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  1. I have long believed Alex Smith's talent was wasted almost at the level of Hershel Walker. I think these are 2 players who could have had much more success had they been in the right systems.
  2. That is a question that many on here need to answer for themselves. There seems to be a belief that the position drafted is a definitive grade for how good the player will be in the NFL. Of course, we have NFL draft history to disprove that. Yet, the belief persists. And, here are some ideas for how those beliefs were created; 1. There are a lot of QBs reportedly being drafted high. There is such and abundance that not drafting from this talented pool would be missing a great and rare opportunity. Of course, this is not the actual situation. Some of these QBs have been artificiall
  3. I have never seen the value of mock drafts. It is like sitting down to play cards, then first playing a game guessing what cards each player will get. Just deal the cards. You have to know when to draft 'em, know when to cut 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count on players before the draft is done. There will be time for analyzing players after the draft is done. That is catchy. It should be a song or something.
  4. He didn't bring any wins. When are these guys going to get it? AB wants wins.
  5. If I could, I would sign a FA QB just to shut some of these people up about QB @ 4.
  6. Yes, but how can anyone not be better than Bow Tie Boy?
  7. Gurley had a one year contract with the Falcons. So, not let go, not a Falcon. He is a FA.
  8. I agree except for the last paragraph. If you took that hit this year, we could not sign those players.
  9. The article said AS and TF are not thinking that.
  10. Dimitroff would use the 4th pick on the highest skill position in football. Shocking. Just shocking.
  11. We have to be careful. If we get a player like Montez Sweat and a boatload of picks, we need to defer some picks to 2022 and 2023. We do have that cap thing that can bite us in the ***.
  12. It is a new kind of off-season. With our cap and the number of holes we have, JAGs are the ceiling in FA.
  13. We cannot get TAFT to admit that draftees work out less than 50% of the time. And, there are documented numbers that validate that.
  14. Sooooooo, I do not want to say the name Schultz, right? That would be bad for me.
  15. I know I saw numerous plays last season where the shallow middle of the field was empty. Receivers ran through there and if they caught the ball had 10 yards before a defender got to them. The great mystery for me is how we looked like a top 10 defense in 1 or 2 games. I know I remember at least 1 of those. Other games, we looked out of position and confused. It looked like we were rotating DCs, even after Morris became interim HC. I have no idea what was going on. It was revealed that after watching an onside kick roll 10 yards and allowing the other team to take possession, t
  16. SoCalFalconFan, you are banned. Not from this site, I am not a mod. Actually, I am not in charge of anything. But, you are banned. If I was in charge of something... 😜
  17. I am confident you do not have to worry about that. Have you read TATF? 🙃
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