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  1. Refuse to play smash mouth. Can’t run ball. Insert gonobeast if you want to maul people.
  2. Trade Gono
  3. Gonobeast needs to be on the side of the ol that moves going left the most. He is extremely quick moving to his left. On power plays in the preseason he was mauling the DL. Destroying them. The more experience he gets the better but teams want him. He has very good tape.
  4. Gono plays best moving left
  5. Unleash Gonobeast! the 3 young ol should be playing together lids mgary gono all highly athletic, big and strong. Build the ol and fix the D. Falcons need rb and TE threat
  6. Gonobeast lives on the inactive list. How is the highest grades ol on the team in the preseason with most snaps never active?
  7. Need a defense that gets immediate pressure with 5-6 guys. Then others can cover. Falcons starting D gave up long td drive in a preseason game the first time all playing together. Can’t get off field on 3rd down and also create negative plays
  8. Trying to hid Gonobeast. Too many teams want him. Qb's are dropping like crazy in the NFL because good, athletic olineman are hard to find. NfL oline play is down.
  9. Falcons need a smash mouth running game. Defense looks old. De play suspect
  10. Falcons starting D in preseason gave up TD drive on first possession the 1st time all the starters played. Preseason means something
  11. Considering he graded out the top ol on the team during the preseason while playing maybe the most snaps on the ol. I think he might be on a year to year contract but not sure. Maybe I should ask …. but if shows starter material which I think he probably would he would be gone. Could be what Atlanta is scared of. Don't know.
  12. But Atlanta needs better cb play
  13. Ramsey is washed up or soon will be
  14. Gonobeast will continue to grade out the highest on the ol no matter which position he plays. 330lb guard that can explode off the line like him ….. not many if any in the league. Remember nfl record broad jump for any man over 315 lbs at his pro day in 38 degrees. Gonobeast is the best athlete on the team.