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  1. Trade him, he’s not gonna be on the team next year, need to get something back in return.
  2. U know Matt Ryan made HD, HD had a 1000 yard season with Ryan then proceeded to go to titans to wash up like the bum he is!
  3. Harry Douglas Smh, go ahead td too, what a bum!
  4. Add free and Campbell to that list
  5. I have Gurley and Woods with Julio and Ryan, good day for fantasy football
  6. Takkk is trash also
  7. Bye Campbell
  8. I want Travis Ettiene as our new RB
  9. U know falcons gonna mess around and finish with 7-9 8-8 BS record that takes us out of the top 5 pick
  10. Yeah we suck
  11. That is the only game besides the aints games that I hope we somehow mistakingly win.
  12. Next week I’ll be at the game but Not only will I root for Ryan Julio Hoop and Ridley but I also have Woods and Gurley! Gonna be a shootout for my FF!
  13. 1 league I have Ryan Ridley Hooper and Freeman i am doing quite good 5-1.
  14. That’s smart, fuller killed me last week
  15. I just find it rough to wait for a new season and we are already out of playoffs 6 weeks in