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  1. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/tickets/psl-information PSL INFORMATION, From the falcons site.
  2. I don't think that was meant for general public consumption. Someone in IT screwed up, wouldn't be the first time.
  3. Unbelievable, but I see the logic Those that are paying on time and walking away have already paid the interest and part of the principal, so these *lower* PSL prices are just making up for what the original sucker didn't pay. PSL's have ruined the ruined the game. I'll stay home and watch on my 60" with kilpse souround sound, and a $1 homebrew.Better than being surrounded by opposing fans that paid 1/4 of what a PSL STH paid.
  4. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/private/falcons/psdpafgm8oqwzxkwl8ed
  5. When you're forced to throw because you have no run game, and you have 3 seconds to do so because your OL collapses in 2, add to that a defense that gives up the 3rd most points in the league. It makes for a rough day and a rough season.
  6. The reason to use stats, stats don't lie. This not a 'Subjective' argument, there is empirical data to support the claim. "There are none so blind as those that will not see."
  7. Did you bother to read the entire post? OL, Ryan missing a game, Jones missing a game. Hard to connect when one isn't playing btw...
  8. Matt Ryan is an MVP QB who puts up points and yards, he's 3rd in the league in Passing with a crap OL. I give him credit for standing the pocket (of which there are few) and taking the lumps he does. As I said before with an OL Ryan/Jones are the best QB/WR tandem in football. They put up points. Our defence is 3rd in the league in points given up this season, and that's with the starters. They are on par to finish WORSE than than our beat up D last season. Tom Brady is the best QB in the league, and arguably all time. He plays in weather not in a nice cozy dome or on the West Coast. His offensive line is among the highest paid in the league, and they know how to draft, plus take proven players, like Sanu who I think is the best slot receiver in the league. Figures don't lie, but liars figure. A mobile QB doesn't win championships, but a top 10 defense and an upright QB do. Brady is headed to his 7th ring.
  9. With Stats: http://www.nfl.com/nflnetwork/story/09000d5d8089c108/article/top-10-mobile-quarterbacks-in-nfl-history The reason for this post was for all the those hating on our MVP QB because he's not 'Mobile'. Not what everyone else is inferring. Stats are facts and not up for debate.
  10. Yet still #3 in passing, someone works well under pressure. And a Defense ranked 3rd also, in most points allowed.
  11. It's over for Quinn end of the season, that's a forgone consclusion. He can say whatever he wants now to try and secure an assitant coaching job for Pop Warner. Should've been gone after blowing the SB
  12. Matt and Julio give 100% they expect the same from the team and coaches. They each sat out a game in protest. Don't think if last nights game meant something Jones wouldn't have been out there. And Ryan's ankle is fine. The one that is really hurt is Freeman. Look at my posts at the beginning of the eason, predicted Freeman's ankle. What you see at the game is much different thanj what is on TV. The limping *****ing fighting etc.. The team is not right, and it's on the HC to make it right, but DQ doesn't have the fortitude.
  13. You want him out for his career on a meaningless game? He's not that stupid, Lanes in a gif look much different in real time, on the field with a million things going on in super fast forward, it's a different story. The OL is horrible. Ryan sat out a game bc of it so did Jones.
  14. Yes old MVP butterfingers Ryan just slipped out of hands almost as if he did it on purpose. Ryan is the best chance this team has at a Super Bowl. You don't think so, I do. That's all.
  15. The whole team doesn't suck, the OL does and HC do. That's why we wasted 2 first rounders on the OL, they may or may not pan out. When they had an OL that could give Jones 4 seconds to complete a route and Ryan to throw the ball to him they were the best tandum in the NFL.
  16. I'm starting to get the feeling there is another reason people are chosing sides and it has nothing to do with football. If this is the case there is no hope for this team. Maybe the soccer team is named United for a reason.
  17. He sucked last night because our OL is horrible, and even with that horrid OL he is 3rd in the league in passing, meanwhile our defense is 3rd in points allowed. Matt's an MVP QB behind a rookie line with an aging Mack. Without protection you have zero options but to drop back and try to get a quick pass off. Ryan has cemented his creds for being another great QB on a crap team. Like Nobis was a great LB on a crap team.
  18. Sure it is, mobility is very easy to define in QB. A mobile QB has qualities that are reflected in his stats. 1st downs, total rushing yards, hurries. By your standard I could run around in circles and be considered 'mobile' yet never gain a yard, td, or 1st down.
  19. Mobile is not subjective, there are stats that will tell you if they were mobile or not compared to other QBs. Rushing yards, 1st downs rushing, hurried sacks, ect..
  20. Next you'll say the Falcons Defense is top three in points given up because they were garbage points that were given up anyway.
  21. Again facts are stubborn things. The fact is Ryan is doing his job, our defense is not.
  22. I really don't care what you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks about me. Just looking for facts to back up claims. Just the facts that's all. statisticians take a lot of time recording every play for every games since it's inception. There is empirical data to prove or disprove any claim I make.
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