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  1. But that's been the recipe for success for so many winning teams.......🤔
  2. defintiely started giggling in class when i saw that. students looking at me like "WTH is so funny about trigonometry?"
  3. Seems like more of a general sports topic than an NFL one, but talk to me when one of your favourite teams makes this list, multiple times! https://www.si.com/hockey/news/espn-names-maple-leafs-worst-franchise-in-sports-again
  4. No jokes, i watched that movie again last week. and yes, it IS as good as i remember! 🚲
  5. I half agree with that, I think. I agree that you can draft your qb of the future any time now and start developing. But I wouldn't even think about putting him behind the wheel until the roster around him is strong enough (a la KC, LA, Baltimore, etc). Rushing him on the field turns us into detroit, cleveland, cincy, ny jets, etc.
  6. I know, I hear ya man. But who knows what the dynamics were within that coaching staff? Could've been a more toxic environment than we realize.
  7. oh, did i paraphrase and misquote you to misrepresent what you said to serve my own purpose? hmmmm. now you can tell me how many super bowl winners in the last, say, 20 years have averaged 6 wins per season in the 3 seasons leading up to, and including, their SB winning season. beacause for you to claim that that would lead to a SB win you'd have to have real evidential examples of when that has worked out for other teams, right?......i'll wait.
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