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  1. How in the world Kyler Murray, Ryan Tannehill and Josh allen make it but no Matt Ryan? Hahahahahaha WTH
  2. So far I have seen Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, and Jimmy G at #43, if Ryan don’t make it top 30, this NFL top 100 is garbage!
  3. **** didn’t realize Julio is 31 already
  4. According to Chris Simms lol, Brady and Brees outside top 10?!
  5. Is Drew Brees going to get canceled?
  6. And finally respected now and Drew Brees is getting sh1tted on 😂 Matt u my qb! Go blue u my boy blue!
  7. And then we all thought we got something special from his LSU comrade Duke Riley ohweee!
  8. About the looting in mn? What’s your take on it fellas?
  9. I thought it was when Eric Reid got hurt and was on 1 knee and Finn made a comment about kneeing? That was the end of his twitter career at least.
  10. We need toilolo back, his blocking is legit and he also lined up at tackle when we had everyone on the o line hurt.
  11. Everyone said the same about bum Takk
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