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  1. why would the jets care who the 49ers like or dont like when they pick above them lol
  2. every since we choked vs the lions in london I never wanted to go back there ever again
  3. tbh i dont think they will go lance i believe it’s between jones and fields
  4. how much bulking up can he do cuz he already 245 lbs with a lean body
  5. its gonna be glorious wayyyyy worst then last year
  6. have we shown interest in anyone else cuz i have only hear lance and pitts make the most noise
  7. if we get pitts we might have the fastest Receiving core ever Julio- 4.39, Rid- 4.4, Gage- 4.5, Pitts- 4.4, Hurst- 4.6
  8. imagine pitts and julio on the outside and ridley on the inside on some plays
  9. is it too late to jump on the Pitts bandwagon if we dont go QB at 4 👀
  10. thats what makes the WCO so deadly mix that with a dual threat QB and yikes
  11. those type of backs are one of a kind tho not every back can do all that
  12. you mean they not taking you're BPA. Cuz you're BPA is not their BPA. you have no clue what their draft board looks like
  13. if people dont believe there is a chance we take a QB they're delusional
  14. nobody said you cant get excited its the fact that after every pro day a new qb gets put on the top of the pedestal first it was lance then wilson now fields its so dumb and hilarious
  15. thats cap when was the last middle of the 1st round qb that was good watson and mahomes both went in the top half of the draft
  16. so after every pro a qb gets locked ok lmaoo first lance, then wilson, now fields
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