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  1. Today I would take Roddy, ( Young) Julio and TONY Gonzalez but in 3 years if they are still playing together I think the current 3 have a chance to be better.
  2. Draft the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE !! Use the second round pick to trade up or down.
  3. What does generational MEAN? ......... Kyle Pitts If I had to bet on anyone in this draft being a HOF player it would be him. He is simply the BPO even at TE. We have two options in this draft, Draft Kyle Pitts or trade down for enough picks that would offset us NOT drafting Kyle Pitts. And people Please remember, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley & Kyle Pitts on the field at the same time is basically unstoppable.
  4. I say RUN.... Don't Walk. Run to the podium and pick this MAN!! People keep saying pick the QB and I think it would be a Huge mistake. Like it or not. Matthew Ryan will be the starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons for the foreseeable future. We can't think about replacing him until at least 2023. Plus to be honest, Why would we get rid of him. We all have seenwhat he can do with a decent running game, blocking, an OC that has a Clue AND a Hall of Fame TE.
  5. WHO,WHAT, WHEN,WHERE is gonna guard this man. **** is ridiculous.
  6. I think being in the position that we are in is PERFECT!!. We will be good if we stay at 4 and pick a QB and we will be good if we trade back. I think the fact that we don't HAVE to make a move will make our pick more valuable at the end of the day.
  7. NOOOO Its CLEAR that you don't know what the **** you are talking about!
  8. Best thing to do is trade with the Lions and get a boat load of picks then try to see if we can move back again for someone that wants Mac Jones. If not pick Kyle Pitts at 7.
  9. Perfect....... We pretty much control the draft right now and can ask for a KING's Ransom for the 4th pick. The Lions, Panthers, Broncos, Patriots and WTH all need Qb's.
  10. I Don't Want A TE and we DONT NEED a TE...... But if we pick at 4 and its NOT Kyle Pitts somebody needs to be FIRED. This kid is simply the BEST player in the draft. PERIOD!!
  11. Ive been back and forth about whether we should take him. After seeing what he did yesterday, I would take him at 4th. He has the potential to be better than the other 3 QB's that are gonna be picked ahead of him. Plus I don't see us being in the position to take a top tier QB again any time soon.
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