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  1. Yeah... but I still think he's horrible though. I've never liked him and was ecstatic when he left with Mike. And now he's back and seeking vengeance on this very talented Falcons offense. I'm waiting for another horrible season but I wish very badly that I'm wrong.
  2. Yup. Not too good. He's a high-risk player that has a major upside if he's healthy. But that's a huge "if". After back-to-back Achilles injuries I don't think he's work the risk when Kazee is doing so well.
  3. Yes I will talk about tackles when it comes to safeties because that's what they do... The only full game he played was against Eagles which he dominated. The only blown coverage he had was when he fell down in the end zone against the Colts from his season-ending Achilles injury. Maybe you should take another look at those condensed games you're referring to.
  4. He was bad before the injury? He had 14 tackles in less than 3 games. He went out early in the first game against the Vikings and then his season ending injury in week 3 against the Colts. The only full game he played was against the Eagles and he had 9 tackles. Earl Thomas and Kevin Byard didn't even come close to that many tackles in a game. When he's healthy, he's amazing. The problem is that he's rarely healthy. He was NEVER bad.
  5. Vic, Freeman, Brown, and Carpenter are most likely be gone before the start of the new season. That's the good news. The horrifying news, which I'm surprised you didn't mention, is the contract with Trufant. The Falcons are paying him elite status money and although he's our best CB, he's no where close to being elite. Just imagine what the Falcons could of done with that money they wasted on Trufant. Definitely DT's worse decision in his career.
  6. No he did not give up the most sacks in the NFL... But yeah he was up there, 4th most surrendered sacks in the NFL. But he also faced some of the best edge rushers in the NFL in almost every game. As a rookie you have to give him some slack for that. He also started the season out of shape due to surgery but he still started every game. He just needs to work on his feet. It's actually a simple drill and as long as he works on his quickness this offseason you should see a dramatic improvement.
  7. Falcons announced that they're moving on from Vic Beasley over a week ago, bro
  8. Yes, it's possible but very difficult. They'll do exactly what they did last year. Pay out their highest paid players as a bonus instead of salary. The problem is that the highest paid player that they choose (last year it was Matt Ryan where they converted a chunk of his salary as a bonus), would have to agree with the new terms. It's always difficult bringing in another party. Not to mention bonuses are taxed differently so the 3rd party is actually sacrificing some money to get immediate and guaranteed money.
  9. You know that in order to have Hooper next year we would have to resign him or exercise the 5th year option in order to trade him next year right? The 5th year option isn't going to happen because it would be too expensive and we wouldn't be doing anything in FA. So you think the Falcons will find some magical way of resigning him and then trading him that very same year???
  10. I have no idea where your getting your source but I'll provide one since you want to make stuff up. Gono played a total of 5 games this season and started none of them. So these stats you're making up out of thin air is obviously bogus. http://www.nfl.com/player/mattgono/2561203/gamelogs
  11. Ok you're obviously going with Gono blindly because you like him for some odd reason. Alex Mack and Chris Lindstrom had the highest rating during preseason. I don't remember who was after that and I can't find the stats online so I'm really curious where you're getting this information. Especially considering he's only played a handful of snaps. Best OL? You really think he's better than Alex Mack and Jake Matthews who he's a backup for? Of course you do because you're blindly following him.
  12. No he's not. Did you see him play during the preseason at all in 2019?? He was terrible. What exactly made you think that he deserves the "big $"? If Falcons thought he was "very good" they would of started him when the OL got hit with injuries at the beginning-middle of the season.
  13. I disagree. We are DEFINITELY adding a LG this offseason. We're losing 2 LGs and 1 RG this year because their contract is up and they didn't earn themselves a new contract. I expect the Falcons to pick up the OL from FA. Although it seems very unlikely that we'll pick up both Thuney and Karrass, it's a very real possibility.
  14. We definitely need another TE if Hooper heads to FA. However, I think we only need a TE for depth. Jaeden Graham looks really good and I believe he can develop into an amazing TE. Luke Stocker has also showed a lot of promise.
  15. I honestly think we shouldn't draft an EDGE in the first around if it isn't Young or AJ Epenesa. This draft doesn't have the best edge rushers, but they do have some good DBs and DTs, which is also something that the Falcons need.
  16. We don't need to draft an OL. There's a very good chance that we might spend money in the FA for this. Especially, for the LG position. Not a fan of Gono.
  17. KC lost Hunt and Berry. Those are some pretty big losses. I don't see them getting to the SB.
  18. Still not a fan of Ito Smith, but I'm glad he finally had a good game. But it was also only 1 PRESEASON game. Hill and Ollison still looks better, in my opinion.
  19. Philly? Didn't see that coming since they're definitely worse than they were in the previous 2 years.
  20. Hard pass on Zaccheaus. He dropped a couple of passes, fumbled the ball, and was awful on returns.
  21. I don't see this happening and I desperately hope it doesn't. His injury is a concern, this is his last year on his contract and he'll be much more expensive next year, and I think Vic will have a better year than him. I see a lot of hate on this thread right now for obvious reasons. But I think he's going to surprise a lot of people and have a year that competes with his 2016 season. I'm thinking 12 sacks this year from Vic.
  22. Yeah, I understood you the first time. That would definitely come out of nowhere.
  23. What? How is that not shocking? It would never happen. AB said many times that Julio will have a Falcon jersey on for the rest of his career.
  24. Who's "He" and why does it need to bad Falcon?