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  1. Some dude takes a cheap shot on MR.....
  2. He wraps up well but needs to get lower, he tends to stand straight up and will get trucked in the bigs. He's a ball hawk tho, great ball instincts. I see him as more of a linebacker but I agree with you that no matter where he is he'll make plays.
  3. Probably a sea of red empty seats at that point. But I definitely agree with your take on it.
  4. I was re-watching hard knocks out of quarantine boredom. Joe Hawley is the hockey style enforcer, his nickname was "Brawley" ffs.
  5. I've also been thinking this. Last year's red zone offense was horrendous. Watching his red zone runs in this clip video makes me very excited about it. That stiff arm on flowers, yikes!
  6. i definitely got the sense that he had zero input into the signing of TG. I was hoping one of the guys would ask that.
  7. oh man, that's lofty, not far-fetched, lofty. i can see us getting in qb's kitchens all year long, forcing int's and rushed throws, but 40 is a huge number of sacks.
  8. Yah, my mistake, i was already corrected on that one. so we can probably agree that DQ should never call a defense ever again
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