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  1. Someday it would be nice to have a returner that can run up and catch short punts.
  2. It is ok guys, our oline just needs to gel.
  3. Be careful there. Mighty close to spamming partner!
  4. wow

    I’m hoping to get your take on the D line too. I think their butts are too big. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  5. Trump has unemployment so low that even Colin Kaepernick got a job interview.
  6. Anyone that calls it a late hit is just wrong. It wasn’t late at all. Rudolf shoveled it out right before he was tackled and then freaked out on MG, trying his best to rip his helmet off from the back and kicking him in the groin. Might have called him a thug too, I couldn’t quite make out what he called Garrett. Also, maybe I should stop concealed carrying my Sig P365 and start open carrying a NFL helmet. Some of you seem to think it is the deadliest weapon made even though it didn’t make Rudolf even flinch.
  7. I could be wrong, but it looked like Garrett was simply trying to put Rudolf's helmet back on him. It was just slightly misaligned. I thought that was a nice thing to do after Rudolf kicked him in the groin.
  8. Another get ****** set moment with receivers set up wrong.
  9. One of my recent comments on this message board was a ridiculously specific prediction in the Rams prediction thread that Matt Ryan would get a broken leg caused by Aaron Donald coming in low. It apparently greatly offended Msalmon who snitched to a mod who then deleted my prediction and banned me for a week for "spamming" with no explanation or message. I've learned my lesson. I still think our poor performing offensive line is dangerous to any quarterback that dares stand behind it, but I won't post any specifics that may happen. Falcons win 6-3. Chase Young, you may rest easy, you won't be coming to this train wreck of a team. How's that one guys? Apologies to anyone offended.
  10. With absolutely no injuries whatsoever!
  11. By tank, I think everyone means to rest your stars. Play your depth to get them some game speed experience and help them get better or after seeing them in a game, decide to move on. When you’re eliminated from playoff contention, there’s no point in leaving Ryan out there to get killed. Let Schaub take those hits. Let Julio sit out and heal up. Give the rookie running backs some snaps. See if any of the rookies can generate a pass rush. I think we’re almost at that point in this season.
  12. I wonder when the last time was that the Cardinals scored 24 in the first half.
  13. He never got the second foot down.
  14. Toilolo and TeCo are 4-0 with the 49ers. Vic Beasley and Free are starting. Maybe our players see stupidity from above with all the personnel changes and playing time for awful players and think, why bother with this train wreck of an organization.