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  1. He was never decent, in my opinion. All of his interceptions were flukes. They bounced off the receiver into Kazee's arms when he was 5-10 yards away. He gets burnt every single game.
  2. I agree that Oliver has some butter fingers but Kazee was the real liability of the secondary. So many blown coverages.
  3. No, I definitely think Trubisky was pissed. Did you see him sitting on the bench when Foles started to do so well? That was one angry dude.
  4. The Falcons didn't knock him out. The Bears put Foles in because he could read the Falcons coverage better. And the Bears were correct.
  5. Dirk Koeter needs to be fired. I don't know who to bring in and it's too late at this point of the season, but he needs to go.
  6. That was going to be a high scoring game no matter what with those offenses. And Falcons defense still did very well considering they were facing a scrambling QB and still managed 3 sacks compared to Seattle's 2. Secondary needs work but everyone knew that was going to happen with such young DBs.
  7. Raheem Morris and he can replace Dirk Koeter.
  8. That play calling was absolutely awful. Dirk Koeter is the downfall of the Falcon's offense.
  9. That's a nice little stat and everything but I'm more excited about the yards of separation when the ball is caught, which Ridley ranked 5th in the NFL. I'm sure the whole starting off with 7 yards of separation before the ball is snapped has a lot to do with that though.
  10. Just take a look at the one-on-one drills at the combine. Terrell got embarrassed. Although Okudah's performance wasn't perfect, it was still impressive in the same drill.
  11. Kyle Shanahan. There shouldn't even be debate about this. WAY better OC. But I might be bias because I'm a hardcore Dirk Koetter hater. I was beyond pissed when they brought him back.
  12. Yeah, that's what he wants. But I don't see him on a team yet. He won't be getting that much. If he was going to get that much, he would be with a team right now. With that said... I think there's no chance the Falcons will be signing him.
  13. Falcons are getting $11 million in July from cutting Trufant.
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