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  1. why do they need to smoke screen with the 3rd pick lmao
  2. but they never used their legs as weapons so them getting an ACL tear wont affect them as much as RG3
  3. dang so it was Pick should be Fields then yesterday why the pick should be Chase, today the pick should be pitts yall might was well make one of these a day for each player you like til the draft.
  4. thats way too little for being at 4 dropping to 15 i need wayyyy more then that
  5. takk played like 2 games he wasnt a difference maker anyway never was never will to injury prone
  6. but 2nd-3rd round arent mid rounds thats 4th-5th and 6th-7th is late rounds
  7. wait wait i never said that 007 I never said we were a terrible team this pick would be a complete future move a successor to matt thats all its getting our future qb now when we got the chance. But ok how about this? is there more successful qbs in the first round then there are for the mid rounds. its not fair how you use the top 5 picks but use all of the late rounds picks thats a smaller sample size to a bigger one. name me the last great round 5+ qb other then brady.
  8. you have to look at those teams who pick those qbs the teams suck with no talent bro look who those teams usually are the browns, jets, jags they all sucks with no weapons on offense they dont have a Julio or Rid, Hopkins, Adams, Evans, please name me a top 10 or 15 WR on the Jets 007. The browns finally just got weapons and baker finally broke through the mold with browns but the jets and jags still suck with horrible weapons to help carry the load for a rookie qb. The best WR on the jags is dj chark he is good but he isnt the guys that i mention you really think if Daroald had a julio, rid,
  9. lets be real the last really good qb picked in the mid rounds is Russ, Cousins, and Dak and 2 of the 3 are average
  10. i think its smart maybe im just dumb or something cuz picking for your heir apparent is smart especially for someone like lance who is only 20 years old who didnt play a bunch of games cuz of covid so its a perfect situation for him and us to not rush him and to pick up right where matt left off. we dont need to trade a bunch of picks to get him cuz he right there in on laps
  11. im not saying its 100% gonna happen im just saying dont be shocked if they do thats all
  12. i guess your hope is gonna be gone cuz its a strong chance they taking a QB
  13. like i said in other threads if you believe there isnt a chance they take a qb at 4 youre delusional
  14. why? why would we try and risk getting someone late when usually those guys turn out to be duds and not take someone that has a chance to be great with our 4th pick
  15. it was known that Belichick was gonna get rid of brady and start with jimmy g but brady went to Mr. Kraft and made Belichick trade him
  16. jimmy g was going to be the heir if brady didnt cry to Mr. Craft
  17. plus dont the saints look foolish right now having to lean on a QB that a team just dropped and picked up another QB and won the SB now the saints have no true back up plan cuz they will still be competitive enough to not get a top pick and have to trade the future to grab a qb
  18. they did lol the pats took jimmy g and they took brissett
  19. i really believe someone will actually cry come draft day lol My head is wrapped around 3 players in order of Lance, Pitts, and Surtain
  20. But if the falcons truly want lance no trade is gonna make them move out that pick and not pick that franchise player that they want. you think the chiefs would accept a bunch of picks for mahomes cuz I dont
  21. I still dont understand that if the falcons really wanted to pick lance why would they trade with someone they would just pick him at 4 if they say we are not picking a qb then that would make sense to trade down but they havent said that so to me that means QB is a option at 4
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