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  1. Wow! That was confusing, plain ole english is allowed you know!
  2. Since it probably hasn't been done, I want to thank you for a spot on observation of this entire debacle. Yes that officer should pay dearly for the murder of George Floyd, but the funded and supported destruction and killing going on is evil.
  3. Charles is an American, a United States citizen! If I were black, I would still seek the best for OUR country. All races have fought and died for OUR country, that so many want to just kick to the curb.
  4. If we could all be black or white, we'd still find blame for others for our plight in life. It's human nature I suppose. God forbid my circumstances could be of my own ,making.
  5. Written by a WHITE lady! All full of angst over the black man's trials. Of which has been said on these pages, only a black person could relate.
  6. That's all you got? Did you have to wring your hands for ten minutes to come up with that? Mannnnnmn
  7. Ah! Ok, a theory. Two of those and a dollar will buy a candy bar. I do think mr. Soros is behind a lot of disruption tactics in OUR country. I'm not saying love it or leave it, but ask yourself if you love our country? Again tho, what is your personal agenda for OUR country? please try not to copy and paste some liberal dribble.
  8. What dictionary are you using? Where in the world did you ascertain that globalism is a Jewish agenda? Or did you just now make it up? Just WHAT is your agenda? Do you have one or do you just follow, like a sheep, whatever the liberals spit out?
  9. I just plainly agree with his views of our country. I also believe Trump, ego maniac that he is, is leading our country to much better things. I absolutely oppose globalist one world government that is trying to destroy our country. You want socialism/communism? Go live in one of those countries and try to speak out about ANYTHING. See how you like it then.
  10. Point out truths about our society moving deeper into socialism ( baby steps away from communism) and the response is little one liner cliches.
  11. Name a society or country that has been successful as pertains to the betterment of people and freedom under communism. Unless you turn a blind eye, and buy the idealistic promises with nothing being done; oh wait that would be the democratic party.
  12. Now they're saying they may ban you! Probably me too. The reason given; this will make you laugh. they say we use a BULLY pulpit, a self description if I ever heard one. These libtards have their own little unchallengeable playground here and they'll be danmed if anybody is going to float a truth they don't agree with
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