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  1. we need somebody to show some defensive highlights from the back half of last year
  2. i would flip out if we get both of them please football goods let it happen
  3. do you not remember the miss tackle on drew brees on 3rd and goal that got them a TD to go to OT and then eventually lose yea no i dont miss him
  4. 1. is FA over with? 2. did the draft end already end of discussion thank you very much
  5. yea but look at the personnel that we replaced gurley is better than freeman and fowler is better than vic beasley, and hurst has a chance with the same production as hooper has a chance to be better since he more athletic. treadwell is another big body WR so if julio gets knicked up we have another big body WR
  6. how do the saints get an A+ for bringing in two guys
  7. wasnt there a bunch of people dogging the sanu signing at first then he proved a bunch of people wrong lets wait and see what treadwell can do with matt ryan before we judge him as a player its only his 5th year give him a chance
  8. no comparison one was on his 5th-7th year and the other was on his 1st-3rd year cmon now
  9. duh it’s obviously treadwell cmon Jim you should know this you didnt even have to ask this
  10. i just dont think he has the height to cover most WR 1s in the league he has the speed to cover anyone but his height makes it difficult
  11. i feel like LB is more of a need cuz we legit dont have a starter for slb but at least at corner we have bodies
  12. do the rams have matt ryan julio jones calvin ridley, russell gage hayden hurst lol no they do not they jared goff
  13. lol thats in september i dont remember the season ending in the month of september and a groin injury doesnt make him broken down he still played 16 games and had 1,045 and 4 td in his 9th season and plus 2013 was after are offense was on the rise of greatness then roddy gets hurt in preseason SJ gets hurt in the 2nd game and julio missed 10 games he wasnt gonna carry the offense anyway he was just a brusier back that can get stuff yards and tds he had 6 the first year with us
  14. what are you talking about you just said he was broken down when he got here nothing about him doing bad when he was here lol you just gonna switch it up. who knows what would of happen if he didnt get hurt in the 2nd game its just bad luck that he got hurt here i dont even remember if he ever got hurt on the rams
  15. stephen jackson wasnt even hurt when he joined yall memories are shot he was healthy he just pulled his hammy in the 2nd game for us