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  1. I would rather get Fields next season. The way things are looking we may be in a position to get him.
  2. I don’t understand why we a lot you wouldn’t want to take a chance on Gurley. Our window is closing FAST, if it isn’t shut already, I don’t think Gurley will ever be what he once was, but I do think he could still be a 1,000 yd 10 td type back. We won’t be a team that relies heavily on the run anyway, draft a back to run in tandem somewhere in the first 3 rds and we’re set at the position. He’s only 25, Stephen Jackson was 30 when he came to ATL. It’s not the same thing. Plus we won’t have to pay too much money because the market for him isn’t exactly booming.
  3. Falcons should go D-Line in the first rd this year. You build the trenches, that’s how you win.
  4. After those first 2 games where he was terrible, the past 4 games he has 1,387 yds, 10 tds and 1 ints..oh and a 114.2 passer rating. This defense is atrocious.
  5. Lincoln Riley would be my choice, think it’ll be hard to lure him but I feel the Atlanta job would be most intriguing to him, with the established weapons and MVP QB (who is also of advanced age so he’d be able to bring his own guy in down the line) If not Riley then Jim Harbaugh really intrigues me, I thought he was really good in SF.
  6. I’d think their style of coaching is somewhat outdated. We need innovation. I like Lincoln Riley i think he’d have the same impact on this team that Kyle had.
  7. Michael Vick, one of my earliest football memories was his run against the Vikings. Magical stuff. Lol Honorable mention Marshall Faulk ppl don’t talk about him a lot nowadays but he was a beast.
  8. Not only does the lack of discipline reflect bad on Quinn, I think it’s a indictment on TD as well. Ultimately the players are the once who have to be disciplined and execute, no matter how much a coach edifies and inspires at the end of the day it’s up to the players to play. With that being said personnel decisions have to be put under scrutiny, they supposedly draft and sign high character, high intellect guys but it rarely shows up on tape. So maybe they need to take a strong look at how they evaluate as well
  9. The real issue that most are refusing to admit is the lack of attention to detail and the mantra “preseason isn’t important” has consistently hurt this team and prevented them from getting off to fast starts. Mental mistakes, lack of rhythm lack of intensity are all signs of a team that just isn’t prepared to play. This is a team who carries itself as if it’s already won a super bowl, thinking that their talent will just overwhelm teams so attention to detail is unimportant. That’s a reflection of the leadership in the locker room and it’s inexcusable
  10. Yeah this isn’t looking good, doesn’t seem to be any protection. No sense of urgency, we may get blown out of the water today
  11. Team doesn’t seem prepared. Missed assignment on the blitz, blocked punt. Basic execution
  12. I’m happy for Andrew playing in the NFL you can’t be halfway in and if his heart was saying he needed to leave the game then that’s what he should do. I heard he has a child on the way and I’m sure with all the injuries he’s endured throughout his career it must have crept into his head that he wanted to be as healthy as possible for his family. I hope he has a prosperous post career, I really enjoyed watching him play, he was one of my favs Side note about my number one favorite player, Matt Ryan, he’s amazing and my appreciation for him and what he’s done for this city and team
  13. This post hyped me up, . The front office did a good job of revamping the offensive line which was a major weakness for us last season. The offensive line will be the X Factor this season, because one thing is for certain when you give Matt Ryan time he's too good. We saw it in 2016, when you give him a clean pocket he'll carve any team up. With these weapons, Hooper, Freeman, Julio, Ridley and Sanu we'd be virtually unstoppable and with the defense being healthy another SB birth would be in reach. I'm excited.
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