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  1. Koetter cannot build a gameplan for Ryan and Jones to play catch. That is a good thing. Koetter has to scrap the gameplan and go today without one. That is a good thing.
  2. OK, but remember to stick with basic colors. We don't want to make him look bad.
  3. Can someone remind me how Dimitroff kept his job and Mike Smith was fired?
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Make it stop. Make it stop. 😢
  5. You have taken a mature and rational thought process and predicted it will be Takk's one day. Do you see where you went wrong?
  6. CMarinoNFL, this is a tough audience. I can see you can hang in there. Keep at it. With critiques like the ones you will find on this site, your analysis and writing could reach a very high level. You will not be handled with kid gloves. 😉
  7. OK, this is meant to be constructive. You have taken enough shots and I like the way you stepped up. You stated that the concensus around the league is the OL is mostly to blame. I would recheck that. They started with decent pass blocking. What changed? Receivers stopped getting open and Ryan was left holding the ball in the pocket. I do not blame Ryan for holding on to the ball. If he threw it away on all these plays we would still have all of those three and outs. Ryan's level of play is on decline. This is a true statement. But, this is about the future of the team. W
  8. It is documented that giraffes can run at 37 mph. Ryan may be the fastest player in the NFL. 😛
  9. Did a professional writer state this? Now, I did not check. I don't think I need to.
  10. This is the part that is inexplicable. You have seen what the defense is doing for 2 quarters. You have seen which offensive plays have a chance and which ones are not going to work. You have 10 minutes to devise a new plan. Just in case anyone does not understand this, devising a new plan is not drawing up new plays. The gameplan involves personnel selection, play selection, play sequences, and play changes based on the situations that have been shown. It appears to simply not be there. Against the Saints we did not run well. After the first few offensive sequences, receivers wer
  11. While I am a little embarrassed to compare my body to Julio's, we may have one thing in common. I have had very tight tendons my entire life. I get hamstring cramps, plantar fascitis, achilles issues, you name it. And, that is just from working at home. I had issues when I played football. Mike Vick has these issues. Mine has been so bad at times a surgeon wanted to cut a tendon in half and sew in extra tendon material. I declined. There is not much you can do except stretch. Problem is, I have pulled tendons trying to stretch.
  12. I only made one example to show where DVOA creates perception that is not true to life. It was not an accusation. It was an opinion and a perception. On another point, I think the Broncos defense is bottom 16. I do not watch all plays/games so I do have limited perception.
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