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  1. He's our Achilles heal.
  2. Can't speak about the coaches, I think Matt Ryan runs the offense. Quinn blew his chance to be great head coach. Hopefully he redeems himself with a ring this year.
  3. This is the best team that the Atlanta Falcons have ever assembled. This is the season we dedicate it to Tommy Nobis; the First Falcon, Mr. Falcon and a guy who should be in the Hall of Fame. This would guarantee us a Super Bowl win.
  4. In other words just play the ******* game.
  5. Julio Jones is on track to surpass the greatest Wide Receivers in the history of the NFL to become the G.O.A.T I think Julio is Julio, money, fame and girls are great, but if you love this game (and i believe he does) and you are focused (and I know he is) you understand that what you will be remember for is not acting like an idiot to get air time, but for what you do on the field. AB and OBJ are azzhats. Julio Jones, imo, will go down in the top three WR even without a SB, with one or two he will be the #1 player ever to play the position. With all due respect, I've never seen someone of that stature run routes like him, as fast as him, juke like him and hit as hard as him. If you watch highlight film Jerry Rice is wide open 80% of the time, He had Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense on his side, an entirely genius offense and hard to game plan at that time. Rice has some pretty finesse catches from some pretty finesse throws. Julio has many miraculous catches from some chitty throws into triple coverage. Let this be the year we win our first Lombardi.
  6. We get guys like Rico and JJ, they get guys like ABC and OBJ. You can't help but root for Ricardo Allen, though when he went down I knew our season was over. If you watch from the stands and see how much grit, inspiration and wisdom of the game (more than some HoF'ers ever had) he gave....Truly glad to have him back. He plays the game with an 'Attitude of Gratitude' wish all realized how fortunate they are to do something they love for people that love the game.
  7. So lucky to have Julio instead of this azzclown.
  8. I don't think Freeman makes it passed week 4 y'all. He is more ripped up than you know. The RB to watch: Ito Smith.
  9. If I didn't know better I would think Hill started this thread. He's insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I'd trade him for a 100% Freeman all season.
  10. We are fortunate to have such a balling, well disiplined, fan appreciated 2nd WR like Sanu. He blocks, tackles and has to play behind a legend. I am seriously starting to think with 2 SB Rings (maybe even just one) Julio becomes the GOAT overtaking Jerry Rice for the spot imo. Highlight reel to highlight reel he already has for me. I've never see a more complete WR than Jones in my 50 years of watching the NFL.
  11. This a board of opinion, right? I'm not a fanboy, I calls 'em likes I sees 'em. I don't think he's got 'it'. Hope isn't in my hands, a Vegas betting slip is.
  12. This season will elevate Julio Jones and Matt Ryan to the super-elite status they deserve as the best QB/WR tandum in the NFL, and at the end of their careers statistically the best EVER! Two players dedicated to the game, the league and the fans. I have never seen either one of them give less than 100% on the field. The rook? The comment was cute.
  13. He's that kid in pop warner that goes to high school and can't believe there are so many players better than him.
  14. He's had his 15 minutes.
  15. One non--move that completely baffles me. To keep the aging wretch???