take. BTW, I read the CFL adopt the US rules if the CFL/XFL works.
  7. The Falcons are like a soap opera. You can not watch them or these boards and come back in 20 years and it will be the same story lines instead of who's cheating on whom it will be: no Superbowl, we need to trade or cut everyone, we need all new coaches and owners and the owners will want a new stadium. As the Falcons Turn
  8. He was all the Knicks had. They and the Hawks ran him into the ground.
  9. Probably due to different last name. People don't associate him with Jesse unlike his brother Justin who has the same last name as Jesse.
  10. I'm waiting for the day 3 and 4 thread.
  11. They are not going to trade him pre-season. This is a great year to do well in the NFC. Every team except the Bucs, the Hawks, and the Falcons and a maybe for the Vikings all the rest have unproven or new QB situations or injury issues. If they are out of it by the trade deadline this year then they probably should clean house.
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