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  1. I'm with Monoxide on this. Lindstrom is our best player followed by Younghoe Koo. Patterson is third followed by Ridley and Jarrett rounding out our top 5 best performers so far this season.
  2. It is strange that we can say pissed, but can’t say he’ll or dam. What is up with that? This is a test of the emergency asterisk system. This is only a test. Piss, ****, ****, ****, ****, *****, ****, **********, ***********.
  3. Someone hasn’t read the code of conduct sticky post. · Any communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member. One week ban is my suggestion.
  4. Where is this coming from? You were always one of Ryan’s staunchest defenders.
  5. Well I’m certainly convinced by this one play. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pitts is the best blocking TE in history.
  6. You've always had my respect, but I'm starting to think you aren't really Jesus.
  7. Front shoulder would have been fine too. Back shoulder gets batted up and picked quite often.
  8. Yes, but Matt’s slow release and slow ball speed helped those linemen make those good plays.
  9. Some people have been saying our offensive line is bad for months. We didn't learn it yesterday, but welcome aboard. Some people have been saying MR2 can't stretch the field for a couple of years. We didn't learn it yesterday, but welcome aboard. Tipped balls aren't bad luck. They are a product of a slow release and slow ball speed. I'm not sure if anyone keeps tipped ball stats, but my guess is that Ryan is a leader in that category. It is hard to find a franchise QB. We should have started looking last year, but we are trying to "win now" as always. Kicking cap cans down the road doesn't dig you out of the hole we are in. Stop restructuring average players. Work on our lines. Search for a QB. Get younger, cheaper, better, and win then.
  10. Oh, I know, I know! You make some good plays, then you make some bad ones. Simple really.
  11. We will lose, but if we keep improving at this rate, we will lose one more and then win out. 14-3 is my new prediction.
  12. Cashing checks and being polite after we get our butts kicked.
  13. I’m so tired of not being able to get a yard on the ground on third or fourth down.
  14. They’re in trouble now after that fumble. Matty Ice about to carve ‘em up, right boys?
  15. SC has the world’s most annoying band. They keep playing the same stupid notes over and over and over again. Driving me crazy.
  16. No secret that I was hoping for Fields or Sewell as the start of a complete rebuild. I want big, nasty linemen that cause other teams to lose sleep. I want to get to the opposing quarterback. I want a team that you can't use their mic'd-up tape after a loss like we just saw. Ryan, after the game saying "Good job and good luck the rest of the season" to Eagle players rubs me the wrong way. You can't do that if it crushes your soul to lose. You have to want it so bad that it hurts and it seems like for MR2, it was just another day at the office. Oh well, win some lose some.
  17. All Ryan needs is a top 5 OL, a top 5 RB, two top 5 WR, a unicorn TE, a top 5 Defense, and top 5 coaching, and we could win it all! I didn’t know we were so close!
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