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  1. DOL has been in counseling since Arthur Smith had to tell him he is not our new Defensive Line Coach.
  2. Trading does not resolve the cap issue. We would be on the hook for even more money.
  3. You were able to develop expectations from the thread title. I initially came here because I was wondering what that title could possibly mean. The OP did not help. Ryan cannot be restructured again. It is like refinancing your home every year. It is a nice home and has good value, but at some point you have removed all of the equity and appreciation cannot cover the refinance charges anymore.
  4. I am not going to post names, since I hope that a dozen players who were on the team last season become contributors. That massive turnaround would indicate the old coaching staff was dysfunctional. I happen to believe that.
  5. Well, not only that. Even though I have my limits evaluating offensive lineman, I can evaluate other positions. The conclusion I have come to is that players did not progress/develop much under Quinn. Does that also apply to the OL? Maybe. Maybe D-Led and Smith can do something about that. Does anyone else hate the fact that our OL coach is called D-Led? It just creeps me out.
  6. I was appalled. The biggest issue was the game plan and play calling. I have never seen a team play to their weakness like this. Second, the OL did not play well. I do not know why. I hope we have the right coaching staff to fix that. The culture, the coaching structure, the mindsets must all change. That is a proper analysis. Ryan is good under a blitz. But, that requires the right play. We wanted to throw over the defense and get a big strike. We did not have the ability. Let's keep this simple. No rush, no pass. No pass, no rush. No rush or pass, no win.
  7. My thoughts are we need a competent evaluation of Ollison and if he is a no go, we need to sign a tough, big boy. Edit: I would love a big FB who can reliably carry the ball. Are there any available?
  8. Dirk Koetter - "Alright guys. Get down in your stance. We are going to have the RB stand in the backfield next to Ryan so the defense does not get confused. Now, pop up and block for 8 seconds. No, you dumb****s. I did not say 5 seconds, or 6, or 7, I said block for 8 seconds. Alright, let's try that again. " Unidentified voice from OL - "Dirk, you are killing us." Dirk Koetter - "I said block for 8 seconds. You have to throw deep the beat these guys."
  9. Never seen this. When I was an athelete we did reps on everything but deadlifts. The deadlift was a test to see if strength was improving. We did not have anything fancy back then. It was all barbell. Our stops used for the bench press were engine valves. I am not making this up. Some well to do shop probably donated them to the school.
  10. I was not injured watching but I feel very tired now.
  11. It was true then and true now. People on here are commenting about the new players and their prospects. That is all we have now. There is no way to know with certainty who will be good. We are evaluating prospects. In 2 or 3 years, we will be evaluating veteran players. At that point, we will probably know who is good. I am not sure I understood your point.
  12. This was the other misconception I found challenging. The facts were limited to what we saw on the field in 2020. We knew we had holes on the team. Another fact was the cap issue. After that, most things are opinion. Yet, some on here presented their opinions as definitive fact. Worse yet, the debates were waged with such intensity, it felt like some on here thought TATF consensus would be a determining factor in what the Falcons would do. I think this thinking is a strong deviation from reality. My arguments were that Ryan could play a few more seasons. We could get a QB in 2022
  13. I think I was more suspicious of Thomas Dimitroff than anyone I know. I think he was one of those devious, competitive guys who will sabotage the careers of others. I am very glad he is gone. But, I also like to tell the truth. How much of our cap woes fall at TD's feet? The biggest hit that caused the Falcons cap issues was the 2020 NFL revenue decline. Of course, that was caused by Covid 19. Second, was that the Falcons were riding close to the cap ceiling and were counting on the traditional cap increase. The 2021 cap dropped $15.7M. This is after a long history of the cap incr
  14. On a side note Rings, I did my best to start a brawl yesterday as promised. These fans are either very happy or very tired and the (14) QB@4 mob left town. There was no one to fight with. I did my best. 😒
  15. Don't forget that our Safeties were a weakness. Now, I am not going to try to tell you that our backfield is corrected at S or CB. But, we are trying to change it. If they can rise to average, our pass rush can rise to average. I think this team can make some noise this season if our D can come up to average. I am hoping for a winning season and maybe 1 playoff game. That would set the stage for 2022. And remember, we should not have the same cap problems we have now.
  16. The are planning on rushing Ryan. They are not here. They have defected. Smelly Bucs? Pansies? Who Dats? I don't know.
  17. I would like to see that validated. I know I put several people on ignore because of their persistent rants about why we had to take a QB @ 4. I discussed the financial downside of that, our cap situation, and the number of holes on the roster we had to address. The responses were rude, illogical, and ignored the salient points I made. They were like toddlers screaming Na Na Na, I want a QB @ 4, Na, Na, Na with their hands over their ears so they did not have to listen to anyone. I do not remember anyone but the 14 QB@4 crowd becoming emotional and irrational. I saw a lot of people attem
  18. It's quite simple. I learned this kind of thinking as a child. When I was a kid, my neighbor Mickey decided he wanted something Kenny had. It belonged to Kenny. Mickey became very upset Kenny would not surrender the possession. I got sick of it after about 20 minutes. I told Mickey to shut up. Mickey picked up a broken piece of concrete and hit me in the back of the head when I had my back turned to him. When I got up off the ground, Mickey was gone. Kenny was staring at me with a sick look on his face. Then, I felt the blood flowing. Kenny and I walked to my house. My mom too
  19. You are correct. And, I am so happy I ignored that poster. Fontenot has not been disrespectful to Julio. He has said he is listening to offers. None have been adequate to make a trade. Cap is the reason. Yet, that poster found a way to make this about Fontenot not respecting Julio. This is delusional.
  20. This is weird. None of the 14 posters I put on ignore for ranting about taking a QB @ 4 made the list. BTW - Where are those posters now? I know I cannot see their posts anymore, but there should be a line saying you have chosen to ignore this poster. I am not seeing those. Are they in rehabilitation? On medication?
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