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  1. is lafluer really that good. he was garbage with the titans and with the packers is wasnt that good either when the packers played good teams their offense sucked and when both times they played the 49ers they got blown out. i think he is overrated
  2. nope but after matt and julio had one of the greatest throws and catches in SB history all the needed to do is run and we win the game
  3. Dak shouldnt be ahead of matt either Dak is terrible lol
  4. you crazy if you think all the loses is his fault matt has had what 2 games where you might put on his shoulders his rookie year vs the cards and the game against the giants. those are the only two games where he struggled. idk how you dont blame the terrible defense who can never get a stop when matters most in all the games where we lost expect the giants and eagles game
  5. crazy even as girl Aaron Rodgers looks like a stuck up b**** lmao
  6. we know that our line was bad last year especially the guards but free dont help when he just dances in the backfield and doesnt go anywhere because when ito and hill was running with the same line we got better runs cuz they run straight and dont dance
  7. i remember screaming at the tv saying run norwood he doing better then turner this game but they didnt listen then right after the half fumble
  8. Beasely didnt quit on the falcons he just trained by himself just like other players its voluntary otas so he can do what he wants he doesnt have to be with the falcons at that time
  9. yea injury prone is like nagging tissue injuries or like ankle sprains an acl tear is just bad luck
  10. 2 back breaking unfortunate bad luck injuries
  11. no way they trade away a guy who has been productive, selected in the first round and a future #1 WR if they trade ridley while being only 3 years in im going to be mad
  12. how is it a reach if we didnt have a 5th or 6th round pick
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