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  1. And one being a kneel. Complete and total domination.
  2. Something...something...glass house...stones...ah, I forget the rest. What a great game. No matter who you root for, that was an amazing game. ❤️ you guys, and your deeply rooted self-hate.
  3. #1 isn't anything new though. Boils down to leadership, depth, and conditioning. I have a feeling the rotting smell is coming from leadership.
  4. They will play the Saints hard. Always do. It will become their Superbowl/<insert meaningful game here>. But they will go 2-14 nonetheless, with an accidental win over the Bucs or the Jags, assuming they keep Quinn. If they toss Quinn, they may get another "team spirit" win.
  5. It is certainly worth considering. Lots to consider there in the consideration part. But all things considered, its a consideration to be considered.
  6. There are plenty of us! And I agree with him. Much like here, our forums have plenty of level-headed folks, and a few nuts. I love that we locked in CGM, but I do not think he would have cost as much if Brees wasn't at center. He is perfect for a Brees/Peyton system, just like Graham was, and they both thrived. Of course, I still think he would be very successful under a different QB, just not as successful. I have debated with friends and I still painfully defend that Julio may be the more gifted athlete overall. I hope I am wrong. I want to be wrong. But I also hope that J
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