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  1. That's a great point, this deal could get even better depending on who TF brings in.
  2. when i played as a receiver we used to joke that corners were just great receivers who couldn't catch 😅. made for some great 7 on 7 sessions.
  3. it is easier to run against man than zone edit: unless they're in cover zero and crowding the box, in which case you're passing anyways.
  4. Yah, that's why I said fire his agent, for not making sure he knew the process. They couldn't let him tryout because they're at their limit.
  5. So HE (not his agent) got a text (not a call) from a coordinator (not the gm). Either this guy's full of sh*t or he's dumb as f*ck. if it's the latter I feel bad for the kid and he should fire his agent immediately. If he's making it up, c'mon man.
  6. for me it's a toss up between 99, 03, 13, and 18. the way i look at it, disappointment comes when you have great expectations but don't achieve them. some guys have mentioned other sh*tty seasons, but those were the 4 i went into with the highest expectations. i went into them completely jacked up because of the previous year's success, and they were all duds (for one reason or another, mostly key injuries tho). i guess i'd lean towards '13 tho. i felt like the 5 years leading up to that season built up to the team being a serious contender. really thought they could take that n
  7. i was just going to mention that. 24.5 with that scheme last year. going to assume we score td's on more than 53% of our redzone trips or whatever the percentage was. 27-31 ppg this year should be do-able.
  8. ignore it dude, he's still pouty that we didn't draft a running qb
  9. i went 9-11 i look at it like this: nfc south: 3-4 wins nfc east: 3-4 afc east: 2-3 sf, det, jax: 2-3
  10. bills' fan buddy of mine texted me saying that was the best schedule release video he saw. i said "you just love it because josh allen smashes a table". he did not deny it. 🤣
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