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  1. Matt Ryan is the best QB we've ever had. Even so, I think it is only natural to wish he had a better arm and wasn't so darned clumsy. It takes a lot to succeed when you have an fairly uncoordinated QB with a weaker arm. You need Julio Jones. You need a great #2 receiver. You need a great TE. You need a top 5 offensive line to keep a squeaky clean pocket. You need a great running game to slow the pass rush. By the time you have all that, and have paid Matty Ice, you don't have much money to spend on the defensive side of the ball. Matt doesn't seem to be able to throw a back shoulder pass. His deep passes have the trajectory of a MLB pop fly. His screen passes have the trajectory of a little league pop fly. His passes over the middle get batted down frequently. He can't side step or spin away from a rusher but instead assumes the fetal position as they close in. He doesn't seem to be able to slide without plowing the field with his knee brace. When you split him out wide in the wildcat, he may fall down. Other than that though, he is great. Hard worker, smart, extremely durable, high character, and a good leader. I like him but just wish he was better.
  2. Maybe still celebrating our seventh Super Bowl win. Headline: Falcons Prove Concentrating on Defense Really Works.
  3. Just give every fan a complimentary cup of bleach to drink before every game. Problem solved.
  4. We’ll start out 0-11 then win the last 5 in a row to avoid Fields and Lawrence and start next year with great momentum.
  5. I like Gage. Soon he'll pass Julio and be our #2 receiver.
  6. Just yanking your chain. You're the Falconest Falcon fan I know.
  7. And so are needs. KOG would like a FS upgrade, but DQ and TD seem happy with Rico.
  8. Please don't call a rookie that has never played a single snap in the NFL a better press corner than Tru. That remains to be seen.
  9. With the 16th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select Jaylinn Hawkins. Just to see the message board meltdown. Reach!!!!!1
  10. Mykal, lol. Interesting name spelling. How would you like to explain that your whole life? No, not Michael, Mykal.
  11. Hennessy got no love from Kiper. “Plays upright and can’t move anybody out of the way.” Pretty harsh.
  12. Funny watching some of the drama in the recent pick’s living room. Girlfriends dragged away and that lady at the Jones house told to back off.
  13. Let's revisit this after the upcoming season. I believe we have way too many holes to fill and a lack of quality depth to win anytime soon, and we should start a rebuild. You guys think if we just draft rookies to fill these 5 or 6 gaping holes we will finally bring that Lombardi home. We'll talk and compare GM offers...
  14. Yes please! Trade me to someone willing to take a chance at a 60+ year old middle linebacker. I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever be drafted.
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