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  1. I LOVE them! It's 2020, were playing in a modern state of the art stadium, let's have the unis reflect that. I'm all for the modern, sharp look. I don't get all the negativity? Yes they're different but we've had the others for 17 years, big change was needed... You're never gonna please everyone...
  2. The fade? To me though, I thought I wanted a clean design something pretty 'classic' but when I saw the Bucs unveil earlier it was cool but made me realise that actually something a bit different would be preferable. Looks like we may be getting that... Like many have said, as soon as we start winning in these, they'll look even better too (think Seahawks)!
  3. I'm not gonna lie, I really like them, the fade is pretty awesome imho.
  4. Although looks like the talon part is red on the jerseys? I could be wrong though...
  5. No need to apologise at all. I wasn't sure myself
  6. Is Newsome calling shots in Baltimore anymore? I thought he retired?
  7. Depending on which 2nd it is, if you frame it as we basically got Hayden Hurst for Mohammed Sanu, seems pretty decent.
  8. Cmon now, watch when they cut to him at the next broadcast (admittedly a while away now though... sigh). The guy's deeply invested in the team. I'mglad he's the owner.
  9. I don't see that at all. I feel Arthur's just as passionate, if not more passionate than us fans.
  10. For me, it has to be Matt Bryant - guy didn't score a single point, what was the point of bringing him in?!?!?! (PURPLE)
  11. No problems! Also, for the record, I'm very much a supporter of TD and the FO. I don't think the point that @ButSkiuup is inferring that TD or the FO are somehow not being as proactive as they could be in trading our soon to be cut players for draft capital stacks up - we all know it takes two sides to put a trade together, and if there were likely to be any opportunities to earn some draft capital from the potential cuts, well of course TD and the FO would seize the chance to do so.
  12. They traded for a centre from the Bills (Russell Bodine), and traded away a CB (Duke Dawson). Nothing major, but I think that's probably what @ButSkiuup was making reference to.
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