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  1. We are highlight film for any team we play this season.
  2. add a time out coach to DQ's list
  3. just saying that was not a reception.
  4. Murry throws with ease, 22 years old has a long future in the NFL
  5. Last season we had an excuse for our lousy D, injuries. This season the excuse is DQ
  6. I read that after I posted, tru wouldn't make a difference anyway, still living of his 2 fluke pics against the eagles.
  7. Looks like quinn needs a red flag coach to got with the time coach and the penalty coach
  8. Pocket collapses in milliseconds
  9. Why do they go Free up the middle so much???
  10. Hopfully our 11 is better than their 11, our 11 wasn't better than the titans 11 a couple weeks back.