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  1. I am not getting into a long debate with you. You seem to continue to submit half truths on different points. But, on this point, DQ has a different plan for this season. He stated many weeks ago that he was going to work closely with Beasley, so closely, that Vic would love him or hate him before the season starts. DQ also is taking over the defense. He is dissatisfied with the results to date. He has replaced much of the staff he had last season. Back to Takk, he is showing development. He has not reached his potential yet. In my opinion your statement that the Falcons are just doing the same old thing and hoping things get better is without merit. I asked you why you said that because I wanted to understand how you concluded that. I see your debate expanded into Claiborn, Poe, and Hageman. To get this back on track, it is my opinion that Takk needs to continue to develop. He is getting better. Beasley is not getting better and we are stuck with him for a while. So, what are the Falcons to do? Well, the head coach has vowed to get close and personal with Beasley. Beasley has responded by staying away as long as he can. When they do get together, I expect DQ will be attempting to help him develop additional moves while analyzing both his mental and physical readiness. DQ needs to know if he can train Vic Beasley. DQ planned to go all in with this guy and Beasley backed away. Things are very different from what was going on this time in 2018 with Marquand Manuel running the defense. Why do you think things are exactly the way they were 1 year ago?
  2. Takk was drafted in 2017. I am not hoping for his emergence again. I am hoping for his emergence. DQ is a great defensive coach. He knows the issues. Despite Beasley working on his own instead of getting himself to FB where he needed to be, I hope DQ will still have enough time to get him back on track. If Beasley responds to coaching and develops additional pass rush moves and Takk develops as expected, we can have a very good DL. That is 2 big "ifs". But, things are quite different now. Why do you think the Falcons are doing the same thing and expecting different results?
  3. I apologize for getting off topic. Comparing Matt Ryan to Eli Manning got under my skin a bit. I feel better now. LoL.
  4. Not sure who called Ryan a poor man's Eli Manning, but that is grossly in error. Eli has never been anything but a journeyman QB. Ryan showed exceptional talent and maturity in his rookie season. A QB needs an effective OL, running game, receiving corps, OC and game plan, and defense to be all he can be. Ryan has had those things about half the time. Make a list of the players from 2008 to 2018 and evaluate this for yourself. Please do not include injured players who could not play or start in at least 12 games. Remember, when any one of those facets of you game falters, the other team will recognize this and take advantage. Last season every team wanted our defense on the field. When our offense was on the field, they wanted us to try and run the ball. We were the walking wounded in 2018. Our record under Ryan: Year Record Finish (Regular / Post Season) Coach 2018 7-9-0 2nd -- NFC South -- Dan Quinn Roster / Stats 2017 10-6-0 3rd -- NFC South 1-1 - Lost Divisional Playoffs Dan Quinn Roster / Stats 2016 11-5-0 1st -- NFC South 2-1 - Lost Superbowl Dan Quinn Roster / Stats 2015 8-8-0 2nd -- NFC South -- Dan Quinn Roster / Stats 2014 6-10-0 3rd -- NFC South -- Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2013 4-12-0 3rd -- NFC South -- Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2012 13-3-0 1st -- NFC South 1-1 - Lost Conference Championship Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2011 10-6-0 2nd -- NFC South 0-1 - Lost Wild Card Playoffs Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2010 13-3-0 1st -- NFC South 0-1 - Lost Divisional Playoffs Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2009 9-7-0 2nd -- NFC South -- Mike Smith Roster / Stats 2008 11-5-0 2nd -- NFC South 0-1 - Lost Wild Card Playoffs Mike Smith Roster / Stats I count 102 wins and 74 losses. I expect Eli Manning's record here would be closer to 74 wins and 102 losses. But, that is JMHO. If you do not believe our roster has been good about half the time, remember that a collapse anywhere will cause the other team to find ways to take advantage. And, think about our roster. Yes, we have had Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Calvin Ridley, Devonte Freemen, Michael Turner, Tyson Clabo, Harvey Dahl, Alex Mack. We have also had Mike Person, Michael Bolton, Keith Brooking, Chris Houston, Sam Baker, Thomas Decoud, Kroy Bierman, Joe Hawley, Wil Svitek, Sean Weatherspoon, Peter Konz, Peria Jerry, Akeem Dent, Steven Jackson, Lamar Holmes, Garrett Reynolds, Jeremy Trueblood, Joplo Bartu, James Stone, Mallacai Gioodman, and Vic Beasley. These players were starters. Question, was it Stone or Person who appeared to try to shove the football up his own *** during a game? Ryan's OC have been as follows: Mularkey - 4 seasons, and definitely a run oriented guy. Koetter - 3 seasons and a more balanced offense. Shannahan - 2 seasons with solid performance in the regular season and a baffling collapse in the SB. Sarkesian - 1 season. I suspect that Sark could do well in college again, but he was overwhelmed with the complexity and speed of the NFL. Ryan's longest tenure with an OC was with a very good run game coach who was very reluctant to throw unless absolutely necessary and to make only very safe throws. This is when Ryan got the reputation of a dink and dunk QB. It was not Ryan, it was Mularkey. Koetter was good, not great, not bad, but good enough and balanced. Shannahan killed Ryan's performance during their first year. His arrogance can only be described as my way or the highway. Ryan learned Shannahans complex offensive playbook after one season, and had only one season left to perform with it. He did very well. Sark was Sark. Is commentary necessary? NFL football is very complex. It is difficult to analyze and most NFL analyst put almost no effort into it like the analyst who described Matt Ryan as a "poor man's Eli Manning". Archie was great. Peyton was great. Without them, would Eli have been drafted?
