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  1. Yo I'm not that far from taco Pete's but I think they are closed on Sundays tho....shame....they have some good tacos.
  2. Gotta sprinkle some lemon pepper on that too playa
  3. Not sure yet.....most likely gonna grab a deep dish from little Caesars and down some ice cold mountain dew with it. Nothing too shabby
  4. No. But some of y'all are funny to me.
  5. Neither I just hate stupid ppl.
  6. Can it grandpa before I hide your arthritis medicine
  7. What's so funny to me is how most of y'all are on here ragging on green bay....but at the end of the day they won. Doesn't matter how they did it....they did it. If we go out and lay a egg on Sunday this whole entire board will be on full meltdown mode. Some of y'all need to humble yourselves.
  8. You can only play whose in front of you. And with all things considered that Green bay defense did what they were suppose to do. They looked good. And how soon we forget against a lesser QB with less offensive weapons, our vaunted 2017 falcons defense gave up more points than GB did last night.
  9. Jesus Christ will you put a sock in it....
  10. So Larkin and Blake didn't make the roster but trash *** Ricky Ortiz did?????? Like dude come on!!!!!!!
  11. So by using your own logic against you....what would u of rather seen? Us struggle against those teams? You're not making any sense. It seems like you're underselling what we've seen from the defense. Its insane
  12. Any list with Julio at number one is a list I can live with.
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