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  1. Arthur Blank is a smart business person. He also loves the Falcons. He has dabbled in the past. However, when you deliver an ultimatum as Blank has, you cannot then dabble and hold people accountable. Arthur Blank knows this. With that ultimatum in place, which is essentially 'win or you are fired', Blank has to allow Fontenot and Smith to run things. And, Rich McKay knows he cannot interfere. They can have discussions, ask questions, make suggestions, but they cannot make decisions about roster, strategy, etc. If they were to try, Arthur Smith or Terry Fontenot was have to respond tha
  2. Well, I did not say who was undervaluing Gage. 😆
  3. Oh. This makes things interesting. I will have to keep a close watch on this in 2021. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Now that I think about it, I do not know how I concluded that Oz was better than Gage.
  4. I am truly ashamed. I realize now what I have done.
  5. My deepest apologies. That was uncalled for. I will do penance.
  6. Wait. Playcaller or player? Are you changing your position?
  7. Yes, and if you think about what he is saying, it speaks to how we correct some mistakes we have made in the past. Can he spot a guy like Vic Beasley who has the tools but is focused on what he will do after football? There are plenty of players who busted in the NFL because of what was happening or not happening between the ears.
  8. I was just reading the thread "Just figured out why we need Pitts". Good thread. I agree with most of what I read. Then, I started thinking about comments made about Russell Gage. I have seen this guy flash. He has been reliable. I think he is our number 3, right? Maybe 4 when Olimade is healthy. But, Gage was not getting much respect. In 2020, Gage registered 786 yards from the number 3 spot playing in a Dirk Koetter offense. He caught at a 66% rate. Not outstanding, but think about when he played and when Koetter went into deep route mode. You have Ryan, who is usually very
  9. I did not look to see who the author was, it really does not matter. There are no longer any quality NFL analyst. Well, there may be some, but the pressure to keep a job and compete has them all doing the same thing. Signing Patterson means we needed a return guy. Cutting Ito Smith means that Ito, with a combination of slow speed and small size, does not fit into the Falcons running plans. I am not saying Patterson cannot be more than a return guy. He could be. But, these moves do not definitively equate to what the author is saying. Yeah, OK. Why does this writer not just
  10. When did they bring in the plastic fake wood tables? The tables were very nice and real wood the last time I visited. Covid 19 really did hit the NFL hard. No wonder the cap went down.
  11. Reminds me of the last job I was hired for. They gave me all the coffee I could drink for free. I had to go get it myself, but did I mention it was free?
  12. Try to win every game one game at a time and let the SB come to you if that is going to happen.
  13. Or, he found TAFT and read some of the crazy **** on here and asked, "WTH was I thinking?"
  14. Oh **** no. Keep that fire burning under their feet. We have to pressure these boys to giterdun.
  15. They will all be burning the midnight oil after reading this. You should consider being more subtle next time. Or, maybe the shock effect will be good for them. Whatever, crank up that draft board.
  16. That is simple. Taking a QB at 8 is less expensive and we have great needs and a limited budget. The probability of getting a starting QB at 8 is not significantly less than one at 4. The probability of getting a good defender at 8 is about 40%. The probability of getting a good QB at 4 is significantly less. The Falcons need to complete our roster for 2021, not shoot for the QB replacement in 202(?). OK. Perfect logic when you do not have a starting QB, do not have many holes on defense, and do not have cap issues. Take the leap. You have to. We have a starting QB, many holes
  17. The QB pool of prospective draftees has been over-hyped to a greater extent than I remember occurring in the past. I think some of us have fallen into the position of thinking that we must grab a QB based on the idea that these QBs are not consistent with historical probabilities and will be very good for the teams that grab them. I think the success rate of the top 4 picks at QB will be in line with historical probability. So, of the 4 best prospects, how many will be successful? Probability says 1. One QB will be very good for his lucky team. And, the probability of any one succeed
  18. A top 5 pick may ensure you get to choose one of your guys from the top 5 prospects, but it does not ensure you get the guy your team needs. There are nearly 200 guys that will get drafted from a larger pool of prospects. The difference between the first and last picks are about 25% probability. Now, I do not know how you perceive that, maybe as a big number or as a small one. But, if you break that number down proportionally over 200 positions, that represents a 0.125% probability decrease per position. That is a 4% reduced probability reduction per round. This is mathematically calcula
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