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  1. That snatch that Hoop had was nasty
  2. We cant win a preseason game to save our lives and i know they don't matter but dang 11 straight losses. The only way we can win is if Thanos snaps his fingers and half the opponents players disappear lol.
  3. 12 gauge x danny gauge
  4. haha nice play on words.
  5. You guys think they did this because Schaub is not going to play much tomorrow or they just don't want to see simms for that long. Or maybe they want someone other then Sanu to do the wildcat plays so Sanu can be a wideout when they try it with this guy.
  6. My heart dont do that lol. Even though he is not on our team anymore im still rooting for him unless he plays against us of course.
  7. ok that makes sense.
  8. Yea I can understand that for preseason but they do it in the regular season too its so weird.
  9. Does anyone else notice that when a wideout makes a big play the coaches always take them at the game. Like against the dolphins Gage made that catch to get the first and it was like a 13 yard catch the next play they took him out why do they do that.