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  1. We have some camp battles coming up for several positions, the two that jump out to me are the LG position, and the RB position. Here are some of the battles coming up RB: Davis-Ollison-Patterson-Hawkins LG Andrews-Mayfield-Gino (upon return?) CB #2 Scheffield- Maroeu FS Grant-Harris SS Harmon- Harris Any other battles you guys interested in? Any predictions on who takes the starting jobs?
  2. Vick is a Legend. He paid the price, let the man live. I am glad the man came back and balled out.
  3. I don’t think Gages role changes to much. I think Pitts plays a lot of WR and is our #2 tight end.
  4. Matt Ryan Mike Davis Calvin Ridley Chris Lindstrom Grady Jarrett maybe and it’s weak maybe for Jake Mathews, Deion Jones, and Foye Olukin or however you spell his name.
  5. Atleast he’s going to get more reps in training camp I suppose then.
  6. Dang, this forum is about to burn down like Ancient Rome. Sucks to lose him though, he was either to be a starting LG or our swing tackle.
  7. I think both Pitts and Hurst will both have good seasons. I see hurts having a little better season than last year, and Pitts will obviously have a hybrid role. Both definitely have 600 plus yards.
  8. I feel the same way. I would love it if Ollison took the starting job and ran with it (literally). I just don’t see it happening. I think We see Davis get 250 + carries, and Hawkings and Patterson pick up the rest.
  9. Davis is gonna ball out this year fellas easily a 1k back on the ground and I can see 1250. We are gonna run the ball this year. Unless Ollison or the UDFA back we picked up steal his thunder Davis is gonna be the man, and we are gonna love him.
  10. Sanu was quiete a bit better then Jenkins. Even if it’s not showing up on the stat line. Jenkins was a decent WR. Sanu was an above average talent for us (which is why we got a 2nd rounder for him).
  11. It’s gonna be crazy. I know we can’t afford crap this year but, if somehow we can smooth things over with ol jonesy poo. We could be real dangerous in 2022.
  12. I think Julio stays in Atlanta. And everyone ends up happy by the end of the year. Julio has a solid season, we win some games. It can all be water under the bridge.
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