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  1. Im SOLD on Both Guys. Both are a little wet behind the ears but thats ok. Better than being set in your ways and unwilling to change. Question/ Weird Observation: Was it just me or did they have on the same Tie?
  2. YEah I wanted Wade Phillips but the more that I research Pees I definitely want him. As Y'all say on this message board..... Bring Him Home TD!!! LOL .
  3. If Pees is the DC, we are definitely going to take him with our #1 pick. Pees likes to run a hybrid defense and runs a lot of 3-3-5 alignment with a mix of Big Nickel and Big Dime. With Parsons, Debo and Neal, our defense would be..... Good for a change. Not to mention Grady and Terrell. All we would have to do is get a Big NT along with Parson and we are in good shape. To be honest, the NFL is going away for a set 3-4 or 4-3 defense and are running more nickel and dime packages. Having a Great LB that can Rush the passer, drop back in coverage and defend the run ie a Joker makes your d
  4. The Best thing I like about his scheme is that its not being ran by Dirk Koetter........ But seriously, his office is based off of play action pass and is similar to what Kyle Shannan ran when he was here and we all know how that turned out. Lets be honest, a lot of us might not like it but Matt Ryan is NOT going anywhere anytime soon. This offense is perfect for him AND our defense. With the ball control that is used, this will keep our defense off the field which is always a good thing. As long as we get a good running back ie Najee Harris and someone who can wreak
  5. I have heard that he really doesn't want to be a GM and wants more of a executive job. So I think it would be good idea to hire him as EVP of Football Ops and eventual replacement for Rich McKay. Then Hire Terry Fontenot or Holmes as GM with Arthur Smith or Joe Brady as HC.
  6. What about this scenario. Just for kicks and giggles Rick Smith EVP of Football Ops- Eventually Replacement for McKay when he retires Fontenot- GM Joe Brady -Head Coach
  7. He doesn't want the Job. And it seems like he is not interested in becoming a GM in the NFL for some reason.
  8. Yeah I definitely wouldn't get a RB in the 1st unless its Bo Jackson or somebody lol but Najee in the 2nd would be a steal.
  9. I definitely agree its a long shot to get Harris in the 2nd but its still possible. There have been plenty of times where we have thought someone is going much higher in the draft and they go in a later round. RB is a position that is not valued any more in the NFL and if someone drops, more than likely its gonna be a RB. But my main concern is getting a Puss Rusher, we can get a RB in the 3rd or 4th round if need be.
  10. Yes I saw this report earlier today. I like Smith and Fontenot and would love to have both of them. I just can't stomach the fact that the Saints would get two 3rd rounders because of us. But on the flip side it looks like he will probably get a job somewhere pretty soon so...... My dream offseason would be Rick Smith or Fontenot as GM and King Arthur Smith as HC.We switch to a 3-4 Defense. We can then select Micah Parson in the 1st round. Micah Parsons would be a beast as a pass Rushing OLB in a 3-4 and Dante Fowler Jr is also much better in a 3-4 defense. Then draft as follows. 2021
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