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  1. I don’t know if Andrews would be any better then mayfield. Gone has shown us some positive play in the limited reps given. We’ll see, this season is all about development in my eyes, I just hope we don’t get Ryan killed lol
  2. Any update on when Gono would be back. He might give some juice to that LG or RT position.
  3. Wild topic for them both playing in just 1 career game so far.
  4. What did everyone expect. 1st year head coach, we lack depth all over the roster. Our O-line is shaky. We will get better as the season goes on but we are not a play off team. This year is all about developing our young talent and learning the scheme. Don’t let one game ruin everything, it’s a long season. Just don’t expect a bunch of wins early on in the season. We have a rookie coach and gm, and we are rebuilding no matter what they say to the media. I know Mayfield got his butt handed to him, but would Josh Andrews have done any better. Everyone knows the talent on the team is good. But this is the NFL. We need to have elite players at more then 2 positions.
  5. He’s also 15 pounds like three then last year. This dude is gonna ball out. If our online give Matt a little time and Davis some holes to run through, we’ll be real fun to watch.
  6. I don’t believe that, but I think Mike Davis is gonna ball out for us.
  7. Yea that sounds amazing, with Mike Davis in the RB1 spot I think we’ll be fun to watch.
  8. Na brotha, not gonna happen. Look for Patterson to have anywhere from 300-600 years on the ground and 250-500 in the air. He’ll be productive, but not anywhere near Henry.
  9. I agree with you. I believe Rosen could step in and be productive if Ryan went out. And a few years under Ryan the dude can master the offense and at the very least be a solid backup. Rosen will eventually get a chance somewhere, he just needs to capitalize on this situation. He obviously has QB1 material in him, he was a beast at UCLA and has the talent to make all the throws.
  10. I hope Sean Payton gets arrested on some undercover federal charges. Then treated like a prisoner accused of treason in Saudi Arabia. I truly hope nothing but the worst for him. I hope Arthur rings his little douch neck on the 50 yard line after we stomped.
  11. I do think the OL will be improved. But I think RT and LG our gonna still be rough. Mike Davis is gonna be fine. He’s the one back I believe will produce. It’s all about Matt’s decision making. It has dipped down the last few years, hopefully he can get a clean pocket and some time and this forum won’t be talkin bout noodle arm no more.
  12. I get you. A bad attitude will ruin a career. Ask RGIII. I wouldn’t call his time in TB or SF a failure. He got cut from the Phins. Went to TB to learn from Brady. Before signing with SF. SF was a great spot for him, until they drafted Trey. Look at the opportunity Haskins is getting from the Steelers, and he’s making every opportunity count. Rosen could easily be a great back up QB. Or a horrible one. But he’ll most likely be an up over Mccarron
  13. He was a young qb on 2 god awful teams. I think with some stability he would be able to play. 20 years ago qbs were given 3-4 years to get it together. He was given 1 season. I think he’s a good fit for our offense, and that he can be a decent back up. Better backup then McCarron.
  14. It is a great move. Rosen can play....he’s just been on god awful teams. Good backup qb.
  15. That is what I am saying. The dude was not given near the chance Blake bortles or Jamie’s Winston were given. **** even Jamarcus Russel got more of a shot than him.
  16. Barkley or Rosen are who I’d love to have a our back up. Both can play in a pinch. Rosen is intriguing.
  17. Yea I liked him as well, he was Fontenot or Arthur’s pick. They wanted there guy im sure. But the dude had learned from Ryan and Sichuan for 3 years.
  18. I think Blake Bortles, or Nick Mullens would be a good fit. I am not sure Mullens is a FA. But bortles has plenty of starting experience and can win a. Game or two if called upon.
  19. Yea, Wilson was a head scratcher to me. He wasn’t very successful before last year.
  20. I can see that, there is a history. Just not an amazing one. I’d be fine with drafting a qb high next year if it’s a qb we want. This was a heck of a draft class though. You know there is all this talk about Justin Fields, but I believe Trey Lance ends up with the best career even with Lawrence in the same class.
  21. I’m not to worries about to. Marty Ice for 2021. Maybe we sign Marietta next season and he’s our back up.
  22. Of course he does. But I’d rather have Kyle than a back up qb in 2021
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