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  1. Falcons 24-10 (late TD to seal the game) - very close game
  2. Watching games live on tv or in person, I know when Julio’s getting the ball too. You still gotta be able to stop him.
  3. We may be trying to trade Hill. Don’t rule it out just yet. Not sure we didn’t use TBJ on punt/kick returns more.
  4. Discipline is the key. If you have discipline you have focus, those laps of focus at times really hurts this team (I.e., dropping catchable passes, jumping offsides 4th and 1 in the red zone, missing a blitz pickup to seal the game)
  5. I’m more disappointed in the 2017 season than the end of 2016 based on these stats. They were good enough to win it all in 2017 as well.
  6. Give MR a Top 10 defense. MR will lead us to the SB and win it.
  7. Yes they need to edit this video. That’s not why they lost that game. Poor clock management plus the int in overtime. They blew it at home in front of their fan base
  8. Definitely on the offense, BB made halftime adjustments and KS didn’t. KS blew the SB not MR or the defense. Still pisses me off
  9. We would have won the SB if MR could have controlled the game with uptempo and audibles. I’m loving this approach. When we get there, we are gonna win it. CHAMPS
  10. I think it’s already done but can’t announce until after July 26th
  11. Kazee will be better than Poole. I can see Kazee coming off the edges on blitzes and causing turnovers not just big hits. Q has a ton of options with Kazee and Allen on the field. This should be an exciting season to watch this defense.