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  1. Move Quinn to free safety and let Rico coach the team. We gain speed and size at free safety and someone that understands football is coaching. Win-win.
  2. Our “hands” team looked like Cam Newton after a fumble.
  3. Happy Birthday. I always thought it was February 1st.
  4. No guys, we do not need him. We'll be fine with Rico. Stick with the process. We just have to get better. It is a long season. Rise up. Brotherhood. Look at the bright side. It isn't over yet. Process. We will play better. I thought we played well. I tip my hat. We will be home next week.
  5. Instead of preparing for the Cowboys game, I hope they are having team meetings to decide whose name to wear on their helmets and whether to kneel after or before the kickoff. I hope they hold hands instead of linking arms too, mix it up this week. That's what really matters to us fans is seeing love in the Brotherhood. Of course coming up with some catchy slogans is also very important. I heard we lead the league last year in catch phrases. I really miss the old hand jive too legit to quit stuff. Maybe get some of the young rookies working on that. A brand new dance for our garbage time TD wo
  6. I think a Matt Ryan with some athleticism, mobility, and arm strength would have us a couple of rings by now. The ability to extend plays, sidestep rushers, throw across the field, and force the D to assign a shadow every play cannot be overstated. A mobile, strong armed, smart QB can carry a team. The defense would have to give JJ a bigger cushion because they know a deep rope is coming if he gets behind you instead of a lazy pop fly. It is the difference between giving Julio 3 seconds to get open and ten seconds. I'm hoping for Trevor Lawrence.
  7. They’re all questionable. The stat sheet shows a huge completion to JJ, but we know it was under thrown and should have been a TD.
  8. Sorry boys, the Falcons will fail to make the playoffs. Offensive line is appropriately named, allowing the most pressures, hurries, and sacks in the league. Gurley runs almost as well as Freeman did averaging 2.2 YPC. Mack seems to have crested the hill a couple of years ago and is gathering speed on the downslope. McGary is still incredulous at how fast NFL players are. Hennessy has a typical bad rookie year at LG. Matthews also seems to have slowed down a bit. The lone bright spot is Lindstrom who plays well but not well enough to carry his line. Falcons start slow, losing four of their fir
  9. If we remove all the plays where Jake held or gave up hurries and sacks or whiffed at his block, he was the best LT in the... aw, never mind. Probably not even then.
  10. Do you know what intriguing means? Do players that exhibit poor tackling, angles, and instincts arouse intense interest for you? Or did you mean to say that he isn't intriguing at all?
  11. Proud of my two boys, 25 and 23 years old. Both are 6' 4", all grown up and out on their own. The older has a ME from GA Southern and works in Atlanta for a commercial mechanical contractor and the younger has a finance and accounting major from UGA working for a Florida developer in Orlando. Both are kicking butt in the stock market already and refuse to spend any money. Smart, frugal, and hard working.
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