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  1. This article artical makes me more hopeful than anything that has happened in recent history. Yes, more than the draft. You may have noticed me preaching for a long time about how the players can do what they can do, and cannot do what they cannot do. It is the coaches that have to adapt. It requires player analysis, experimentation, coaching, strategizing, development, and planning. It has been missing for a long time. And, I have been cautious about assuming it is here now. It is here. This is how football is supposed to work. I am ready for the season now. Don't get
  2. No, you don't. Please do not ask for this. Please.
  3. I will guess that left-over spaghetti sauce will have a new flavor. Nothing that goes into plastic ever comes out completely. No smoking at the dinner table.
  4. No. The Falcons want to see who makes the team and what it will cost. They have plans that cover different financial needs. Grady is probably in a couple of those. His family is here. His legacy is here.
  5. He is doing his best bless his heart. I put that one on ignore long ago. The nonsense was hurting my brain.
  6. Yeah, this has surprised me. I still trust. I just have not caught up to the thinking with so many TEs. Anxious to see the plan unfold.
  7. We could be 8-8 before winning the final game. I can live with 9-8.
  8. A winning season. Well, I guess I should say not a losing season. 8 9-8 works for me. Thanks for the correction Atlantafan21. Team improvement throughout the season. I want to scare some teams in the last quarter of the season. Belief we finally have that front office we deserve. Player development. Strategies and game plans that give other teams problems. I want to believe the future is bright. I want to believe 2022 is not a rebuild, or a reload, or a retry. I want to believe we are building on what we started in 2021.
  9. The NFL refused to play me at RB. I don't know what their deal was. I was sorta good in high school.
  10. I like to take a higher level view. What did AS do and what did he not do? He had a battering ram in the form of Henry. He has a skilled QB who had limitations. He had an OL rotation into non-stellar players. So, he used Henry. There was no sneaky surprise. He laughs about thinking we need a first down, no problem, give the ball to Henry and then get out of his way. Unlike what we did to Ryan, he did not ask Tannehill to do what Tannehill could not do. The Titans played within the capabilities of their QB. He got his OL depth ready for game time. Between the Falcons and the
  11. I can do this. Divit? Digit? Dimple? Derrier? Wait. wait... Dongle, right? Is it dongle?
  12. You cannot analyze what happened to the Falcons the last few seasons and conclude the problem was MR. That requires a lack of football knowledge that no Falcon fan could possible have. That would be like having a driver's license and not know which side to drive on.
  13. Looking at the comprehensive set of skills, MR wins. If you isolate different skills, either looks better. Chris Chandler was one of the very best deep ball passers to play the game. Few have ever handled the blitz like Ryan. Chandler reminds me of Darryl "The Mad Bomber" Lamonica. Lamonica had football IQ at the level of Matt Ryan. I am not sure Chandler was at that level. Also, no fault of Chandler, but his body was one of his biggest limitations. I hated hearing him disrespectfully called Crystal Chandelier, but he was injured often. Even when starting, he seemed to always display
  14. I am too seasoned to be a homer. I suffered through too many really bad QBs. Piano Man, Kurt Kittner, Byron Leftwich, Tony Grazianni, and others. So, to take a homer view of any Falcon QB would be ignoring many lessons from the past. You have implied that any QB starting in the NFL could be in the same class as Ryan and that those fans believe their QB is very good. I think not. I do not listen much to analyst but few do not put Ryan in the top half. Many have put him in the top 10. And, he could hang there after playing in Dirk Koetter offenses. I think not recognizing the ineptitud
  15. Yep. I have hope for Ollison, but I do hope he looks at Huntley and recognizes it is do or die time for him. He needs to start off this spring like a monster. If he does well, my respect for Quinn will drop even further.
  16. Wait. Are you saying Mozart did not use synthesizers? How do you know what he had hidden behind his amplifiers? Yeah. That is what I thought. 😆
  17. Why can't he do it? You did. Don't your rules apply to all of us? Where did you acquire this authority? Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are NFL quarterbacks. Tom Brady and Matt Ryan are both very good quarterbacks. Tom Brady has accomplished more than Matt Ryan because he has had HCs that understand the team they were coaching and put them in situations they could win. If the Falcons finally have a competent Front Office, Matt Ryan may show he is in the same class as Tom Brady. I am probably in a lot of trouble now.
  18. I tell people Genesis was probably the most progressive and talented of all the progressive bands. The response is usually "huh?" I explain, no, not them. The real Genesis that vanished into pop rock. They were the beautiful butterfly that metamorphosised into catepillar.
  19. I don't like classical music in the strictest terms. I do like symphonies. Ralph Vaughan Williams orchestrated a lot of great symphonies. Aaron Copeland wrote many great scores. If you watched cowboy movies in the last century, you probably heard a lot of Copeland. Also, Keith Emerson, of Emerson Lake and Palmer, was a huge fan. ELP was very progressive rock. Surprisingly, Copeland like Emerson's covers. How many great movies benefited from the scores of John Williams? I could go on but it is time to stop.
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