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  1. It is going to hurt when strength of schedule drops us to the second overall pick in next year's draft.
  2. Matt Ryan's last chance to win a SB only comes if we trade him to a contender. He isn't going to win one staying here. Our team is crippled by the cap and underperforming contracts. We're about to have a new staff with the growing pains that entails. We're about to cut some good players to help with the cap, otherwise we won't have enough cash to sign our draft picks. If you're a MR fan and want to see him win it all, you should advocate trading him. Take the best deal, eat part of his salary, eat the cap hit, and move on to get Matty Ice a ring. 55 ringless years, what's a few more matter?
  3. Let the competition begin! R1 P4 QB Zach Wilson - BYU R2 P4 QB Mac Jones - Alabama R3 P4 QB Jamie Newman - Georgia R4 P4 QB Sam Ehlinger - Texas
  4. Not a fan of rolling with Matt Gono at left guard, but you can't fix everything wrong with this team in one draft. Good job.
  5. I think we continue to lose regardless of who we draft this year. You can’t fill six plus roster holes in a draft and win. We’re in such cap trouble that we won’t be filling spots in free agency either. Probably also lose a few players in FA that we would prefer to keep. I’m afraid we need a multi year rebuild to be competitive and Ryan and JJ are too old and expensive now, much less by then.
  6. No. They take a lot of sacks because their offensive lines are awful, not because of their athleticism and mobility.
  7. 1. Green Bay took Jordan Love last year. Was Aaron Rodgers bad? 2. But maybe he should be thinking about it. 3. Gumby is getting older, slower, weaker. You draft a franchise QB when the opportunity presents itself. 4. If your guy is there, you take him. 5. Okay. We say that every few years and history shows it doesn't make much difference with the Falcons. 6. When you spend all your money paying your aging QB and aging WR, how does the D get better? 7. Losing for 55 years blows my mind. I agree that Ryan is the best we've ever had, but it is time to move on.
  8. Where does it say in the rule book that you can’t tackle someone by the larynx?
  9. I want a loss. I want Morris gone. I want a stem to stern rebuild and I want the new staff to have the best possible draft position in hopes that someone overpays us to trade up. Screw these meaningless wins.
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