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  1. They're fun to watch. Like us when he was here.
  2. You know what I meant by that. Like at some point the defense has to at least be present. Right now we're better off not even fielding one.
  3. I mean wins are nice, but if you're only gonna get 3, I'd rather have 1.
  4. I really can't see us winning another game.
  5. I was listening to the Falcoholic post game tonight and they mentioned that in 2016 we averaged like 33 PPG or something like that. I think we're fine offensively if we can play like we did today. 33 should be enough. Matt went off. He just had no help at all, as usual. If this team had even a mediocre defense we wouldn't be in this hole.
  6. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to him staying, keeping Koetter (because offense isn't the problem) gutting half the defense (in favor of draft picks/trading for veterans on the line and in the secondary) and him completely relinquishing the defensive playcalling/hiring a new, competent DC. I agree that changing coaching staff every year is a bad thing. But we can't continue on the path we're going. Just can't.
  7. Yeah. Clearly our issues are on the defensive side of the ball. Its just a joke thread.
  8. Efff that... A girlfriend can't get me no ring.
  9. And if I had his number, I'd drunk text him right now...
  10. Shouldn't have even come down to that XP. Now we move on from Quinn and reset.
  11. All these years and I never knew the name of that song lol. I just thought it was the Benny Hill theme.
  12. That look on Ridley's face says it all... Jeez a football player should never look like that.
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