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  1. The NFL has been trying to get the combine out of Indy. They'd rather do it in a large market like LA ($$$). Shame. Indy is a nice city with a vibrant downtown.
  2. Why in the heck would he need more money. Is he using it to BBQ on?
  3. Cook whiffed on the ball that hit his shoulder pad that caused the interception pretty much ending the game on top of the bad fumble.
  4. No top 5 QB pick sits for the whole year. It's not the rookies demands. It's the fans that usually demand it and the FO and/or HC eventually caves. Too much invested in a top 5 pick to let them sit. That is the way it is now.
  5. Vick sat for almost the whole year but those days are gone. Ryan and Flaco changed all this. No top 5 will sit for the whole year. Ryan will be looking over his shoulder the whole time. If Wilson isn't ready, then the Falcons will need 3QBs.
  6. The O-line along with the D-line have been priorities for 6+ years already. They need to get it right.
  7. We need 10 of these threads to make it feel like TAFT.
  8. Thanks Alex, but I don't need the clue. What is "Chance at Lawrence on TAFT". Wow you are correct, next clue.
  9. Him and Lawrence will bring fans into the stadium for awhile.
  10. Zero. lol Miami will trade out and the top three picks will be QBs 1) Lawrence 2) Fields/Wilson 3) Fields/Wilson Probably determined by private workout.
  11. Really can't blame the Falcon's for hiring Fotenot. Look at what they built in NO and he's helped pickup gems in later rounds and off the FA scrap heap which is what the Falcons will need due to cap issues. If they hire Joe Brady as HC, it is probably the end for Matt Ryan.
  12. Oh no a 15 pt lead. Now the Hawks are in trouble. 🤣
  13. He was a good coach at Boise State. He's one of those "should have never left coaches" like June Jones, Tom Herman, Charlie Strong (Louisville)... Boise is small enough that Boise Falcon Fan could bump into him say at Buster's (closed, the travesty, great bar) and give him your well wishes 😀
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