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  1. I'd love to have Brown, Kinlaw dropped as well in this mock. Just hope we don't drop the ball on our #1.
  2. Mike Vick passed us all off eventually, but he was the most exciting Falcon ever by far!
  3. As the world turns. It's like hollywood, total fantasyland. It used to be about results a lot more or seemed so. Now just ????????
  4. There could be our replacement for neal. And a ball hawk and returner as well. I'm in; where will he go in the draft?
  5. Wes Schweitzer has improved each year. Maybe his time.
  6. If there's a run on qb's or whatever and we move up. Hands down Derrick Brown. Wishing here but wth
  7. We'll see, he was exciting to watch in college. I wonder if the Odell poison had any effect. Liked his attitude in the interview.
  8. Just an observation; mobile or stationary qb's that are most effective seem to have a sixth sense of awareness in the pocket. The game seems to slow down for them. When they are "on" nobody gets to them. I see a lot of that in Mahomes now. Very entertaining to watch. Have seen it in many others as well. Some qb's get pressured and are "deers in headlights dead", while the greats can slide or move as needed to succeed. Either talent is a big factor in todays qb's.
  9. Well I hope he does. I personally don't have hate for him on account of 28-3. That was totally on our coaches and qb. Will always consider him as goat.
  10. With his money already he should just take a bow and retire as a Pat! What a legacy he has there. They will put up a statue in his honour at Gilette.
  11. As loose as he is, that had to be a larger than life experience. Especially for the skill players. If you're hands in the dirt you just plow, but in that atmosphere to throw and catch, well wow!
  12. Says a lot! To be the best you gotta beat the best.
  13. Everyone's giddy about shanny blowing another SB. OK, I get it me too. But let's not lose sight of what's happened in KC this year. A 24 yr old has won the SB and ushered in some of the most exciting football I've seen since Vick. So many just plain wild plays and finishes all year long. Might have to sign up for game pass to watch this kid. I believe he'll only get better. And yes I believe the mobile qb is the future.
  14. Just love it, says it all!
  15. Has a nice ring to it, maybe it'll be called the 20-10 SB!