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  1. plus you sound dumb isnt mahomes mobile and athletic why didnt he make plays against the bucs pressure huh
  2. what he supposed to do if he throws it away to no one since he in the pocket it would of been an intentional grounding. How is it not Shannahan’s fault the idiot didnt run the ball when matt went clutch and got them to the 22 yard line
  3. you basically blaming matt ryan on the lost cuz of the sack he took when that sack did nothing. are you forgetting Mack was the one who gave up that sack cuz he was on 1 leg right when matt got the ball dude was in his face he couldnt do anything about it. Plus matt literally made a clutch play on the next play cuz he got us 7 yards back but jake held
  4. the sack didnt take us out of FG range the dumb *** hold by jake did matt literally got us 7 yards back but jake messed it up
  5. bruh how many times do we have to tell you there are no good players on the dline that makes sense using the 4th pick on lol there are no bosa bros or chase young type players in this draft. Sewell is a LT so then what are you gonna do with jake matthews
  6. they had to do it to get cap space for FAs they already said that
  7. or they dont want anyone to grab their QB
  8. well guess what once that old beat up car runs out to the very end up you got a brand new car sitting there ready for you to drive like nothing happened. Dont gotta try and rush to get one trying to find the right one since you got your right one sitting in the garage ready to go.
  9. cant wait til tomorrow this bored is gonna riot gonna be glorious we could get Lawrence and people would be pissed
  10. this must mean the lions are confident that the bengals might go Chase
  11. happen to myles jack remember that lol I remember Ian Rappaport saying he was gonna slip and the falcons could take him. I was like yea right not happening. Then he actually fell to us but we didnt take him and he fell all the way down to the Jags 2nd pick4 spots before us SMH
  12. what happens if you put julio and pitts are outside and ridley on the inside in certain games lol
  13. bruh if the 49ers giving up 2 first to get to 3 from 12 we better get 3 first to go all the way back to 15
  14. bpa is up to the falcons not us or the media your bpa is different then the falcons bpa so you cant get mad if they chose someone different
  15. then he is the statue mold of brady since he didnt move either plus their offense is based on short passing with YAC so as long if he has good accuracy he should be fine in their system
  16. cant say that tre dudes on here believe its one or the other
  17. lol or they just like jones more then the other 2 its nothing wrong with that you like who you like
  18. no i already said that i dont believe we will make the superbowl thats why im in favor of taking lance
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