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  1. If Matt goes down we would be bad regardless unless its a vet backup QB
  2. they should of gotten rid of Theilen instead cuz he getting up there in age he 30. So at some point he gonna either leave or retire so then instead of Jefferson & Diggs for the future. Now they gonna only have Jefferson and who? A rookie who might not ever be the same player in Diggs. Nah I rather not do that
  3. you think Rid is only slightly above average. I dont get it whats the point of drafting players to let them go when their rookie contract ends when they have proved to be good throughout their rookie contract. The reason the contract sucks is cuz we kept pushing the money down the line trying to win now and it costs us since we choked our SB away
  4. we draft back to that pick im running to the podium and drafting Lance idc lol
  5. why would we do this if we trade Rid and we know Julio is getting up there in age then your basically getting rid of two WRs leaving only Chase and Gage as our #1 and #2 that wouldnt be smart at all. If we go Chase you will just have Rid and Chase as our duo and Gage as our 3 for the future
  6. but QB picks like Brady is an anomaly not the norm most picks like him rarely ever become good. I dont see the reason to pick a QB that late expecting him to became the heir apparent to Matt. If you want that pick to be a backup why not just bring in a udfa as a backup. That pick could be a oluokun or russel gage type player.
  7. Im sorry I just dont see how that is smart why not just grab a qb this year with the 4th pick and if ryan struggles this year then you already got the qb in house like I just dont get how people dont see that. Why risk having an average season and get stuck with no good qb to draft where we are what if we go 6-10 or 5-11 and that causes us to be pick 10th+ its not worth the risk and not worth the trade up. So just get your back up insurance now while we here.
  8. this is my questions to that. 1. Why waste a draft pick in the later rounds hoping you can get lucky when rarely that ever happens. 2. what happens if we do decent next year and pick in the middle of the first round and miss out on the top qbs. 3. why should we trade up and use some of our draft capital to move up for a qb when we can just pick one with the 4th pick this year with using any picks to get him.
  9. trade back with the panthers and take my guy lance and call it a day
  10. I been saying we could draft lance in a trade back but he might not get past the panthers unless they trade up for fields or wilson.
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