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  1. People were making it seem like every rookie qb this year was gonna be a HOFer day 1 and wanted to get rid of ryan what do you say about that. now think if we did get a qb we dont get pitts and look how bad our offense would look like ridley who is struggling and CP thats it
  2. right Dok thats why we should build our team some more get good pieces so whenever matt leaves the new guy can walk in with talent around and dont have to carry a whole franchise day one
  3. oh yea what ever happen to the justin fields fanatic he had fields photoshopped in a falcons jersey as his profile pic havent seen him after the draft lol
  4. some posters where saying he was washed up before the season and after week 1 so why not
  5. DK sucks please dont compare that trashcan with AS
  6. didnt he say earlier that falcons fans should be tired of him and should be wanting a new qb?
  7. i think chase going to the bengals was a perfect spot for him aj green leaving and a nice college duo teaming up again
  8. chase is straight balling after everyone was coming for his head with drops in preseason
  9. trash *** refs allowing their corners to hold our WRs the whole ******* route
  10. our secondary can never just make a tackle on running qbs why are you trying to blow him up its 3rd &6
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