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  1. Gonobeast needs to get a position and settle into it. He could be close to elite by now if the org. focused him on just 1 or 2 spots. Gono played well in the preseason as a rookie starting all or most of the games. Started all preseason games in his 2nd year and graded out the highest on the ol last preseason with most snaps played on the entire team. Not sure why the staff didn't recognize this. They could have structured this roster much differently if they had. Quick story: When Kyle Flood worked Gono out; two different times in 30 minutes Gono sent Flood flying in the air on th
  2. Who's a RFA after this year ..... he would be an even better o-lineman if he wasn't flip-flopped so much over his young career between RT, LT, LG, RG. He was a 1st round talent coming out of college just playing at a small D3 school. He was MVP of the East-West Shrine game in college with many 4th-7th draft picks in that game. Truly thought he was starter material within a year or less.
  3. I thought Wilson was the best player in his NFL draft class coming out of college. Strong build, accurate arm and great scrambler. Easily the best player on Seahawks ever year he plays. He does not like pressure up the middle.
  4. Morris thinks that Chris Carson is a better play than Russell Wilson. Playing Seattle, #1 job stop Wilson! That's it!!
  5. Flat footed / hips sink / needs sprint postural mechanics / Westlake High rep
  6. Great Bloodlines normally rule ....... Winfield. You'll be right more than wrong
  7. Elliot will avg. at least 4.0ypc in every game he plays. Need to keep him under 4.5ypc, but stop the big play by pressuring Prescott. On D, throw behind Dallas LB's. I think if given time Ryan and this wr corp can shred the Cowboys. Should be a tight one.
  8. Henny will eventually start and play most regardless of Carp's performances. Was already a done deal when he was selected.
  9. That's not a good sign. Better DE's coming up. OL was confused when the extra rusher was brought.
  10. Russell Wilson is a great QB. Never gets rattled. To beat Seattle defense has to be awesome and offense can not turn the ball over. Very slim margin of error against Seattle because Wilson is too dangerous. Can do it all. Seattle's offense is a speed offense. Need fast secondary.
  11. But a stud d-line ...... Cox, Graham, Barnett and Curry are big and physical.
  12. Looks like Gonobeast is the Swing T now. He knows how to play RT. He was taken out of the LG competition bc he was going to be the swing tackle all along. He would be a heckuva LG though.
  13. Round 3 looks to be the $ round if looking at teams with the most and normally make deep playoff runs on a consistent basis. They could be teams that trade 1st round picks on draft day in order to accumulate more picks throughout the draft.
  14. If Hennessey is hurt that would make Gono backup at LT and LG. If Hennessey is hurt and Gono is better than Carp at LG that would start Gono at LG and there would be a need for a backup LT. Is this signing bc Hennessey has been banged up. Gono is also a RFA end of this year.
  15. Eagles were all about Gono ..... get a draft pick for him?
  16. agree totally. Looks predetermined Henne would start LG, but he could crush it. But Gono is good and can still take over the LG spot one day if no longer needed at T. He's just a good overall player. Not sure they want to be forced to pay him starter $ because he crushed it this year at LG. Is Gono an Unrestricted free agent after this year?
  17. 15 is not a lot..... when the Giants won their 2nd Superbowl, Ahmad Bradshaw caught about 5 passes a game with 20 carries a game all the way through the playoffs from the Wildcard game on. Gurley is too good. Minimum touches at least 20
  18. Gono has been taken out of LG mix due to need elsewhere. Never in the mix or truly beaten out. You don't start with the 1's for first 3 practices in a true starting LG competition and lose your job that fast. Doesn't work that way if truly being looked at for this position. They saw that he can do it, but need him more at T. T must be thin. I think we see him much more at T this year in pivotal spots than we thought.
  19. I think your right. Gono has been taken out of the mix for T. I think they know he can play the LG in emergency now. But T depth must be too thin now and need him there more. Allows an easier path for the LG starter to get the job now that Gono can't be in a true competition for it.
  20. I understand the versatility thing. In this case, it opens a roster spot up for another position bc one player fills (2) spots. But in this case the ol has been a sore spot. So going with the best first makes the ol better. What happens if the LG (say Hennessey) goes down and an older Mack. Trouble. I think it really comes down to a couple things. Gono is really good and they need him at T b/c the rookie drafted last year at LT is still in a watch and hope mode. And Gono is lightly paid, so if he starts and plays well the entire NFL will want him and an organization would pay big $ for
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