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  1. I was trying to find a laughing emoji, but realized it isn't offered here. lol They might be a hide and seek master that is no match for these "ushers" you speak of.
  2. I couldn't say how Blank does so. All I can say is that we volunteer and make money for our non-profit!
  3. I completely agree! These are things that I wish they did a better job of teaching in our school systems. At very least,financial literacy. The non-profit I volunteer with is Global Learning K-12
  4. Wish we could have you both as honorary volunteers. We will make sure to say a big RISE UP for the both of you!
  5. Shows how amazing our fans truly are! LOVE IT!
  6. Assisting our stands would be helping with the set up (i.e prepping nacho chips, getting popcorn ready, stocking the front lines with water and cups, checking ID for beer sales as well as filling beer). Our volunteers are pretty much just cashiers. Cooks do the majority of the work. You primarily take orders, take payment (the stadium is only card based so no money handling) and pass off the order to the customers. There is not clean up for our volunteers. We dismiss them of their duties around beginning to mid of 3rd quarter.
  7. No, it is not. The non-profit that I volunteer for educates our youth on financial literacy, etiquette, interviewing procedures, interviewing attire, critical thinking skills and so on!
  8. That is most certainly time well spent! I would love to let you know about to organization. I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. If your wife is able to volunteer as well, then absolutely! Feel free to send me an email and I can provide you will more information! glvolunteersquad@gmail.com
  10. @Fiddlin John's Ghost Your hard work is rewarded by helping a non-profit gain money for their organization rather it is volunteering with my director's organization or another one at a different stand as well as being a part of the Falcon's culture. All of our volunteers are generally cashier's and have a great time even from behind the stands. We get to interact with fans and there are tv's all around the stadium. You get to feel every bit of the game. Once again, I cannot give anyone permission to stay. It is assumed by us that all volunteers leave after being relieved of their duties from the stand.
  11. @Yo Lover I cannot give you permission to stay. It is assumed that you leave.
  12. @JD dirtybird21 I did not realize that my Director had the website currently being redone. I can absolutely post a link, however, there is not much there during the sites reconstruction. Our web designer should have it back up and running with proper revisions by the end of next week!
  13. @Godzilla1985 Please email me and you can let our director know!
  14. @Jpowers Perfect! Thank you! Sorry, I'm new to this forum thing, Figured there was nowhere better to try to get good quality volunteers that love the Falcons though!
  15. @ya_boi_j You honestly cannot know until you email to inquire if you have not already. I was not aware that "kickass" was not allowed, but I say a lot worse when watching football. lol