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  1. Trade Gono? Has good tape.
  2. https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/23/vinny-curry-named-the-eagles-most-improved-player-by-pff/ get Vinny Curry on the cheap
  3. Gono is the answer .... simple
  4. Vinny Curry / versatility
  5. Ridiculous numbers for his size. Can play a lot of ol combinations with him.
  6. He runs well when Gono is playing.
  7. Running the ball will take a better rb and offensive scheme
  8. Go vet cheap ..... Vinny Curry .... he can play inside too. Can sack and play the run. Save some $ here and put it elsewhere.
  9. Moss bloodlines are different
  10. Right and I was thinking of shaq thompson, lb at carolina. I had the wrong shaq.
  11. Moss suspended a full year for a failed drug test? When did this happen?
  12. Bloodlines .... don’t go against it. He can run and catch.
  13. Thaddeus Moss - easy decision
  14. Neville hewitt - Jets / awesome blitzing lb / cheap
  15. Good player .... darryl roberts from jets probably cut. Might be top 3 fastest Cb in league
  16. Vinny Curry. Higher qb percentage pressure rate than all. Plus cheaper and a super bowl winner as a leader in locker room
  17. Same guy Gono in his only extended regular season action pushed back 20-30 yards on a block freeing up the long TD run. If gono can destroy him do you think atlanta will think he’s good enough to come. Doubt it
  18. Vinny Curry on the cheap. He can play inside or outside on DL. I think he still has a 8-12 sack year or two in him. Great locker room guy.
  19. Certainly need a rb.
  20. Gonobeast is 22 or 23 years old. Never RS in college. This year could have essentially been his rookie year and he looked athletic and powerful. There is not a G or T in the draft better than him. Draft ol late in draft unless going C. Falcons need a stud RB! And pass rushers and lb run support.
  21. Gono moves that well at 335lbs. Incredible athlete. He mauls people.
  22. Gono is good. Anyone else with his film would be playing. He moves quicker going left than right so scheme heavier to that side. He is Gonobeast! A 23 year old stud.
  23. Draft good players