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  1. Best defensive line? Not with this questionable pass rush. Oline not proven.
  2. TD was so wrong, stupid and cheap that he had to put out a PSA Ha!
  3. Sometimes you have to save the falcons from themselves
  4. Stupid TD only saved 2.8 mill when he cut him to sign him again at 3 mill. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/sports/football/falcons-cut-kicker-matt-bryant/RRu4gAJ86bE6gq40yhAElJ/amp.html
  5. Every time we deserve respect we go do something dumb. Don’t blame them
  6. Vic Beasley is expendable but instead we paid him 12 mill+
  7. No this is when smart GMs get off trades for late round picks instead of letting talent walk for nothing
  8. TD, king of the premature cut. Wonder who he will call back later after making a mistake
  9. Yeah he was clearly wrong. Luckily Bryant was still available before it cost him his job
  10. Maybe they should have had an open competition all offseason then. Terrible job
  11. What a mess TD made of this whole situation a tryout a day before cut day with 2 crap kickers on the roster well played TD
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