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  1. I would only trust trevor, the rest are iffy, that’s why IF the trade proposal of Watson for Ryan + Julio + 1st is a green light for me
  2. Well watson is proven, the rest of these rookies can be busts, not taking anything from Ryan but it’s an upgrade cause watson is younger. If Ryan was 25, I would choose him over watson though
  3. Watson got the drip fit on, mocha 1 + falcons jacket = fire
  4. Brees is becoming the ultimate game manager wow, no wonder he retiring
  5. Stevenson is the second coming of Eddie fat Lacey, we need Harris
  6. Neal pre injury was a superstar, post injury Neal is meh, if he resigns for cheap, cool, but if he leaves, it’s whatever. Take Rico and Kazee with u too.
  7. Rod Coleman was legit as they come but that jet ski accident messed up his career for us
  8. Vs Bama, 6/15 for 90 yards...yikes, not sold on Mac Jones either, his stats is due to D. Smith YAC.
  9. TJ watt was available and we neglect his name alone and drafted Takk...
  10. If he’s sitting there at round 4, do we take him to play with his brother on the line? And kick Hennessy to left guard for good? Can Alex play left guard?
  11. McGary is starting to look like a bust, he’s Cam Jordan’s son.
  12. Our qb spoke up for BLM while brees was against them.
  13. Sanders cost me fantasy football in the playoffs!
  14. Then don’t cry bout it if u took the money deshaun!
  15. And now you’re stuck in Houston in a sh1tty situation
  16. Deshaun is an idiot anyways for signing that extension in the off-season, if he wanted out he would of waited for that rookie contract to run out and get paid later on.
  17. Why is he in for consideration? Blank needs to just give him an exit interview and kick him to the curb.
  18. It will be the dumbest hiring of all time! Dude doesn’t deserve to be head coach after the loss to lions and Bucs, he will continue to stink it up for us.
  19. Cam Jordan has had the record for most sacks on a single qb and that’s 21 with Ryan sheesh
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