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  1. Lots of good flyover videos of different states. Good channel.
  2. Just read that they settled the issue and CW is back on.
  3. Good coverage on us on SiriusXM yesterday too.
  4. First time I saw this I laughed so hard I crapped my pants.
  5. Glad somebody else here has a brain. If those teams don't poop the bed, this clown isn't the legend everyone says.
  6. I bet someone made this on a computer.
  7. San fransissy is gonna surprise this year, and Coleman will be better than Freeman. At least they will both be healthy. Should have kept TC.
  8. Arena league is a good name for it, white or grey pants only for me.
  9. If it's after week 7 again, I'm gonna be pissed off.
  10. Always liked red shirts and hats better like in the Bart days.
  11. I hate all that money tied up on offense, so I don't like either contract.
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