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  1. Exactly. Hill and Ollison being big, physical backs teamed up with the beef the falcons added at guard give them a dimension that has been lacking since Turner faded, the ability to play and win physical slug fest type games, such as the play off game in Philly, or to grind a team like the saints down like we couldn't last season at the benz with 3-4 mins left in the game. Or, the ability to finish off the pats in SB51. In my view, Ollison and Hill are neck and neck, but Hill's experience gives him the edge IMO right now.
  2. Agreed. Along with the best front office we've ever had. While some may question his drafting and FA signings, no one can question Dimi's ability to manage the balancing act that is the cap while always having the money to do what needs to be done.
  3. I remember one game in New Orleans....Hags picked up the saints pro bowl guard ( IIRC it was Jahari Greer) like a forklift, drove him back into Brees and then deposited them both on the ground like they were rag dolls. Hags would make a play like that then look lost the next play. If he can improve his consistancy, and if he can keep his demons at bay, Hags could blossom into a monster to go along the one we already got in #97.
  4. wouldn't hurt my feelings if my eyes never have to suffer watching Duke attempt to play LB anymore....unless it's for the saints.
  5. What a huge load of crap. I've watched the game 4 times, the first half six. Up until late in the half, when Harlow replaced Lindstrom, the oline was just shy of dominating Miami, in both run blocking and pass blocking. That's with Matthews and Mack sitting. Even then, the oline held their own. Lindstrom played well. Not great, but good. So far, Lindstrom has exceeded my expectations somewhat. For someone to claim that he and the entire oline played bad it's obvious they didn't watch the same game I did. They might of watched the highlight of the one time Miami got any pressure what so ever in the first half, which ended up a sack, and then pulled the rest of that steaming crap out of their ***.
  6. Yep....there were several shots during the game in Miami of Julio coaching them up from the sideline. Between Julio's selfless coaching of the youngsters, and the example he sets through his epic work ethic and the way he carries himself on and off the field, Julio brings value far beyond his actual on field production. Far beyond. Blank ain't got enough money to pay Julio his actual worth.
  7. When ever I hear Hags name....I flash back to a game in New Orleans where at the snap, Hags picked up the saints pro bowl guard(IIRC it was Jahari Greer)like a forklift and deposited that grown *** man and Brees to the ground like they were trash. Really pulling for Hags. If fate shows some kindness and keeps the injury bug away, Hags could really wreck havoc this season, especially beside Grady.
  8. Yeah Quinn needs to go on, man, up, and eat his crow on that one. He has built up enough draft bones in my eye to get a pass on Riley. Sometimes draft pics don't work out, and the Duke is one of those cases.
  9. I'm not worried....I'm dang near giddy. Here's why: 1. The lines on both sides of the ball. Usually, in preseason the falcons would experience a huge drop off in line play soon as the starters would be pulled. This season, that hasn't been the case. Last night, both lines were, dare I say, dominant up until halftime even though they were playing against first stringers most of that time. 2. Offensive Coaching Yeah, it's preseason, but coaching can be evaluated if you know the head coaches goals. Quinn likes to use preseason to evaluate talent in his back ups, period. He does this by placing them in high stress situations using play calling to see how they react. Not impossible, just high stress. I thought, given those conditions, the offensive play calling was very good. There was a good mixture of run and pass. There was a good balance between achieving Quinn's goals while still trying to achieve offensive success. I have yet to see a moment that has me saying "Wtf?" That wasn't the case the last couple of seasons. 3. Depth While the falcons have had first rate talent along the first string, depth has been lacking to say the least, like forever. Last night there was depth in abundance everywhere...along both lines...WR depth is ridiculous and is the best group on the team(All you Julio haters note that this group is the best on the team because Julio puts in extra work with the youngsters. Did you see him last night coaching from the sidelines like a proud Pop Warner dad? Blank ain't got enough money to pay Julio his actual worth so STFU.) Line backer saw number #53 show his ***. Like I said above, usually after the first team comes out of a preseason game, there is a huge drop off. Last night, from the second series until halftime our back ups played against mostly their starters and won. That was NOT case last season, or the season before. Like I said....I'm straight giddy for the upcoming season....and I don't get that way easy.
  10. Yeah, you right. Seemed like to me that until half time the lines on both side of the ball were.....dare I say....dominant? And I don't remember ever seeing that from a falcon team during preseason. Usually the fall off happens before halftime, soon as the starters would come out. Last night, the starters came out quick, after a couple of series. But both lines were still playing very well up until halftime. This makes me giddy as an english major on scrabble night.
  11. Yeah, the Dline balled out until they put the bottom of the barrel in there. Same with the oline too. Takk dang sure showed out.
  12. Wonder what Kurt Kittner is doing? I know he has some miles on him but....he was the truth. . . . The truth that ole Dan Reeves done lost it, and had no idea where to look.
  13. That's some high quality H2O right there.
  14. Yeah...tried to focus on Lindstrom during the game. That first play he got this old man to stand up and fist pump. Doc said recovery time is 2-4 weeks. Anyway, it's only one preseason game, but Lindstrom's play was better than I expected it to be.
  15. Yeah....I'm giddy waiting to see the new OL tonight. On top of Hooper and the OL, the OC job went from Sark who had zip NFL experirence to Koetter, Mularkey, and Knapp who have years of proven NFL bonafides between them. Koetter's strength(Pass game) compliments Mularkey's (Run game) well. Lots of reason's to be optimistic about the offense this season.