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  1. I think Arthur Smith answered this question.
  2. Guys, look at the avatar. ya_boi_j is Freddy Falcon. Sheesh. You're welcome.
  3. Was it the Chiefs where he had his debut? That is tough going. I did not have the impression he was getting pushed around too much. But then, I was temporarily insane the entire time Dirk Koetter was calling plays with 12 second route trees. OK, I exaggerated. Typical blocking time for the Falcons OL was only 11 seconds. I thought Hennessy did OK for a rook.
  4. LMAO. That is the most polite way I have ever read someone asking "Are you really that stupid or are you pretending to be that stupid?"
  5. I don't mean to scare you WFW, but my wife said that if she continues to see Michelle Jenneke dancing on my laptop screen, someone is going to get a knot on his head.
  6. I voted no. Three years ago, it would have been a yes. What turned me? Not age. Not decline. It was watching Julio trot to the sidelines while the game was still undecided.
  7. I was close. Both had a character named Doc Holiday. 🙃
  8. More deflections. I gave you the truth and you gave us another deflection. Now, how about backing up your absurd ramblings.
  9. No, and you did not have a black Hummer when you threatened to show up in it at the Waffle House. And, no, your deflection was not effective. Answer the questions.
  10. Are you trying to add validity to the scam? If goats and cattle are valued much higher than money in that part of the world, and money is the ultimate trade collateral in the U.S., does that not give the "Prince" greater incentive to offer money? What was you point? Where is your logic? How did your post contribute to the thread? Are you the poster who said that the rest of us could not survive a day if we had to operate in your environment? Are you the poster who threatened to show up at the Waffle House in a black Hummer? Enquiring minds want to know.
  11. Where have you been? Why would I care what you believe? If you really want to know, go view Blank's videos when the coaching search was on. He told everyone that whoever gets hired is expected to win. Nothing else matters. Just win. (The implication is that Blank will demand wins and not micro manage.) After you find and watch the video, come back here and back up the absurd ramblings you have made. I really want to see you attempt to do that. LoL.
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