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  1. yah, go figure. 131-122-3, although if you include playoffs its 131-129-3.
  2. the goat. i was 8 in 1986 and watching him own that tournament with my dad is a hugely fond memory from my childhood.
  3. nobody: tatf: 12 threads about how matt ryan sucks. me clicking on every one of them:
  4. been there man, definitely a difficult time for all of you. prayers and condolences up for you and your family.
  5. wasn't a blitz, it was a reaction to seeing the tight end and the rb engage in blocks. take a look, he took steps with the play action, saw the pulling tight end and rb engage, and exploded like a f*cking rocket. you're allowed to say "koetter guessed wrong and their guy made a heck of a play".
  6. i stand corrected, one was a go or deep post, the other was a 10 yard in/climb looking route. that play mght work against an all out blitz where the defense sends 9 and are in zero coverage, but when the defense only had to rush 4 all day thinking they were just randomly going to send the house on a random first down.......
  7. yes, i understand how maxpro works. if DK was anticipating a blitz (by a team that didn't need to blitz all day), and sent 2 receivers on deep routes, that play becomes even more of a glaring example of his cluelessness.
  8. Thanks for posting that goob. here's a few things that jump out at me: a. sack #4 should have been thrown away to save FG range, "touchdown or bust" thinking from ryan cost 3 points b. #2 and #7 the time from snap to sack is misleading because those were plays where ryan was rolling out or scrambling (#2 he even made a guy miss and saved a 5-yard loss) c. lots of 3rd and longs in there, sheesh d. sacks on third down (with the exception of ones that take you out of fg range, see point a) while frustrating are not the end of the world. the whole "qb should throw the ball away
  9. fify. at least he'll be so concussed from having his head drilled into the turf all season that he won't remember any of it.
  10. i agree. he doesn't need to throw DK under the bus but a simple "we as a coaching staff need to re-evaluate things" or something along those lines would go a long way. the comments of his that 2012 is posting here are not making him look like he even knows what he's talking about at all.
  11. no because football is the most coaching-influenced sport on the planet. top-tier talent cannot overcome bottom tier coaching.
  12. correct, our third down failures were a symptom of ineptitude on 1st and 2nd down. 3rd and 2 is a lot easier to convert than 3rd and 12.
  13. apparenlty he's supposed to "throw his receivers open", whatever the f*ck that means.
  14. welp, that about sums it up. if we were on around the horn on espn you'd have like 50 points after that post. absolutely spot on.
  15. o-line taking a lot of flack after that game. ryan taking some flack for not throwing the ball into triple coverage to avoid a sack. receivers taking some for not getting open leading to coverage sacks. but there's only one direction the fingers should be pointed in, and we all know where that is.... ...i've coached 8th graders that can draw up a route scheme to get receivers open better than that f*cking guy.
  16. I've watched both qbs their entire career (getting all Seattle TV stations up here). and I loves me some matty ice, but yes, Wilson is the #2 qb in the league right now and has been 1 or 2 for almost a decade.
  17. no, i just have more experience in the game than just playing a lot of madden. but cute name-calling, i guess that's what some people resort to when they've got nothing else.
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