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  1. Maybe that’s why he never won
  2. Some ppl sell you property in their head that you don’t want to buy I think if the cuts become too significant they will start to reach in the draft. But that’s just me
  3. Where is this swift? Sounds like a stand up guy
  4. Yeah it’s really ridiculous around here. What’s your take on Julio sitting out preseason? Crazy right?
  5. Well I’m here to TATF, that guy is here to follow me around. But he’s blocked now so no worries. Whats your take on the falcons cap situation this year and next?
  6. You refuse to stay on topic and want to have these side conversations so I guess I had to block you troll.
  7. With Bailey and Julio future cap hits plus needing to sign the rookie class neither are possible
  8. Can’t afford neither
  9. Gotta stop giving the trolls the attention they want
  10. Absolutely. You are my spirit animal
  11. I say this everyday. Great post brother
  12. Excellent job king
  13. Ryan has always had way more tools than the average QB. Just hasn’t been able to produce a title out of it
  14. Imagine all the insight he won’t see. Lost cause I guess. I was here to help and have healthy objective discussions in brotherhood