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  1. Look at it this way Bad Matt Ryan > Teddy Bridgewater &Cam Newton
  2. This is the Falcons team I recognize now. Confident the Minny loss was a fluke.
  3. Julio is clearly the best WR in NFL. No doubt after tonight.
  4. The trash talking Saints fans that come to this forum are sure silent right now
  5. LOL . Saints fans think Bridgewater is the future QB. If they don’t get Brees back those trolls may not win another game. sit back and enjoy.
  6. What is LSED? Another one of your tax collectors? Heard y’all flooded again yesterday IronSaint. Glad your drains work.
  7. Apparently they got cars in the drains now too.
  8. You would think Louisiana would have better ways to spend $400 million? Hurricane Protection: Nope Schools: Nope Hospitals and Institutions: Nope First Responders : Nope Streets and Drainage : Nope That choose to spend $400 Million on and aging 40 year old building. Sorry but Jeff Schultz is right.
  9. Anyone saw that ESPN article that backs up Drew Brees is regressing? It was complete with stats and comparisons. Is it fair to say the Saints really we’re not that good last year they just snuck up on a couple of teams? Matt Ryan is the better QB right now that is fact! Have a great year ATL ! Win it for Arthur!