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  1. This dude is gonna be big for us this year. Him and hurst. I think our passing game is gonna be so good it helps our run game take off.
  2. This is the dude that kept Okudah on the sideline. He has mad talent, I think we have two really good corners in Oliver and Scheffield. Hopefully I can say a great trio of corner next offseason. Terrell can be a beast but he has to play snaps before I judge the man.
  3. I’m not hatin in your tarts bro. I am a die hard falcon.....i will probably end up with the **** logo somewhere on my body lol.
  4. I think Buchanan can come in and start some games for us. If olukin can’t step up. I have faith in this dude. I’ve watch him play enough and he can ball out.
  5. Wentz may have a better arm....but Ryan is the better QB. Ryan is also a better QB then Lamar Jackson, just not the better athlete.
  6. Terrell will be as good as our pass rush allows him to be this year. All I am sayin is if we are healthy. I think we are a force to be wreckin with. Especially if Neal can come back to be the player he was.
  7. Hes gonna ball out and make us think prime time whoooo
  8. Koetter knows how to use his tight ends, hurst is goin to eat for us as simple as that. I can see 70-90 catches 800-1100 yard season. Honestly I think hurst is going to be so good he is going to take away from ridley. The biggest thing our offense needs to be successful, is an o-line and a defense.
  9. I think our biggest issue last year was our o-line. Reason why the cowboys always have a run game is there o-line is solid. Freeman can still be a 1k back in this league. Just like Todd Gurley can still be a top running back in this league. If our O-line can step up to atleast average Gurley will have 1k+ yard on the ground and double digit touch downs. I also think ito smith finds a nice roll spelling Gurley. kind of how we used Freeman and Coleman.
  10. Raheem Morris will be a HC again. I just hope it’s after the 2022 season, give us some consistency for a bit.
  11. For us to be a super bowl team it comes down to the trenches. if we can affect the quarterback it will help our linebackers and secondary make plays. And if our o line can keep Matt upright and create holes for Gurley and Ito we can beat anyone.
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