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  1. he has no choice cuz these defense is terrible they cant make a play when it matters most they leave people wide open all day
  2. how is he supposed to do that when the defense can only make a team punt one time the whole day
  3. dang i just remembered my Thanksgiving about to be ruined again great
  4. if you had a chance to get kyle shanahan but you have to trade julio grady and debo would you do it
  5. im soo happy the hawks play today i can get my mind off this terrible team lol like atleast we know the hawks are rebuilding nobody thought the falcons were gonna be this bad this year smh
  6. they might beat the cards they havent lost to them in a while and they usually do good against nfc west teams but this year anything possibly btw how many more afc games we have to play the jags is that it maybe they can make a run against the nfc teams
  7. i dont think kingsbury is that bad tho the cards just dont have the line to protect kyler we have to wait to judge him til they get better offensive weapons
  8. but why would he leave he killing it in OU making any qb he gets a heisman trophy winner why risk leaving that but i do want him so bad
  9. i agree idc about what he did to indy i just dont think he gonna leave new england
  10. garbage time starts when the defense gets on the field first lmao
  11. no more defensive head coaches no more tired of doing the same thing then not working this league is all about passing need a offensive mind
  12. When dan is gone after this year what defense should we run a blitzing orientated one
  13. I liked Vic too since we drafted him but now i hate to say it but he just has to go i want to be good so bad but enough is enough
  14. Draft him just for him to leave after his 5 year deal no thanks
  16. Hard to put points on the board when you have to perfect and this terrible defense that cant stop anyone and only made the texans punt once which was their first possession in the game
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