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  1. so basically get rid of all the players that got us there so matt, julio, jones, grady, jake, ect
  2. bro would you be mad if the 49ers take jones and we have a choice between fields and lance and we take lance
  3. bro would you be mad if the 49ers take jones and we have a choice between fields and lance and we take lance
  4. qb rankings dont matter how many times do we have to go through that til people get it through their brains stop allowing these media guys plant seeds in your head they dont know nothing. Both Lamar and Josh allen was not the top 2 QB ranked but are the best two QBs out the class. it doesnt matter what the rankings are all that matters is how that guy looks in your program my god
  5. cuz it helps you get a chance to choose your guy instead of praying he falls to you. Thats why the 49ers traded up to 3 so they have a chance to choose their guy without wondering is he going to fall to us. Now they have choices to carefully choose the right guy for their team
  6. cuz teams always want one hence a bunch want them this year so they will do everything to get them making it hard to grab one unless you trade the farm to get them which i dont want to do. Do you believe we will be a top 5 pick anytime soon with a better HC at the helm cuz i dont if anything we will be a middling team thats between 7-10 and 9-8 and always get a pick in the teen area. There arent any all pro defensive players in this years draft so why not grab our QB now when we have a chance and let him learn to takeover for matt
  7. we dont only have 1 pick my friend we have multiple and to think people keep forgetting that is insane
  8. this could be our last chance at a high pick unless you wanna trade the future away like the 49ers did. I never said matt was bad i dont think that my friend i just want a qb to take over after Matt when he is done and getting lance will be the perfect situation for him to take over the franchise. We are not a SB team this year or next
  9. thats a worst risk. knowing that matt is gonna be here for a couple years is a better situation for lance knowing that he doesn’t have to start right away he can learn under matt and get used to the nfl life
  10. Wentz was about to be a mvp before he got hurt and he was never the same with the eagles trash weapons and no oline. tell me where was Djack and Alshon the last 2 years how was their oline the last two years and that team been bad since Reich left.
  11. omg now after a recent pro he is the 2nd pick you guys are hilarious if wilson had another pro day he would be back at 2 this is so funny lol
  12. why do they need to smoke screen with the 3rd pick lmao
  13. but they never used their legs as weapons so them getting an ACL tear wont affect them as much as RG3
  14. dang so it was Pick should be Fields then yesterday why the pick should be Chase, today the pick should be pitts yall might was well make one of these a day for each player you like til the draft.
  15. thats way too little for being at 4 dropping to 15 i need wayyyy more then that
  16. takk played like 2 games he wasnt a difference maker anyway never was never will to injury prone
  17. but 2nd-3rd round arent mid rounds thats 4th-5th and 6th-7th is late rounds
  18. wait wait i never said that 007 I never said we were a terrible team this pick would be a complete future move a successor to matt thats all its getting our future qb now when we got the chance. But ok how about this? is there more successful qbs in the first round then there are for the mid rounds. its not fair how you use the top 5 picks but use all of the late rounds picks thats a smaller sample size to a bigger one. name me the last great round 5+ qb other then brady.
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