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  1. lmao you stupid haha thats good
  2. we really on the same level as the dolphins wow
  3. why cant we get any sacks i dont understand its like our dline is cursed we cant even luck into sacks its like other teams oline become brick walls against us its crazy ever dline player that comes here become trash even bailey who was a decent rusher last year cant get one smh
  4. can we start jordan miller and sheffield this week
  5. you can say that but both the browns and bills have been terrible for years but they constantly have fans at the game bills mafia and the dog pound have supported their teams for years regardless how trash the team has been
  6. if we get a top 3 pick no sorry WHEN we get a top 3 pick this year and qb needy team wants there qb do we trade down for multiple picks cuz we kinda need them so we can fix this defense
  7. 1-15
  8. you guys got jokes today i love it this is better then everyone being depressed im sitting here just laughing my butt off haha
  9. hahaahhaha omg im dying
  10. Back to back weeks of 30 plus points and 2 losses cuz dan quinn defense cant play defense
  11. campbell is terrible grace would be able to guard him
  12. broooo these bird box refs gtfo here man stop cheating
  13. Here we go with these dumb refs again
  14. That misdirection was shanahan like