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  1. And, you are only looking at stats and talking about arm strength. Ryan's defense killer is the dime. Going to his rookie season, against the Bears, down by 1 or 2 points, seconds left in the game, Ryan faced a brutal blitz. On one heel, with little visibility, he put a dime in the hands of Michael Jenkins at the sideline to set up the winning kick. When I saw that, I was sold. I knew we had a special QB. I do not see any of these rookies doing anything like that. However, Gazoo, you cannot have a logical discussion with the Matt Ryan haters. They will not consider anything said in favor of Ryan. They love QBs who throw rockets, do not have any touch pass capability, and are elusive and fast on foot. They have deluded themselves into believing this is the only combination that a good QB should have. If they were 49rs fans in the '80s, they would have been outside the training facility with torches and pitch forks demanding Joe Montana be cut. Montana won 4 Super Bowls. Is this enough irony, enough insanity, enough stupidity, to convince you that you cannot get any of them to think logically? I am convinced. I am waiting for them to jump ship to their favorite laser passer. Good riddance.
  2. Well, to compare apples to apples, Ryan threw the ball 50 yards and it was a touchdown strike. So, accuracy was part of the point made. On your second issue, I think many people point this out when it happens in reaction to the absurd statements made about Ryan in the preseason during the QB@4 campaign. Almost every single point these people tried to make has been proven incorrect. Yet, there was no discussion they would allow. Those of us who were not convinced Ryan was washed up were delusional homers. If you were one of those campaigning for a QB@4, you know what this is about. If not, it is not worth rehashing.
  3. And how does this make you feel about Jalen Mayfield? Watching what he went through has me heavily vested in his success. Spriggs and Hennesy were not called out last Sunday. Matthews has very quietly become one of the best tackles. Chris Lindstrom has become a very good guard. I was not sure I would ever have the opportunity to say this, but we have a good OL with depth.
  4. I thought I saw us playing prevent early in the game with Miami driving and near mid-field. I thought WTH? I have developed the theory that prevent means let them score a touchdown but only by getting chunks to save us the embarrassment of a huge play. Prevent is a good tactic when you have the lead, there is little time left on the clock, and forcing the offense to settle for small chunks will burn time they cannot afford to burn. If they get bold, those defensive backs looking at everything in front of them may get an interception. But, this is the only time I see an advantage of running prevent. Were the Falcons running prevent near the half time mark and near mid-field? If so, I am perplexed.
  5. OK. I guess I misunderstood. Why do we want to know who can throw a pass 50 yards in the air without accuracy? Just curious.
  6. What is the value of a 50 yard pass that is incomplete or intercepted?
  7. He could be a Falcon. What were we thinking passing on the last opportunity the Falcons will ever have to get a good QB?
  8. No. One of the best to play the game was Joe Montana. I don't believe he ever had that capability. Yet, he won 4 SBs. Casual fans watch strong armed QBs who do not know enough or have enough skill to drop dimes when needed. I remember Vick trying to throw touch passes and did not do well. The experiment ended and he went back to what he could do. With some strong arm QBs, every throw is a rocket. So, when casual fans see a QB drop a dime, they assume the QB does not have a strong arm. Ryan has an arm of average strength, yet is very accurate dropping dime throws. This forum can raise the level of the casual fan. All anyone has to do is ask questions and read the posts of some very knowledgeable people on here. But, some reject everything that does not support their conclusion that Ryan is done and we need a new rocket arm jitterbug QB.
  9. Receivers have too many drops. If we brought drops down to a normal level, we would have won convincingly. Falcons coaching staff has to fix this. In addition to the 50 yard bomb to Gage, Ryan dropped several dimes. I remember one to Pitts on the sideline that required extreme accuracy. Our coaching staff played to the limits of the OL. They made a good calculation on how much they could stress these guys. Deion Jones has become comfortable with the new position and new defense. We have some very good corners, but we are going to have to go to the second hand shop to find some serviceable ones. The most significant thing I noticed you stated with your first post. The Falcons did not appear to improve over 2 weeks. I hope this is because the game plans for offense and defense expanded to the limits of the players abilities. If this is the case, that builds for future success. Right now, I do not want to consider other possibilities.
