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  1. If not drafting a qb ..... accumulate picks. Atlanta needs better players and depth.
  2. Agree ...... I do not think Atlanta will pay more for McGary. Gono is just as good at RT and more versatile across the line. I think Atlanta should see what they can get for McGary. Line will not do any worse without him. Already been proven.
  3. I predicted this back as soon as he was benched. He would be a Colt this year. Ryan needs a dome to play in, warm weather. Arm has regressed. But Brady's suddenly got stronger this year. Maybe Ryan needs to take or do whatever Brady is doing.
  4. Julio jones too much $. Randy Moss couldn't win a superbowl with 23 TDs, so 80% Jones and 6TDs is not winning it.
  5. 29 passes & 29 runs / Leftwich was brilliant / Chiefs can't tackle so run and play short pass game
  6. Matt had a mixed season. He looked really good at RT against the Cowboys and Chargers. Against the Bears in the 1st half he struggled against Mack but I think it was the scheme some as well. Against the Chiefs, I know for a fact he did not practice LG since the start of training until the week against the Chiefs. He has spent maybe a week learning LG in his Falcons career. Atlanta needs to beef him back up to play G. He can move well at 335lbs. He looks 300 now. He came to Atlanta at 320 and went up to 335. He's did show good push in the run game. I don't know if he is or is not bett
  7. Put some weight back on these guys. Gono looks 20-30 pounds lighter right now. Broaden the body. Takes up more space across the line.
  8. Exactly. Atlanta runs the ball well each time Gono plays. Everytime!! He practiced LG for 4 days going into Chiefs game .... that's it. And it's a fact. Teach him it and let him go.
  9. Atlanta shrunk his weight for no reason. He was 330 first year in Atlanta. He can move at 330. He could move very well at 320. Looks to be 300 right now. Looks like a pencil. Bulk the man back up and let him settle in a position and try mastering it. Yes he can help in a variety of ways but that's not helping him become the player he can be. Let others try doing what he has been training to do in Atlanta each year. Nobody on the team can do it. That's why let him settle in a spot. He's obviously the best athlete on the line.
  10. McGary played 75 percent of year. Lucky for him Kaleel Mack he didn’t face. Bosa would be too quick as well. I thought McGary improved some this year. It seemed watching games though players got through Lindstrom more than the pff rankings indicated.
  11. Cain Madden - Guard - Marshall Josh Ball - T - Marshall late round picks. Madden not declared yet but just named AP All American PFF - highest rated guard in nation
  12. 39 sacks allowed in 2 years!!! No way!!!! That's insane. He lucked out this year not having to face 2 out of the 3 best DE's on the schedule. Gono beaten by Mack but destroyed Bosa. Settle the man in a position and let him perfect his craft. And if it's at G actually let him learn the position not throw him out there not knowing the footwork and 4 days of practice against Chris Jones. And if it's Guard bulk him up. He looks like a pencil right now. He's a 330lb guy naturally not a 300lb dude. Sad
  13. Gono needs to be allowed to settle in and master his craft.
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