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  1. Lmao, I noticed that as well. I’d be interested in a Chevy mustang.
  2. No that is corrective text on an iPhone. I can write perfectly fine. But I do have some pretty good PTSD.
  3. This is what I need you to do Pal.....go to a a big park....takes lapse around that park....proceed to go home....flush your face in the toilet.....and put yourself in the corner like a good little girl you are think about the dumb stuff you just posted....then after look for the other half of your chromosome.
  4. I hope Raheem is the real deal. I am exited to bring in a new coach such as Aurthur Smith, but at the same time I don’t want all that roster turnover I wanna win and I wanna win now lol
  5. This dude is a complete turd....waste of air.....hopefully he gets washed out of the league.
  6. I agree, Quinn had a lot tougher of a schedule then Raheem Morris.
  7. Mike Zimmer is an amazing coach. If this dude gets fired at Minnesota, he will get another Head Coaching gig. And if he is available I’ll sacrifice a chicken to the football gods cuz we are not suppose to have a HC that knows how to Coach.
  8. Yes, Oliver will provide depth behind Blhedi cuz that boy balls out every time he sees the field.
  9. When I was in the Army I would always tell my troops this. Hail Furk Shirt No that does not need to happen. He had his chance failed, and TD was a way better GM then him.
  10. Real talk that’s a hard position.
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