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  1. Ive avoided coming here the last 3 weeks, trying to not go off just one game, but after 3 here are the issues I see that give me reason to not be optimistic. 1. Minny beat us running outside. Dont know why philly didnt. But the colts did, and gashed us good. Quinn is dc. This is an issue. He been here long enough that it shouldnt be an issue. If we get gashed again on outside runs, my belief in quinns ability to call defense will be almost gone. Defending the run aint hard. Contain, gap discipline. Proper spacing on outside pursuit. If quinn dont get that fixed...now...it aint gonna be at this point. 2. Penalties. Stupid penalties. Every punt return is a hold. Almost every outaide run a wr holds. This shoulda done been fixed. Fact that it aint is on quinn. 3. Ryans ints arent due to him getting pressured. Or deflections. He is forcing the ball on 1st and 2nd down into wrong reads. I could understand trying to make a play on 3rd down. Dont know why...but they bad and dont know what the problem is. 4. In running sets...with ryan under center...we have had some goid runs. One of the first pmays against indy freeman got 8 yards behind the right side. I assumed being that our oline and new coordinator needed time to jell...and had ran well during the preseason...we would run the ball more...especially with Hill. But we havent. Im hoping for the best. We still in the hunt, but if we still making the same stupid mistakes vs the titans.. .my personal outloook for the season is bleak.
  2. I dont know exactly what to blame for that absolute pathetic showing yesterday, but Dan Quinn as the head coach is soley and completely to blame. He is the head coach. Quinn is to blame for SB 51 debacle. Quinn is to blame for Sark and those wasted two years. Quinn is to blame for ket his defense being gashed in the running game, all of which were the same runs outside, no matter which rb was doing the gashing. Quinn is to blame for a offensive gameplan that played right into the vikes hands(Where were the screens and other pass rush beaters?)( Why was Matt early on standing in the pockebreingt trying to throw downfield until it was too late and they started throwing short passes to Hoop. Here’sa breakdown of the stupid bonehead plays and how I saw them. Please lemme know if yall agree or not. 1.Very first play. 1st and 10. Matt drops back for a long developing play action pass and is killed from the blind side by a free rusher Matthews left untouched. Zimmer is known for blitzing. Their dline wet knew were all studs. And, doesn’t play action work better after you run the ball some? How does Matthews, a veteran and pro bowler, not block a blitzer lined up right in front of him? It was sa boneheaded play call, a boneheaded play by Matthews who matter the protec23tion called should’ve blocked dude. Either the falcons coaching staff is that incompetant, someone in the coaching box was proving a point, or someone in the coaching staff was sabotaging someone else. That play set the tone and opened the flood gates of *** beat. 2nd down we get 4 yards on an honest to god running play, like we did most every time we ran straight ahead and wasnt trying to toss sweep or double reverse. Run that play on 1st down and it’s 2 and 6 vs 2nd and f4cked. Then comes the blocked punt, for the second time instead of blcoking the man in front of them, they let him free and bad happens. On that play, TE #87 Graham was lined up beside the long snapper, at the snap he lunged left leaving his man a free run to block the punt. Zimmers staff had saw this on tape before and exploited it. Dont know who this is on, surely to God he wasnt coached to do this. High school teams dont screw up punt protection this bad. th Anyway, the first disaster putting the defense in a bad spot. Vikes 1st and 10, they bust the first of a long line of outside zone plays that gashed the falcons all night. It wasnt the vikes beating the falcons on these plays, the falcons were clueless defending these all night. No matter the rb, no matter what, the falcons didn’t contain, they werent gap sound, they bunched up way too close in pursuit to the edge. This play got called back, but still, this is on Quinn. He has taken over the defense that has already been under his tutelage 5 seasons, and they epically failed defending the outside run….all night long. Next play, 1 and 20, Cook caught a pass in the flat with Beasley defending. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM SHOULD BEASLEY BE COVERING DALVIN COOK IN THE FLAT. At least he tackled him before he scored. Then Oliver, who was one on one with Theilen all night, got abused and scored on. Theilen clearly pushed off, but this was the obvious bad match up in the passing game and would’ve been there all night. Why Quinn didn ‘t scheme some kinda man/zone to counter this bad matchup is beyond me. Even if Oliver wasnt young, his size and skill set does not match up well with Theilen. Oliver should’ve at least been physical at the LOS with Theilen. OK...Vikes up 7-0. We still in the game. Ensuing kick, Barner, who otherwise had a decent night returning, made a boneheaded play bringing the ball out of the end zone and getting tackled 10 yards shy of the 25. Boneheaded against the vikes, but not the worst. Falcons 1st and 10 at their own 15. Ryan makes the first of two completely boneheaded INT’s that went on and killed the falcons completely. Ryan had no business throwing to Julio being he was bracketed. “He was trying to make a play” ********, it was 1st down, not 3rd. Again, instead of a normal straight ahead run that got us 4-5 yards a play all night, we did what we had no business doing throwing the ball there. Were we coaching for the vikes? Vikes get the ball, and after another complete fail at defending the outside zone, blowing contain, not maintaining gap, etc….Cook scores. 