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  1. I don't think the Falcons will do well this year either. Our offensive line is concerning. Our secondary is concerning. Our pass rush is concerning. Our depth is concerning. Our brand new staff is trying to teach a bunch of guys a new system with new terminology and lots of new responsibilities. It isn't how fast you can run from A to B, A to C, or A to D. It is how quick will you realize where you need to go. Give them three years. Let them get out of cap trouble and get some guys they like that fit their system in here. And stop telling everyone that doesn't think we are going to the p
  2. Iron sharpens iron, brotherhood is getting fast and physical. This is how you rise up and become too legit to quit with all gas and no brakes. Is anyone else excited for some new slogans?
  3. I like this a lot better than the "You got to have a fall guy along to take the rap" talk to the rookies. I can't recall what ex-nfl announcer gave that little speech, but he caught some flak for it.
  4. I was here in '65 when we had to tap Morse code on the floorboards before the internet tubes were built. I was known as -.. -... back then.
  5. Short put? Let's see you throw one 20 yards.
  6. Women throw a shot put farther than 20 yards. Just sayin'.
  7. Agreed. We need a couple of D linemen, a 14 sack pass rusher, a couple of O linemen, a couple of corners, a safety or two, a wide receiver, and one more running back. One amazing linebacker could help too. Top it off with a stud QB to learn behind Ryan for a year and we’re set.
  8. Check out Larry Fitzgerald in 2012 and 2017. Most games he played every offensive snap.
  9. If you are unhappy playing for my Falcons you are dead to me. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. I’ll just hold it until the fire is out.
  10. No, I think we draft a QB with a top 5 pick...
  11. Heck Dude, you can spell out pissed here. But you can't say he ll. That would give people the vapors.
  12. I thought Julio's number was 77. Hate our number font.
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