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  1. And you heard it here first!
  2. Good to hear progress from coach on Grace and Gono. Was funny as hel! him talking about taking Keanu out of the game.
  3. Quite good on ST's as well. Pretty fast for size.
  4. Cominski has shown well tonight. Like his hustle; been down on the returner on ST's very well too. Shaub looked pretty stale tonight!
  5. So sorry for your loss Tandy. My wife and I are pretty old now and I can foresee one of us having to lose the other. I know it would break my heart or hers as we've been together for 45 years. After so long you really do become one. May God bless you.
  6. Some pictures shown of AB during 51,reflect my feelings so sharply. From total ecstatic happiness to total despair in 15 minutes. Do you ever get over that? I don't know, but a "Lombardi" would be so sweet.
  7. We all want to forget about '16. Time will heal all wounds so they say and let's all focus on the future, where our destiny lies. Then that old phrase raises it head "FORGET, HE!! NO"
  8. Seems a fair contract to me. I didn't want him over paid but this will work. Hope he exceeds all our expectations.
  9. McGary would be a hoot at a party! Ledbetter couldn't be more wrong about him, lol
  10. Yeah probably Hesters best. Thnx for that. In the window below that was a really good clip of the top 10 fastest players ever. Seriously good.
  11. In times past, I've been one of Ryan's critics. These last few years I've seen him evolve into a mentally strong and really good QB. If we can keep him off the ground now with better protection, I can't wait to see what he and our O will accomplish!
  12. Also adding all that beef up front in FA gave us more solid depth than I can recall in awhile!
  13. Months upon months lol
  14. Yeah, I've considered dropping FB. So much junk on there and some with there every living thought poured out. Most of them I unfollow and just check on them on occasion. FB is great for sharing family pictures and such tho, sigh.
  15. Sorry I missed the mention of this above!!!!This for sure, and not much has been said about it but him having a time manager coach will take a lot off him. When the pressure is on, simple things missed become huge.
  16. Yeah, you nailed it. Lindstrom seems like a great get. Ol coach loves what he sees as well. A little more questionable with McGary but I like him. As they say "he ain't skeered". Only question his pass pro. Can't wait for PS to see them in action
  17. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. God bless you!
  18. Also real interested in the development of Ollison.
  19. Yes to this, but I'm really hoping for some consistent push from the inside. We get that and our DE's will party.
  20. I like our Ol prospects going forward with strong depth and as stated potential. We have an electrifying group of offensive players and a premier qb. With protection wow! It looks like good times coming, sure hope so.
  21. I really hope this will work with Grady, but not for Aaron Donald money!
  22. Yes, me again. I'm doing well JD. Been readin' these pages quite awhile. The best place for informative info on our Birds. '
  23. Thank you, It's good to be back!
  24. Yes, I bailed after 51, Just lost it. Had to come back, you can't turn off 40 years of undying loyalty that easy!