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  1. My biggest issue with Quinn is he should of never been D.C. start of the year. He needed to focus on being a head coach. Can team afford his mistakes next year? Feel me?
  2. It be a interesting year for the front office in the off season.
  3. Need a coach who holds players accountable
  4. Quin has lost respect ect of his guys. He has to go.
  5. That was stupid coaching
  6. Something wrong when qb has almost 400 yds but no td passes
  7. Dan mistake is not sticking or getting A D.C.
  8. What drive you nuts is next week they will win.
  9. I'm done with Quinn tbh. No backbone.
  10. Saints are in trouble with Brees out
  11. Enjoying his play. Defense has been good so far.
  12. Ryan is pure class as well. Appreciate him fans.
  13. What I meant is the defense was playing well no need to press. Guy has 5 ints this year and last year just 7.