  5. I get what you are saying, but I do not think this was trash talk. It is Takks poor ability to present himself. I did not view his messages as a rant and Brian Finneran did not appear to view it as an attack, rant, or trash talk.
  6. I know this has been labeled a rant, but I would not call it that. This was fake news IMHO. The post was not a good one. Takk's choice of words, something like WTF is Finneran instead of just saying I do not know who he is, was a poor choice. But, considering that a portion of society speaks that way with no harm intended, whether we like that or not, speaks to Takk's environment, not his attitude or opinion of Finneran. We all heard his choice of words on draft day, and many applauded his fire and emotion. Everything was good at that point if he could produce on the field. While Takk does need to bring his game to a higher level to make fans happy, his manner of speaking has not changed. For me, the person who falsely labeled this a rant is guilty of doing the greater harm.
  7. Oh, thanks. I was concerned but this sounds OK.
  8. So, to simplify, if a 1 year contract offers $1M base salary, $1M signing bonus, and $1M in incentives, the cap hit is $3M. If a 5 year contract with years 2-5 automatically voided offers $1M base salary, $1M signing bonus, and $1M in incentives, the cap hit is now $1M for the salary, 1/5 of the signing bonus or $200K, and 1/5 of the incentive or $200K.The cap hit for the year drops from the $3M it would have been for the 1 year contract to $1.4M under the pseudo 5 year contract. Question, when the contract automatically voids, does the team have to take the cap hit for the additional $1.6M? If not, the NFL may as well abandon the cap IMHO. This will get out of control. Wait until a player gets a contract that pays minimum salary for year 1, a year where the player can actually play, and then gets paid for years 2-5 not as a player, but for administrative services. There is no limit on staff, right? This will get out of control. How dirty will a team get in order to win?
  9. OL and Vic Beasley.
  10. I don't remember the PEDs. I remember marijuana, but not the PEDs.
  11. Because he still had the "deer in the headlights" late into last season. The first few minutes of the first game happens to players. But, then they settle in and play their game. Duke was caught flat footed late in the season looking at something and trying to understand his responsibility. He has extremely poor read abilities. Smash and crash on ST may be his thing, but then, he will never provide depth on D. That is a huge limitation IMHO.
  12. I don't expect Duke to make the team.
  13. Yes, but he had a chance to play for an NFL team. That is not something everyone gets. This is now lost. He also had an opportunity to live a normal, anonymous life like the rest of us. This is now also lost or at least delayed, and more than 6 months. It may take years to get this behind him. When the $85K is gone, he will have to accept whatever opportunity he can get and work his way back into the job market. What a shame. Even to have gone through training and gotten cut would have left him in a much better position than he is in now.
  14. Yes, I believe that. But, I think the situation is better than that. If you look at the improvements to the defense, allowing us to better take and manage leads, and the improvements (hopefully) to the OL, then not only will Free be in a better situation, but Ito Smith will have the opportunity to show what he can do with a lead and better blocking. I expect Smith to get a 4+ YPC average this season. Also, Ito Smith may be better than Free in short yardage. Now, what if Ollison becomes an effective runner this season? The defense is an "if", but has proven itself in the past. I think it rebounds with several good players returning from injury. Ito Smith is an "if", but did well enough playing from behind with poor blocking. I think he improves. The OL is an "if", but between Brown, Carpenter, Lindstrom, and McGary we should find at least a solid guard and tackle. The passing game will improve with Ridley having a season of experience and an OL that will hopefully give Ryan more time. This may lead to playing with leads more often. If the passing game improves, the running game improves. If the running game improves, ... I don't know if Koetter can attack defenses the way Shanahan did, but the removal if Sarkisian is a positive that is doubled up with the addition of Koetter. Yes, I think Sark was that bad at times. I think every facet of the 2019 Falcons is improved over 2018. Is it enough to get us all what we want?
  15. This is my favorite: Ryan to Jenkins This is when I said to myself that the Falcons have a QB. Ryan had pressure from the clock. The defense ran through the OL. This would be a disaster for most QBs. The rook stood in, hit the spot, and took the hit. Smitty was right when he called him the tough Irishman. There have been better throws since, but that one sold me on Ryan.