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  1. Oh yeah. Those dots connect.
  2. Good thoughts. My only concern is Jameis Winston. If he were the backup, what situation would require to take the field. Would he kill our chances getting heroic and throwing interceptions? He does not instill confidence in me.
  3. Dry Sauna. We have the same one in our basement.
  4. I stopped reading at "Antonio Brown says".
  5. We do not even start the BPA. Why draft one?
  6. Just to get things back on track, does anyone have N95 masks they are willing to donate to the OP?
  7. You need to do more research before taking such a strong position. Do a search on "Four Thieves". A herbal infusion made by a Gypsy trader protected 4 house thieves from the plague. After being caught, the judge ordered these thieves to bury all of the dead while the plague lingered. Not one of them fell ill. They rinsed their hands and faces and either drank some or at least gargled it. History is vague on this. It is believed it contained vinegar, garlic, rosemary, thyme, rose hips, and cloves. Today, green tea is often added to the infusion. When physicians were still learning about microbes, Dr. Lister created a hand wash that prevented surgical patients from contracting infections from the surgeon and surgical tools. The two ingredients that likely made this successful were alcohol and thyme. Garlic was used during the war as a wound antiseptic by the Russian army. We make a tincture by pouring thyme into a bottle of everclear. We use about 1/4 inch in the bottom. It is a hand sanitizer and great disinfecting gargle. Don't eat or drink for a while after gargling or taking a sip to allow the thyme to work. It is slow working but a powerful antimicrobial. Disclaimer - Herbal remedies generally work slowly without side effects. However, that almost never provide the quick response pharmaceutical drugs provide. Follow your physicians advise. And, please, everyone, follow the recommendations provided by our health experts in curtailing COVID-19. Using herbs to provide further protection is not in conflict with CDC guidelines.
  8. I don't have any but 1 used one. I hope this information is helpful. N95 mask are usable as long as you can still pull air through when inhaling. At some point, they get clogged and have to be discarded. You can extend the life of an N95 mask by covering it with a cloth you can draw a breath through. The cloth needs to be washed in soap and dried each day after use. It will collect larger particles that otherwise would contribute to clogging the N95 mask. There are quilters and other people who work with fabric making cloth masks and donating them. Do a search in your area. Otherwise, gauze or a handkerchief tied over the mask will help.
  9. Oh, I get what you are saying.
  10. Tru is technically very good. Unfortunately, he never found a way to deal with large receivers and offenses took note. I think he was overrated based on the approximate $10M the Falcons were giving him. He freed up $5M immediately. So, I do view him as a good DB, I do not view him as $10M a season good. As you may know, Tru got $20M for 2 seasons with the Lions, again, $10M per season. From that I assume he was demanding that level of compensation. Ricardo Allen is getting $6.5M, Keanu Neal $2.7M, Blidi Wrey-Wilson $1.2M, Isaiah Oliver $1.2M, Sharrod Neesman $1M, Kemal Ishmail $900K, Kendall Sheffield $820K, and Demontae Kazee $672K. For whatever reason, Freeman and Trufant got contracts that were tough to justify. As you know, we had to be very creative to provide enough cap space to upgrade a few positions on our roster. And, those upgrades are very critical. So, I am not looking at Trufant in a vacuum. Instead, I am looking at Trufant with his salary on a team that has quite a few positions to upgrade. Trufant had to go to make the Falcons team better. Or, agree to play for $5M/season.
  11. I have so much to learn.
  12. But you do acknowledge that FA does not make a roster, right? So, why complain about what did not happen to complete the roster in FA when that is only 1 of 3 major components to building a roster. This is like going to Quicklube for an oil change and then complaining that your car still needs painting. Quicklube is just not going to do that unless you throw so much money at them that they take the money and contract the paint job to a professional auto painter. You can do only so much in FA and the Falcons did enough.
  13. In the short run, we are better without Freeman and Trufant. I think Clayborn is a long run improvement. He still had something to contribute.
  14. No. Too many bigger holes on this roster. OG, DE, DT, CB, LB, a backup OG. If Gurley does not work out, we will have serviceable RB. The first 5 needs I listed do not have serviceable players who can get us to a competitive level.
  15. I was thinking about picking a fight with him but I changed my mind.