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  1. Definitely a better Quizz. Sproles would not be a fair comparison because he used his thick legs and short height to advantage. Darren was very difficult to tackle. Hawkins is not a brawler. If he gets a step on you, he will take it home.
  2. We signed more FAs than players we drafted. I know this because I counted and started a thread titled Falcons Roster Building. I do not know who told you the cap was fake but it is not. The NFL uses a hard cap, meaning no slip sliding. Things can get complicated with salaries, bonuses including LBTE and NBTE. Cuts and trades come with their own complications. The NFL minimum cap really complicates things for teams that think they are OK and then the league offices informs them they are not. The cap requires careful study to follow every dollar, but it is very real. And, we did
  3. Darren Sproles was 5'6" and 190 pounds. Javian Hawkins - 5'9", 196 pounds. Devonta Freeman - 5' 8", 206 pounds. Ito Smith - 5'9", 195 pounds. Jacquizz Rogers - 5'6", 205 pounds. Warrick Dunn - 5'9", 187 pounds. Hawkins has been very effective in college. He runs the 40 in 4.44 seconds. I don't think any of the other listed small backs were that fast. Ito Smith and Jacquizz Rogers were slow. Maybe we should see the guy play before we call him too small.
  4. Agree on DQ. He is quite the phony. There are other things to consider. I think Grady Jarrett and our LBs are good. I think we had several players on DL that showed potential although that did not progress as I hoped. Our backs are being augmented by FAs and draftees. Let's hope the competition gets us some decent starters. I know we did not do a lot of work on the DL. But, bringing in 14 defensive players was a task. I think the strategy was to fix everything downfield and coach and scheme the DL into a serviceable unit. If we had addressed the DL better, some unit that has po
  5. It is nothing I can quantify, but I feel there was a complete plan before we started building the roster. I see the results. In the past, I felt like we went after pieces. The plan was always incomplete. I thought Quinn was getting players he either could not develop, or would not develop. Quinn and Dimitroff worked together for years. Any friendly tweets between them? Any collaboration? Vacationing together? Getting kids together for a picnic? Christmas card?
  6. We wanted to let you rest the weekend before the scheduled all out brawl I will instigate tomorrow. 😉
  7. It is not magic. Something was wrong. First, look at Dirk Koetter. I cannot think of a worse OC in NFL history. Second, remember how the stories on the DC did not make any sense? Our defense was bad. Horrible. Quinn took over at mid season and the defense got good. The next thing we know, Quinn is going to be HC and DC. The defense was horrible again. Then, Quinn relinquished control. Suddenly the defense looked good. As I recall, Morris got credit. Then, the defense went back to horrible. Then, Morris became interim HC. The defense shined one game and went back to horrible
  8. Quinn made an odd comment about Ollison when asked if they will get him in the game plan. Quinn said something like "He needs to make a place for himself in the game plan and he has not done that yet". I said to myself, "Huh?". Did Ollison never run over someone in practice? Did he never push the line and get yards? He never showed any value at all? I have no inside info, but I began wondering if there was a personal issue keeping Ollison out.
  9. Yes. Signing Todd is bad for the Falcons and dangerous for Todd.
  10. I have slipped into a parallel universe and cannot find my way back.
  11. He will be hard to catch. The average NFL RB runs the 40 in 4.49 seconds. Javian runs it in 4.44 seconds. That is just fast enough to outrun most defensive backs.
  12. The OP thinks we selected on BPA less than on needs and attitude. You responded that we need more attitude. I may have misunderstood what you were saying. My comment was that attitude of the player is part of the make up of that player's value, i.e. BPA. I was probably thinking more about how the OP seemed to conjoin need and attitude. As I think more about this, I become more confused about the posts I responded to. As usual, I should have kept quiet in the dark corner of the room. 🙃
  13. My apologies for the formatting. I could not get this to look right.
  14. I have 3 lists below of the players we signed. Some were Falcon FAs that we expected to get signed. More than half of the FAs signed came from other teams. Some, of course, are draftees. We signed 13 players on offense and 14 players on defense. We also resigned Younghoe Koo as our kicker and Dom Maggio as our punter on special teams. If I have a conclusion at this early stage it is that the Falcons did a lot of analysis. I know, they were expected to do that. But, they appear to have actually done it. I am so happy. The one surprise to me was the timing of the signing of A.J. Mc
  15. Interesting. I combine ability, talent, mental acuity, and attitude in total value, or contributes to BPA.
  16. Oh no. Do you know what you have done? The QB at 4 zombies just awakened. They are firing up their laptops as I type this.
  17. It got so bad I started ignoring posters with wild abandon. Obviously, you were not one of them. So, I agree. I don't think you were rude or irrational. I think it was the irrational rants that got me. You know, "This is our only chance to get a QB. If we do not draft one at 4, we will never have this chance again. If you do not agree, you hate the Falcons."
  18. I did not know the job included ****... . Hey, I want to be a mod.
  19. Agreed. I was commenting on the OP position that LB is our greatest need. Although he did back peddle and say not round 1 necessarily, he did put the need above other positions. I simply cannot understand how the OP and I can see such different teams if we are both watching the Atlanta Falcons.
  20. Yes, and we are not going to select a LB in round 1. So, we need a LB more than a RB? I guess all I thought I understood about the Falcons is misconception if LB is the first need.
  21. Quarterback - not going to be an impact player this season or next. Defense - It is the fourth pick. The only way this goes defense is if the fourth pick is spent on a trade down. Offense - What else could Fontenot be describing? And at 4, he should be an impact player this season or next.
  22. Dirk Koetter's passing game reminds me of playing touch football at the neighborhood playground when I was a kid. As the sun was setting, if the team with the ball was losing, we all knew what to do. No rush, no line, everybody just line up deep to that place which is the farthest the QB can throw the ball. Wait for the ball. If you want to win, swat it down. We did not call fouls unless someone had to go to emergency. If you want to have fun, try to intercept and run it back. Either way, the game is won before the last play starts. NFL defenses have more resources than we had at
  23. I think the Falcons should attempt to build a balanced offense. They should then take what the defense gives them. Gurley, Smith, and Hill were guys you could allow to get past the LoS and run them down. No speedster. No power back. Ito was not even a legitimate scat back. Davis is not any of these but has the speed and power to be a concern for defenses. We need a speed threat. Can Ollison be a power threat?
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