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  1. wouldn't mind have a QB who played recently in the league as a new OC! Heck Tony Romo calls out plays when he announces games!
  2. LOL at least we know this guy will hit the QB.....
  3. Im going to start cheering for Georgia State, Kennesaw State, and Valdosta State
  4. Speedy recovery young man! i hope this o-line gels togther quick
  5. That's what's up, dont care how you do it, just get it doen with Julio!!
  6. Does,he have the same snapper and holder from last season?
  7. Fake punts, go for it on 4th down and go for 2...every time we score
  8. This title scared the #$%& out of me at first
  9. I have seen him make plays....in practice but not during a game...good luck in New England cant replace Gronk
  10. Deffintly a Jermain Grace fan...Duke is out the door, i hope Duke heals from injury but "Cant make the club in the tub"- Last Chance U season 2
  11. Lol I forgot all about Crisp Houston
  12. Yeah a Nick Foles is like 1 and 1,000 to come along.
  13. Like the idea of a bigger back like Hill and the Kid out of Pitt. but Ito looked good last year too...man it will be a tough call for that #2 spot
  14. Lol i think we will be okay if we dont sign anyone else, but i do think it is Schaubs last year.
  15. Hate to see that, wishing a speedy recovery for the big man.
  16. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj7gIiEreTjAhUQEawKHev0DewQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgiphy.com%2Fexplore%2Fdoh&psig=AOvVaw0-70NupCAghklqeVN408-D&ust=1564840967072890
  17. Yeah, he looks like to softest FB ever.
  18. Mike Bell from 929 the Game sports talk radio said," He would get a tattoo of Vic Bealsey on hit buttocks if Vic had 10+ sacks"
  19. 5, well know 4 more preseaon games, do not want him to play until the 3rd game, but if the Young QB from last night is hurt, he may have to siute up quicker.
  20. Deer in Headlights for sure!
  21. I think every punt returner muffed the dam ball lol
  22. Man i hope Benkert's foot or toe is okay, dude throws a good ball, makes Schaub look really old.
  23. Im wathcing the whole game: 1) It's the Falcons 2) It's football and aint @#$% else on TV
  24. Once we win this Ring...then everbody will be all over his jock and bandwagon fans and the media will say they where Falcon Fans from day one.