14-0. Next drive...instead of running the ball straight ahead, which was working, not dominating, but wo rking, Koetter calls not one but two toss sweeps, which got blowed up, and a double reverse. WOW. On a second and 19, Julio put a slick double move on his defender, and even though the defender ran into and got run over by Julio(Which was clearly illegal contact btw and right infront of the ref)leaving him wide open for a TD, Ryan over threw him by 5 yards, missing a sure TD that would’ve made it a one score game. ON 3rd and 19, Gage was open down the sideline for a 1st down and Ryan over threw him, almost getting Gage killed after he made an outstanding catch. For the second time in a row, Ryan missed a wide open throw that either scores a td or extends the drive in two score game. Maybe Ryan was shell shocked from getting blowed up that first play. Cousins got blowed up worse and made plays. Ryan didnt. Make of that what you will. Next vikes drive, Beasely has a clean shot from Cousins blind side, but for some ungodly reason, lets up and then dont wrap up, missing a drive killing sack. From then on, yall know what happened. The offense finally started clicking somewhat. Folks are debating the 2 point tries which are irrelevant at that point. All this being said, what is relevant is this. At this point in Quinns tenure here, this is unexcusable. “They had a new scheme and coordinator.” So did we. And the giants. The cowboys. And several other teams that didnt epically fail like we did. The vikes beat us running for 150+ plus yards on the same play over and over. Not because they blocked us up or executed, but because we failed in basic outside zone defense, something we have been practising against since Quinn got here every practice. The vikes beat us because in our first four drives, a boneheaded punt protection error and two boneheaded ints by a veteran mvp qb. I dont know what to think about this. I been drinking the Quinn kool aid, until now. I’m not giving up yet, but if the eagles game brings the same sorry performance, I think the season, and Quinns tenure, are over. Please lemme know how yall see things. Agree?Disagree?
  3. Yep. That's why body shots, I.E. The running game, is so vital to success.
  4. Wow...2 straight 4th and goal stuffs. WTF? I understood the first time, but not this time.
  5. My god...the speed #41 showed chasing down the qb. My god....the uga depth at rb.
  6. I believe dline comes ready to eat. Takk and Grady have a sack each. Jones gets an int. Devonte has 2 tds. Falcs 28 Vikes 13
  7. I been harping this point all week, but I will harp again, IMO the falcons dline will feast against the vikes oline, which consists of a rookie center, a new guy at rg, and meh at the other oline spots. They are just now learning the zone blocking scheme, and none of them are over 300 pounds. I dont think they will be able to run the ball on us as penetration kills zone running plays, and judging from the preseason, the dline balled out. I dont think they can block us up.
  8. I been harping this point all week, but I will harp again, IMO the falcons dline will feast against the vikes oline, which consists of a rookie center, a new guy at rg, and meh at the other oline spots. They are just now learning the zone blocking scheme, and none of them are over 300 pounds. I dont think they will be able to run the ball on us as penetration kills zone running plays, and judging from the preseason, the dline balled out. I dont think they can block us up.
  9. Dang....small world. I grew up in Winston...Douglas county high class of 85. Went to what was then Carrol tech for electronics. Youngbloodz...your mom aint one of them Pounds is she?
  10. Same here. My old *** has joined team vape. That kingpen dont play.
  11. Hate it for Gono. He played really well this preseason, he will be back though. I aint sweating the Julio deal. It aint been an issue to this point, whatever is happening behind the scenes, history to this point from both sides says Julio will play. Whatever the issue is, it's none of my or anyone elses business. I trust it will be worked out.
  12. Hate that for Gono. He played his *** off this preseason. No matter what, the future looks bright for the falcons oline.
  13. Exactly. Dled dont come off as a dude that likes sports....at all. He comes off as a dude who was put in the sports section because he didnt make the cut to write news stories.
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