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  1. Trade Gono? Has good tape.
  2. https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/23/vinny-curry-named-the-eagles-most-improved-player-by-pff/ get Vinny Curry on the cheap
  3. Gono is the answer .... simple
  4. Vinny Curry / versatility
  5. Ridiculous numbers for his size. Can play a lot of ol combinations with him.
  6. He runs well when Gono is playing.
  7. Running the ball will take a better rb and offensive scheme
  8. Go vet cheap ..... Vinny Curry .... he can play inside too. Can sack and play the run. Save some $ here and put it elsewhere.
  9. Moss bloodlines are different
  10. Right and I was thinking of shaq thompson, lb at carolina. I had the wrong shaq.
  11. Moss suspended a full year for a failed drug test? When did this happen?
  12. Bloodlines .... don’t go against it. He can run and catch.
  13. Thaddeus Moss - easy decision
  14. Neville hewitt - Jets / awesome blitzing lb / cheap