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  1. i personally love the current helmets, i think they're one of the best in the league. not a fan of all black/all white looks, but when we mix and match the jerseys and pants our uniforms look so clean.
  2. maybe waiting for the nfl to change the "one helmet colour" rule. red helmet, white jersey, red pants 💥
  3. valid, i think the next 2 games are a very good litmus test. miami coming off a london game without a bye week, and a good division matchup. tbh, when the schedule first came out i was assuming we'd lose to miami next week, but after watching their game this morning i'm almost expecting us to win that game ..... almost 😁
  4. love that doc, i've lost count of how many times i've watched it. i could rewatch the part about the playoff game in new orleans over and over.
  5. IMO, 8/9 if we win the games we should win (NO, Det, NE, Jax, SF) and come up with one or two we shouldn't. we're getting better every week, and more importantly AS is getting better every week.
  6. i said all offseason i just want to see some meaningful games in late-december/january. i'm still expecting that, would need to go on a serious run to get into the playoffs, but i expect us to play some real games late in the season.
  7. agreed. had a couple bad drops but recovered and made some big plays in clutch time.
  8. that's a great dagger drive. looks like AS learns fast. was aggressive, fed patterson and pitts. getting better every week, without the fumbles this is a 3-score win. happy canadian thanksgiving everyone! 🇨🇦 🦃
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