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  1. Yes the Browns picked people who are now selling insurance but the Falcons may have picked others like Cameron Jordan and Dont'a Hightower. Who knows or they could have picked people who are selling cars now.
  2. That's the risk with the draft. You can't predict if someone wants to play, will listen and learn or is there just to collect their money. Trade ups are too expensive and then if they bust you can almost guarantee you'll be in rebuild for many years (see Washington). JJ worked out but they Falcons really paid for it.
  3. They had to do something. Just have to hope the FAs pan out and the drafted players perform. Ryan and JJ aren't getting any younger. Not sure how many more years they have. It's a miracle MR has lasted this long with some of the Olines he's had to work behind.
  4. I don't see Trufant getting cut. Falcons already have too many holes. Trufant should hold up with a better pass rush.
  5. I don't think they will cancel. If the CoronoaVirus is still a problem by the start of the NFL season, we all be screwed and not due to lack of football.
  6. That's what they tried to do last year and it didn't work. They need help on both sides of the line. Just hope they can pick some people who want and can play.
  7. He's gone. Someone will give him money which, unfortunately, the Falcons don't have.
  8. I don't see Brown falling this far down.
  9. Not going to the combine is awfully risky.
  10. You lift? Yeah. How much do you bench? That's why they do it. Plus less chance of injury.
  11. Did the Hawks leave before the second half of the game and other people played? I missed the game and just saw the box score.
  12. I don't see the Bengals doing this as I'm sure it would include Cam in the trade. Too risky. At least with Burrows, they have someone young and healthy at least as of now.
  13. The problem with RBs is if you look at the leaders board at ESPN. They are top 5 leaders for two years in a row and then it's a group of different people. They shelf life of a RB is too short to use high pics.
  14. AAF for Atlanta only brought in about 10K fans. The average was 18K. XFL probably saw this and said no to ATL.
  15. A strong pass rush should fix other weaknesses. CBs can only cover for so long and always playing catch means the other team knows that almost every play will be passing.