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  1. Gives the rookie C more snaps with 1's. He needs to be ready to take over C at any moment. This is why you do not waste time teaching him LG when he is in at C in a live game at any moment. Good centers are not something to play with. Spend too much time with the balls in hand.
  2. Lateral quicks and explosive first step and reaction time ...... unleash Gonobeast @ LG. Let the youngster attempt to earn a big payday!
  3. Gono is the answer at LG. He can do the swing T thing but solidify the line now by putting him at LG and draft a T next year. He is so explosive off the ball that dl will not be able to react fast enough to his power with arm length at 335lbs. He will make first contact most of the time against the dl nose to nose. Turn on the tape against the Panthers and watch him destroy people at RG. With a season of playing at LG he will get even better. Too much upside to be a swing T and watching from sidelines when he can fill a huge hole on the line elsewhere. Let the rookie Hennessey learn the C position this year. Without the preseason he gets even less time to learn it. He needs as much time as he can get learning it. And he will not be a better LG than Gono anyways. Unleash Gonobeast! 335lbs of power and explosion. He can BJ 10 feet because his calves are loaded. He's just built different. Very long arms and big hands. 23 years old.
  4. He will play regardless bc 1st round pick even if later pick or undrafted is better. His college film is from Clemson so played with dominant players so he might not be as good as people think. Hopefully he is great. Think Falcons could have gotten a cb later rounds just as good. Falcons need a pass rush. Vinny Curry!
  5. Gono should be LG Gives Falcons one of the youngest starting ol in the league. Hennessey becomes C in a year then the line is 23-25 yrs old with the exception of Matthews. Lots of upside with that you hope.
  6. Gono has good film. He would be the best LG on the team. Plug him there and roll with it. Falcons left side would be an excellent choice to run behind. Gono plays LG and gets comfortable he will be one of the top 5 LG in the NFL. The lone regular season game he played at RG is very impressive film. Gets to the 2nd and 3rd levels quickly. He would be a mauling LG. Totally destroy people at the 2nd level.
  7. Falcons might get something for this 6.5 335lb monster (tape is good). There are not many guys this nimble, big and powerful in the NFL right now. Legs tell the story (9.10" BJ at 319lbs). Arms are long and hands big. He's a mauler with a 6 pack. Just 23-24 years old. Never RS in college and 17 when he entered.
  8. Send Gono's tape to Philly. They won't find an offensive lineman better in next years draft. They wanted him before.
  9. The Eagles loved Gono coming out of college and all they need to do is turn on the tape to see his play is above average. Gono would be an all pro guard.
  10. Give up 8 TD's or less on the year (3pts a game)
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