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  1. All I know is Taysom Hill is going to be exposed and that’s why he’s only a gadget player only
  2. Matt Ryan will outperform the quick, fast, speedy, athletic mobile qb in Taysom Hill. I rather take accuracy and precise passing over a mobile qb with no accuracy with no reading ability. Falcons win 27-13! Who dat? We dat! Rise Up!
  3. Well Chubb was injured and wasted my 2nd round draft pick, but let’s not blame him
  4. If Chubb score that last td, my fantasy team would been a lock for playoffs, but now I have to struggle and win out now smh
  5. Bump for my guy YoungHoe Koo who is still killing it!
  6. Idk why this year on defense on 4th and 1 we are the best at stopping the offense but yet 3rd/4th and 10+ we are trash asf!
  7. Every time a play is over on defense, it feels like the ref is gonna throw a flag. There was countless of Julios jersey being grabbed and no holding was called. They did give us that last holding on Fowler cause the Oline had him in a rear naked choke. Also after the play was dead before halftime, a Carolina defender clearly pushes one of our Oline down and they pick up the flag smh.
  8. Soooo gurley got benched? If it was me I use Hill as our starter and only bring gurley in on short yardage downs
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