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  1. for sure, but there's no way they'll be as over-hyped as this year's guys. howell will be a top-5 pick, but the others should be 20's or 2nd-rounders.
  2. i mean, if we got 2 firsts, 2 seconds, a third, and a couple roster players i'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat.
  3. that play hurts more than any. all free had to do was be a speedbump, ryan was already pulling back to throw the post when he got hit
  4. check out sam howell, dorian thompson-robinson, and kedon slovis.
  5. crossing routes off play action will be wide open all year, it's an AS bread and butter type concept.
  6. run first offense... ....play action.... ....quick hitting crossing routes!...... .....SCREENS!!!!
  7. these guy are just looking to stir it up. if sewell and surtain are still on the board there isn't a snowball's chance in h*ll we take parsons. jets taking pitts, nah.
  8. as far as i know it was for more reps, worked out pretty well for both him and osu i would say. i was actually surprised to see him listed at only 215, he plays way bigger than that.
  9. with what NO and Carolina would have to give up to get RW and DW they can go ahead and do it. i've said before that if DW gets traded, a team would have to give up so much he'll be going from the texans to the texans.
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