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  1. So everybody loves Vic Beasley now?? These boards are hilarious. I don't post much but I've been on the boards for YEARS just watching. No way Vic getting this kind of love now. Vic had the luckiest season in NFL history. Couldn't create sacks 1 on 1 the last 3 years. Takk does very well when hes 1on 1 he just never is.
  2. The first 6 weeks they had a historical defense that got them plenty of turnovers. So again, more possessions. His arm was bad during the playoff run he couldn't get the ball 25 yards down the field
  3. Fewer plays and fewer possessions are two different things. If you show me where we had more possessions I'll be inclined to eat crow.
  4. Brady defense got him way more stops. Which results in more possessions more frequently. Brady is old and washed its over.
  5. Agree 100%. Thats why I love Ricardo and idc what anyone says. His first two years back there he gave up only 2 completions of 30 yards or more or something like that.
  6. I would say Kazee is a playmaker as well. But I agree we need one more secondary playmaker.
  7. I kinda agree. I feel like if we did trade back we would only make our depth stronger. If we be aggressive I think we could really have the best team in the league.
  8. I literally told my friend earlier today I wouldn't be surprised if we went secondary first two rounds. We definitely need another linebacker. But I think our D-line is a bit overstated, a rotational addition should be enough.
  9. I love Grace. I think hes an absolute stud. Some of the stuff I seen from Riley since he's been here will never get out of my head. Never seen someone in so many instances in position to make a play and COMPLETELY whiffs. Never seen anything like I'm sorry. My judgement on him may be biased but its due to his poor performances the last two years
  10. THANK YOU. Freeman lead us to the playoffs in 2017 imo but no one wants to talk about this.
  11. Why we never had a top 10 defense under him? 2012 we got lucky turnovers but still was middle of the pack in Yards Allowed. I think Matt saved his job with all those 4th quarter comebacks. He was lucky to last in Atlanta as long as he did IMO
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