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  1. I hear what you are saying. This has taken a little time to occur. AS and TF did not do these things upon arrival. I am hopeful great deliberation was done.
  2. Small backs run well for about 4-5 seasons. Some big backs can do it for 6-7 years. Almost no one does it well for 10 years. This will be Ingram's 10th season. I consider Mack a small back despite is 6 foot height. This will be his 5th season. I know there are guys who beat the averages, but I want a running team. I want a draftee. JMHO.
  3. Tell him papa. I am glad I put that one on ignore.
  4. I don't know Mike Crews. I do know this. I took some photographs in Flower Branch of practice. This was when Jerious Norwood was with the team. I posted some of the photos on another site. I was using a Nikon camera with one of the very best Nikon lenses made. It was 300mm, so I was getting in close. The camera was on a monopod to allow very smooth panning. The next time I visited FB, I was stopped at the gate and interrogated. I had to convince security I was a fan and not a spy. Then, when I got to the field, different security people approached me and demanded I put the monop
  5. Not worth reading? Does factual information like less than half the players drafted succeed in the NFL not affect your opinion at all? Have you closed your mind to all input? You want to draft a QB at 4 and you do not accept any factual information that may indicate that is not the best decision for the Falcons in 2021. Why are you here? You know that this forum is only for discussions, right? You know that the Falcons FO does not take a consensus of opinions on this forum and develop a strategy from that, right? You know the only reason to be here is to have discussions with Falcons Fa
  6. All I know about the draft is that the success rate is below 50%. You would never get that idea reading threads on this site. The first round success rate is close to 50%. The final round success rate is closer to 30%. I am doing this from memory. I don't have time now to go through the numbers. But, if you accept these numbers for now, think about the differential between a first round guy and a second round guy. What about a comparison between a second round guy and a third round guy. I spent a lot of time studying this and came to one conclusion. I would like to trade down eve
  7. That was not worth reading. Want some real information? Here you go. Players, all positions, average a little below 50% following their draft. That is to say, less than half become good NFL players. That includes NFL QBs. The falloff from round to round is very small. Yes, you do get below 40% in the final rounds, but the important thing to remember is that the first round draftees are no sure thing. We have many holes. We need to trade down and grab several prospects including a QB. The difference between first round QBs and second round QBs is about a 5% hit rate. The way
  8. That is not true. The majority do not pan out. I have a thread listing all first round QBs drafted since Ryan. Guess what? The top 16 did not do better than the bottom 16. The majority did not remain starters for 10 years. Some of the bombed in the first 2-3 years. We need to draft a QB soon. I just do not want to try to get a good one at 4. We have too many holes. I have seen enough of losing. Get some players. Go with Ryan and a lower round QB the next 2 seasons. Win some games. If the youngster does not look good, draft another QB next season. Fans need to get used to th
  9. Exactly. TF has been talking about positions that need upgrade and QB is not one of them.
  10. Yes, but you have to look at a lot of teams over many years to appreciate how fickle fans are. I worked in Ft. Worth, TX when Roger Staubach was Dallas's QB. Fans were calling for Danny White to start. Now, that is something to ponder. I guess we are even more fickle since there is no Danny White here to come off the bench. If there is a guy on the sideline carrying a clipboard Microsoft Surface Laptop, he is a better QB than your starting QB. 🙃
  11. If we agreed to such a trade, would we not have to draft a QB at 4 in 2021?
  12. I predict it will be someone who is not currently a Falcon. Between Hill, Ito Smith, and Ollison, I hope we sign one or two. Hill and Smith are serviceable. I am anxiously waiting to see what the coaching staff thinks of Ollison. But, we may not have a back that can get tough first downs and TDs for us. I think they were all limited by the coaching staff and the OL. There is much to be sorted out. It would be hard for me to believe that the issues on the OL are personnel related if we ignore Carpenter's limitations. There has to be more at work to create the issues we see. Certain
  13. Terrence Matthis is one of the Falcons greats. Thanks Terrence for the comments. I like his strategy, but I disagree on some of the details. The biggest one is we are not going to get players from every draft in the third to fifth rounds. That may be where the hungry players come from, but I hope we can hit on 50% in those rounds. 35 - 40% is more likely. I agree with the follow on comments about TE.
  14. And Terry Fontenot is hinting that he is very concerned about Kaleb McGary's heart condition.
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