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  1. Put Smith and Ollison with the FB on the field. Why? Because Freeman can't do it anymore. Because the Falcons do not have a running threat. Because we must run to get the passing game going. Because we must run to give the defense a chance. Because we are losing the Time of Possession battle. We are currently at 29 minutes. We need that to edge up to 31. Because the entire team needs to see us headed in the right direction to get confidence higher. Because we need to threaten defenses. Because our OL needs those quick hits through the line instead of all this pass protection they are doing. We need to get passing plays down to 50%. I would like 45% better. We have passed 222 times and run 91 times. Thats right. We pass 2.5 times per run. We are currently doing none of these things correctly. Trotting Freeman out again will cost us the season if there is still a chance. We have 2 scat backs and 2 power backs. One of the scat backs is no longer effective. We are dressing 2 scat backs. Does anyone else see this as a problem? Fix this. Ito Smith+Ollison+Keith Smith. Run the ball 55% of the time. Just do it.
  2. They feel isolated. They feel like someone let them down. It is not necessarily quitting on the coach, it is quitting on the team. When you believe the guys around you can overcome, can rise to the occasion, and will do so when required, you feel this cohesiveness that is hard to describe. Your confidence becomes great. When you feel someone around you is incompetent, or is not trying, you start to ask yourself why you care more than anyone else. The fun of playing leaves you. Your confidence drops. It is not intentional or purposeful, sometimes it is uncontrollable. Sometimes all it takes is a great performance by someone on the team with an associated win, and things can change for the better very quickly. Watching someone like Grady Jarrett play his butt off and seeing players around him fail and coming out with a loss makes it worse. It is like "Look at Grady and he is not really making a difference. Why should I give it everything I can? We will lose anyway because of whats-his-name and other-brother." It is difficult to work your way out of the negative thinking. DQ has to change the mindset of the entire team.
  3. You are making a plea to Arthur Blank and you start by telling him he is incompetent. You make a plea to the mods to appeal to Blank. They are just fans and forum posters with an additional responsibility. They do not sit at Arthur's round table. Good Luck with your message.
  4. Who is Welp?
  5. We are defenseless. Was Keanu Neal that important? I don't think so. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Grady Jarret, Alex Mack, Jake Matthews, Deion Jones, De'Vondre Campbell, Russell Gage, all wasted talent on a team that will not allow them to excel. Defenseless.
  6. If you analyze what our coaching staff did not do in this game you will learn that you can dive much deeper than where you are now.
  7. No one in the Falcons organization, players, coaches, owner, no one believes in this team at this point. That is a very difficult thing to overcome.
  8. Coach. The team was unprepared for a contest yesterday. When Davison started committing fouls, that was a clear signal he was either physically or mentally tired. What did the coaching staff do? Nothing. Davison continued to play and continued to commit fouls. When Freeman looked slow both running and cutting, what did we do? We passed for a while and then went back to Free. The few carries Smith had he looked quick and fast. What did we do? Status quo. We made the no decision move and sent Free out with the offense. When our corners showed they could not cover, what did we do? (Even if the backup is worse, you at least temporarily make the sub. The message must be sent.) We did nothing. When Brown and Davis started lighting us up, what did our coaching staff do? Nothing. Same defense. Same players. No doubles. No chips. Nothing. This entire coaching staff has checked out. I would be shocked to learn their resumes are not floating around the NFL at this point.
  9. I recommend he tries to develop a game plan for the next game. WTH? It is worth a try. Honestly, the O was just running plays. There was no game plan.
  10. The Rise Up tune is staying, the words have been changed to "Falcons Face Down".
  11. Blank will not move on from Ryan this season.
  12. I think the player talent is there. We are more talented than the Patriots. We are certainly more talented than the Titans. No, there is only one place left for the deficiencies.
  13. I once was ecstatic following a Falcons win. I was depressed following a loss. I realized a couple of weeks ago there were going to be many losses this season and my attitude was not fair to my family. It had to stop. I told my wife and my retrievers and hound, (who cares how much they followed, the dogs respond to my voice and I made it sound like good news), that I would watch but without the old expectations. I would not be so happy after a win or so sad following a loss. I was not sure how I was going to make this happen. But, it did. The Falcons are like an old girl friend. They are still pretty. I hope they can be successful. But, the level of joy or sadness they can bring to me is limited.
  14. How so? If the Falcons turned the game around and won it would include 4 games this season where we showed up without a plan. With this massive coaching staff, how is that possible? What is going on in FB? Are any of these coaches doing their jobs?
  15. I think my thread never got off the ground. That is OK. There are lots of threads being created by astounded fans. I hope this is not considered bad form, but here is the lone post in my thread. Does anyone agree it is time?