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  1. His names tells u exactly how he plays. Like some straight up ish
  2. I wasnt mentioning anything about Superbowls. All i was saying is that Mobile QB's, young stud with Arm strength is what is gonna be in the league. Whether they have a losing season, playoffs, wildcard, or etc.... I didnt say anything about how a mobile will win a SB. All i said was in the new NFL thats all youre gonna see.
  3. There is no short answer. Get out the past man.
  4. Blah Blah Blah. Put up a post that says Dan Quinn is fired. I'm tired of hearing about maybe, possibly, or should. Put up a post when they actually Fire STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN 3:16.
  5. Dude please pay attention and read what i posted again. I said in the FUTURE. Their will be more MOBILE QB'S coming out of college and the NFL will hardly have any pocket QB's left. The game has changed. The league has changed into young stud QB's with ARM STRENGTH, and are MOBILE. Once Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben retire in the NFL future every team is gonna have a MOBILE QB on their roster starter or backup... **** the falcons even had one in preseason the young guy with the toe injury Benkert he had more rushing yards than the dam running back. I not talking about the past NFL. I am talking bout in a few years
  6. You can be playing football for one season, and be done after that. As long as you get a ring who cares how long you last. Just ask Russell Wilson. The game has changed man face it. You go ahead and keep hope that happy feet slow as Noodle Arm as Matt Ryan gonna get u a ring. Mobile QB's is all you gonna see coming outta college dude. F how long the career lasts the league is about winning games and getting rings. You go ahead & keep you a QB who gets sacked all the time, or continue to turnover on 3rd downs because he was too slow to extend the play. Like i said trade noodle arm for a whopper with cheese & large fries
  7. Ok. Matt Ryan did alot for this team. It is time to move on from him. Once again for those who just dont understand, pocket slow QB's dont cut it in the nfl anymore. Mobile quarterbacks are the new thing now. As long as you can extend the play when everyone else is covered, and u get that 1st down. Being able to scramble & make a play outta nothing. Those are the QB's that make a name for themselves. QB's with an arm. Not a Ramen Noodle arm. Todays linebackers are younger & faster. So you need a mobile QB who can get away, or scramble. Matt Ryan is up in age now. He is slow, only thing he can scramble is eggs, and his arm strength has declined. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Patty Melt Matt Ryan are the last pocket QB's you wont see in the NFL future. For those who watch basketball (NBA) remember when 3 pointers didnt matter as much. Then Steph Curry & Golden State won championships just by shooting 3's all night. Other teams started noticing the change and now the NBA is a 3 pointer show. Even centers and power forwards are shooting 3's. Point i am making is that The NBA league changed. And now the NFL has too. Yes i would trade Ryan for a whopper with cheese & large fries.
  8. Like i said see y'all whenever. Somebody email me or hit my inbox up when our coach STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN gets fired and goes back to wrestling ✌
  9. Dude what the F has ridley done? Man he gave up on this team just like the defense has. So **** yeah im complaining about Ridley. When he start getting 3 or 4 touchdowns a game i will eat crow and shut up. Until then at this point imma complain about anybody
  10. And imma tell yall something else. You can agree. Or disagree. Calvin Ridley aint nothing but a faster Harry Douglas. Same ole story with this team
  11. Its not even about looking bad. If your project aint working. Move on to something else. I'm not saying cut the guy. I am saying give someone else a chance/shot. But like i said aftet this sunday imma find something else to do.
  12. I just dont understand! On the Patriots! Seahawks! Chiefs! Etc..... If youre not doing your job they are going to bench you give someone else a try. Why in the f*** do we keep people after they play horrible play after play after play. Dam put their as on the bench. And start some one else. Couldnt be no worse??? For example, sit freeman down and Start ITO smith until he does his job again. Sit Oliver sorry as down as well. This team acts like we have no replacements or backups? Im jus sick of it at this point. Give someone else a try... Other teams try other players/backups all the time and if it doesnt work go back to the original player. I am convinced arthur blank knows nothing about the love of the game. Just home depot. And his money. If we lose today im done with falcons football this season. Im waiting on basketball season to start