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  1. Let's look at the facts and let the read data tell the story. Quinn took over the defensive play calling in mid-season 2016. (Note that it was not announced that he took over the defense, only the game-time defensive play calling). The defense was transformed from one of the worst defenses to one of the best. Because this occurred during the season, it appears to be a reaction on Quinn's part to what was not working and how it needed to be corrected. Quinn relinquished play calling after 2016. We saw the defense decline in 2017 and 2018. Now, here is where things get interesting
  2. One touchdown per second. I think the Falcons should continue doing that. They will be hard to keep up with.
  3. I told my wife they should tie a 3 foot cord to the Falcons football and tie a yellow flag to the other end. It would save a lot of time throwing flags and then having to pick them up. What I saw from officiating was absurd.
  4. You do not know what the coaching structure was the first 8 games or who mandated it.
  5. Worst officiating I have witnessed. Regarding the on-side kick call, no, that was not correct. You cannot overload one side of the line on a kick-off. Only 5 players can be on each side. The Falcons had 5 on the left side and 4 on the right side. They only fielded 10 players. If you think that is a legitimate penalty, you have been watching and believing fake news so long you blatantly accept anything you are told.
  6. Whuuuuuuuuut??? My comprehension is apparently way down today.
  7. As stated previously, Ridley said he is out for the season. The good news is that he also said he will be back next season. This probably means it is a serious injury that will require some time to heal, but is not life threatening or career threatening. Best of luck, Calvin. We will miss you this season. Let's have a great season in 2020.
  8. The OL is what happened to Ryan, Hill, and Ollison.
  9. Tell the truth. Were you one of the guys calling Morris "Radio" when he was HC of TB?
  10. He once asked Dan Quinn "How important is the first pick in the draft?". I got the impression that someone has just informed DLED that the best players generally are picked first.
  11. I have a disdain for anyone who pretends to be something they are not. He pretends to be a journalist and yet he cannot ask appropriate questions, analyze a team situation, and write coherently. Worse, I am intolerant of people who are incompetent yet are propped up with meaningless awards, certifications, degrees, and personal accolades. DLED is hitting every point that results in my dislike and disrespect. I see nothing of value in any of his work.
  12. I don't think any stat or observation of a single player during the first 8 games of the 2019 season have any meaning. The entire defense was broken.
  13. He made a big mistake bringing too many coaches on the offensive and taking the defense for himself. He was not a HC the first half of this season. How do you explain last Sunday?
  14. Wow. Excerpts from Genesis and The Beatles when both were at their best. How about something from Emerson Lake and Palmer? He is the Lucky Man?
  15. Koo Koo Kachoo? Are you an old Genesis fan? You know, when they were really good?
  16. I think this is something to think about and could develop into an interesting conversation. Let's stop talking about one another (posters) and talk about the Falcons. I hope DQ sticks. I think we can move up for Chase Young. There is a big price to be paid, but it is all about Return on Investment. I have for years thought it was a good idea to trade all of the picks from the fourth round on to higher rounds. There is so much better RoI in the first few rounds. Problem is all 32 teams know that. Gotta catch a GM drunk to get that one. But, we can package something up to move up
  17. I think the question was can we, not will we. We really have a small and unlikely chance to make the playoffs. So, yes.
  18. I admit that I ignored your message. I failed to look at who we lost to and all of our division games were ahead of us.
  19. I view it as more coaching structure than anything else. While it is popular to bash Quinn on here lately, he has an impressive resume. He did not lose his ability to coach. When he took over the defense and added too many coaches to the offense, the team lost focus. Now that he has changed the structure again and he is functioning as a HC, we seem to have much better focus. It was a big mistake. The results are that we lost a lot of games and that our HC is wiser and more experienced. I am sure he learned from this costly mistake. That makes him a better coach. I want Quinn to st
  20. I see a lot of negative posts on here. "We will lose by a lot today" before the game. "We are screwing up the draft" after the win. Here is something to think about. We are undefeated in the NFCS. Do you know what that means? What are the possibilities?
  21. Why? Why? Can someone explain why I am not getting traded? My brother Muhammed got traded. They tried to trade Vic [still laughing about that one]. Why are they not trying to trade me? Who did I piss off in the Falcons organization. I am going to lawyer up. This is not right. I want answers. Austin
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