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  1. That was a shock. First ESPN300 ranked player to commit to FAU. I hope he has a good career there.
  2. The next guy is going to want 10 years at 600M. It's never ending.
  3. They won't be allowing fans into the stadiums. They will pick a handful of sites and do the games there since it doesn't matter where with no fans. The NFL can do this due to the TV contract. This is why the XFL had to fold. They need fans in the stadium.
  4. Young secondary. Don't know what level Neal will come back it and if he can stay on the field. Not much depth. You'd be lucky to add 10 sacks to the total. The only one that isn't a question mark is Grady. Heck top half would be an achievement.
  5. It'll come back in 2021 when someone losses a game because of a bad call.
  6. They are all in in Stidham. They must've liked what they saw to let Brady walk.
  7. Looks like Bears will be picking another QB next year.
  8. He has to focus on having a good year with his contract up at the end of the year. Jon Koncak II.
  9. High risk, high reward. If he stinks and plays one year, it'll tarnish his legacy a bit.
  10. Who knows if Mack will even want to still play. Good pick assuming he is a good center.
  11. Someone will get hurt before the year starts or early in the year and is out all year. Never fails.
  12. Burn a roster spot on a return guy? He should stay retired or he'll end up like Romanowski.
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