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  1. This dude was a beast for us, 23-26 field goals. And those onside kicks were like insane.
  2. You see my man Roddy was on another level though. Favorite Falcons player of all time. Could have went to the Hall if it wasn’t for Kyle Shanahan.
  3. idk we will see what happens after free agency but the trenches have been our weakness for what it seems a lifetime.
  4. Why are we still questioning why Dan Quinn is the Head Coach. The reason is they balled out in the second half of the season. Blank likes what he saw. He probably did not like the available candidates, and rolled the dice in the man who has got them to the big one before.
  5. Man Reggie Bush was a freak of nature coming out of college. And was frankly misused. If Reggie bush played in today’s nfl he would be a way better back then he was.
  6. Their is not a running back personally worth it to me to take in the first round this year. Now if their were a Reggie bush, Christian McCaffrey, Or Gurley available in the first. I would be down with that.
  7. I think Raheem Morris is the upgrade. We have a better defense in 17, because we had a little bit better of d line play. Raheem has head coaching experience so he understands the big picture, he turned a hideous defense into something watchable. Give him an entire offseason and I think he can coach up the defense and get them playing Fast and Physical LMAO......I had to on that last n physical.
  8. Lol jimmy is destined to be in the HOF? How is that? I think Matt will be in the hall before Jimmy does....unless he gets a few rings He ain’t got nothin on ol #2
  9. Hopefully they can extend Mack, he can still play, maybe not 2016 Mack but he can still produce and mentor the youngsters
  10. I think we are gonna ball out next year. I think Cominsky will carve out a role and is going to be a a monster.....Really I am anxious to see what’s going to happens with our LB core, Keanu Neal, Trufant, and even Vic Beasley.
  11. Would be nice to fetch a 4th or 5th round pick for him.
  12. I think freeman is suited to play elsewhere. We definitely need to draft a young running back somewhat early. I just think Quinn and Dimitroff love themselves some freeman, which is why he’ll be our rb1 next year unfortunately.
  13. My viewpoint as well. I think maybe we rework Mack, and Trufants deal. And freeman stays on the same contract.
  14. That’s true, as I said in another post. I hope he balls out for our sake in 2020 lol
  15. Yea your absolutely right. I hope he balls out next year. I’m just sayin we don’t know his ceiling yet. And yes it’s acceptable to give up a some sacks your rookie year, you can’t let your QB get pulverized two years in a row. He just needs to step it up some. Not saying he is not capable. I think the dude can take over LT eventually because he has a higher ceiling in my opinion. But we still have to see what the man has.