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  1. Praying
  2. William Andrews was a hoss. Loved watching him with the ball.
  3. I agree, our 1st and Ryan might get the trigger pulled.
  4. Winfield will never make it to our 3rd pick. Hope for him in the 2nd. Wouldn't mind him at 16
  5. I hope Gurley has a good year. I only hope that when he's on the field, it doesn't signal a run or that he's somehow gonna get the ball. If that became a pattern in his usage, it would be a problem. Don't think he can hold up as an every down back.
  6. Memories die hard!
  7. He is great, no doubt. We have stronger needs in 1st and he'll be gone before we pick again. Unless of course we play the draft along 2012's, trade back scenario.
  8. DT a huge need as well. Only 3 showing, gotta have more for rotation alone.
  9. Got his nickname already; "Pancake". Man he looks GOOD. Moves really good as well. Worth a 3rd for sure.
  10. I'm all in for that one! Make it hap TD
  11. Red zone alone he might be well worth it! He gets it to the end zone so very well.
  12. Two serious knee surgeries! He's done.
  13. No, these retread rb's don't work. The expectancy for rb is 4-5 yrs. Need some fresh legs in the draft, then replace after 4yr.
  14. Yep, 3 a game, works for me. I like what I see from this guy!