  10. I like this better. If we are going to play shoulda, woulda, coulda, I am on the 6-0 side.
  11. Wait. How can Chris devote time to being a Security Guard while playing for the Falcons at Left .....................? OK, never mind.
  12. The reason we are struggling with the concept of rebuild is that there is no rebuild. Ever. Think about it. What happens is that a HC and GM create a concept for what would make their team a winner. Then, they develop a strategy and a plan. Once the big part is done, it continues every day. Concepts, strategies, and plans are worked, tweaked, worked some more, and so on. You can set a threshold and say that if this much change is implemented in one season, that is a rebuild. But, to what value? There are no rebuilds. There are only refinements that happen every day. Let's stop struggling with this terminology and look at what has changed. We replaced a HC we thought was a defensive guru. Turns out he tried to build a Seattle clone. It did not work. His replacement has no taste for putting on a show. He is slowly, methodologically transforming the Falcons into a team that can compete and win. We replaced a GM who thought he was a contract negotiation genius with a GM who is more analytical and understands better how teams compete. We replaced a OC who was clearly insane with one who is nearly invisible. I am OK with that. I am sure Ragone is doing what Smith wants. The offense is improving. Someone is doing something right. We replaced an ever changing DC team of coaches with someone who has a strategy for winning. Instead of up and down levels of performance like a bouncing ball, we have a defense that is steadily improving. I am not going to go through the roster. There are too many changes. However, I do not believe the roster has significantly improved or declined. I think they are better coached and this will show more as the season progresses.
  13. Few admit it but everyone at some point thinks "I don't belong here". When you get past that it is like being on fire.
  14. Gottcha. I do appreciate that this coaching staff seems to be very straight. They may not be open, and refuse to discuss some things, (a good thing), but when they provide information it seems to be real. I am going to drop the negative history soon, but wow, Dan Quinn was our defensive genius, and Dean Pees scrapped that defense. This goes back to the theory that it was all Pete Carrol. So Quinn got here, and potentially not understanding why the Seattle defense worked with their personnel, deployed the same here. It did not work with our personnel. Maybe this explains why our defense was ineffective most games and dominate in a few. By coincidence, the offense created a situation where our personnel did not get overloaded. This has been a mystery that has puzzled me for some time. I am relieved to have a plausible explanation whether accurate or not. I never accepted that Quinn was that incompetent. I have little choice now. What I am excited about now is how the Falcons improve week-to-week. If we look improved against Miami, I may develop expectations.
  15. Anything is possible. Do you remember when the Panthers played us with no QB available. They ran the wildcat every play and won the game. This was one of those great embarrassments only long time Falcon fans know.
  16. Very revealing. Pees assumed the defense with the Patriots. The same thing happened with the Ravens. Then, at Tennessee, only the verbiage changed. The defense essentially remained the same. After a week of watching the Falcons defense on film, the existing defense was scrapped. As I said, very revealing.
  17. Deshaun Watson loose in Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale? That could not last for very long. NFL.
  18. Two helmets? I think that will take some time for me to get used to seeing that. 😄
  19. I am not going that far, but I think if we lose to Miami we will go 1-4 or 2-3 against this group. More importantly, a win in Miami feels to me like this will solidify that Arthur Smith is the real deal and the inexplicable drop offs under Dan Quinn are a thing of the past. I think we had the potential to go 8-8 the last few seasons. I always had the sense the team was not prepared on Sunday. The way AS has the Falcons improving reminds me of the seasons where Tom Landry had the Cowboys starting each season a bit lackluster, yet, improved so steadily week after week that the Cowboys became a team no on wanted to play in the fall. At this moment, I do believe AS is building this team the right way. He has shown no frustration over the early losses and has stuck to the story that they had basic things to develop before getting to their ultimate strategy and complex game plans. If we beat Miami, I think we will continue to see the current trend and the Falcons will go 4-1 or 3-2 against this group. This Miami game is pivotal. So, as embarrassing as this is, I am predicting something between 4-1 and 1-4. I could have played it safe and said between 5-0 and 0-5. You see I am quite the risk taker, right? LoL.
  20. I thought you were making that up. I stand corrected.
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