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  1. Combine like setting yesterday in Athens, all times were lasered.... Cook, Zamir, KM2 all clocking in 4.5 range Below are all officials... AS11 - 4.23 AA19 - 4.47 NS4 - 4.55 JR9 - 4.49 JK6 - 4.36 KR5 - 4.32
  2. Although, you care enough to comment.....
  3. Sewell just got three CB's to Oregon and Wiltfong was one of them, yep hearing from two sources that Evens is a silent to LSWho
  4. You would have to have been on TOS when some stuff went down and SoFL left for a while to understand the troll job....
  5. Yeah, SoFl_Dawg gave us all some bad news just a little while ago on tos, I, myself have never seen him troll anyone....
  6. Another CB for Evans to the good guys from Demetric Warren...
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